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Thank you for the feedback!

That's a good idea, it would have given more agency to the player. We did plan to add an indicator of the damage amount, but at the point in time when the dice acutally hit the enemies (in-universe, the attacks are the dicerolls, so you're not supposed to know the result before throwing them).

I'm very sorry to hear that.

We did test the game, but we were limited by time and also didn't do a lot of testing on the WebGL export, so crashes are possible.

Thank you for the kind words :)

Thank you very much!

We had lots of ideas for the balancing of the attacks, most of them had to be scrapped. Ideally you would have in your inventory a die with many sides that can possibly do high damage, but with low probability, and a die with few sides that does medium damage all the time. The dice reloading speed is also supposed to balance things.

It is fun, it's great the way it is. I was just missing a lot of the content (the late-game enemies) because I kept getting 5x combos. I didn't mean to complain :)

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What an awesome game! It's chaotic but very fun and the music makes it even more enjoyable.

I think Inner demon is completely OP after a few levels, it pretty much took care of all enemies so I didn't even have to focus on them.

Also the web version crashed every time I got to ~6000 points, with the message "Table index is out of bounds", so I had to use the Windows build, and now I have two highscores :/

Really good job!

Hi! We are still planning to make a new version of the game, but I've made downloadable builds of the current version.

Yesss I beat the developer! (for now at least)

Awesome game! I way further than I did in 2048.

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Great game and with it being this difficult, it's surprisingly rewarding getting to new levels. Nice to see Construct 3 being used, sorry to hear about the crashes though.

I liked it, it's really hard at first but the controls are intuitive, and it looks amazing.

I loved this game, I'm really surprised that you could put this amount of polish in it in just 48 hours! Very nice.

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Hi! This is an oversight on my part, I didn't include a link to our devblog for the game ( where your questions would have been answered. To reply your question: contact me (one of the creators of the game) at daem_on (at) The engine we used is Construct 2. Thanks for your interest.

The Taker community · Created a new topic Bug reports

If you find a bug in the game, please report it here. You should specify what the problem was, the steps to reproduce it, and the specs and/or operating system of your computer.

Thank you for helping us improve the game.