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Great game and with it being this difficult, it's surprisingly rewarding getting to new levels. Nice to see Construct 3 being used, sorry to hear about the crashes though.

I liked it, it's really hard at first but the controls are intuitive, and it looks amazing.

I loved this game, I'm really surprised that you could put this amount of polish in it in just 48 hours! Very nice.

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Hi! This is an oversight on my part, I didn't include a link to our devblog for the game ( where your questions would have been answered. To reply your question: contact me (one of the creators of the game) at daem_on (at) The engine we used is Construct 2. Thanks for your interest.

The Taker community · Created a new topic Bug reports

If you find a bug in the game, please report it here. You should specify what the problem was, the steps to reproduce it, and the specs and/or operating system of your computer.

Thank you for helping us improve the game.