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A top-down shooter about multi-purpose enemy deaths.
Submitted by Cyber Twilight (@CyberTwilight), leokaplan, Manuella, Strig, Nicolas Paes — 37 minutes, 32 seconds before the deadline
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How does your submission match the theme?
Command: prompt_ uses dual-purpose design in a number of different ways. The first is that every action that in most games is done through menus and pause screens (like quitting, muting sound, restarting the game and others) is done here by playing the game itself, meaning the game screen offers both of these purposes.

Another way Command: prompt_ uses the theme is the fact that most enemies you kill wield multiple effects on the game: regaining a life point forces the player to lose part of their score, making yourself faster reduces your score multiplier and the opposite is true for your enemies, muting the game increases the multiplier, etc... The player has to balance these effects constantly in order to achieve the highest score possible.​ It's an examination of what makes a game fun and of an attempt of making a single mechanic, instead of dual or multi-purpose, nearly OMNI-purpose.

For added self-imposed difficulty, try not moving! - One more purpose given to shooting things!

Third-party resources
Engine: Unity 5.6 (

Art: Adobe Illustrator CC (

Programming: Visual Studio Code (

Sound: Reaper (


Manuella Araujo

*Game Design*

Gabriel Medeiros
Leonardo Gonzalez
Mateus Trigueiro


André Krauss
Leonardo Kaplan
Nicolas Paes Leme


Leonardo Kaplan
Mateus Trigueiro
Ricardo Kaplan
Thiago Rebello

*Special Thanks*:

Thiago Rebello
Ricardo Kaplan
RPG - Rio PUC Games

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Really cool idea! I was super surprised when I hit something that took me to the main menu! Staying stationary in the middle appears to be the optimal strategy which makes things a tad easy.


Yeah, even with the movement enemies, isn't it? New behaviour including seeker enemies is interesting...
Thank you for the feedback!


This is a really interesting idea and really fits the theme well! Having all the enemies do menu options is interesting as a game mechanic, as the rewards and punishments for hitting enemies are really unique and sometimes quite funny when you accidentally send yourself back to menu or something.

The art style is really nice and the game feel is good (except when I hit a mute button haha)

The one problem is that it's a little too easy, there's a lot of waiting for enemies. and there doesn't seem to be much cause for moving around

great game! sorry the comment is short, wanted to get this in before time ends!


Thank you so much for the feedback! It's allright, you got to be the last person to play the game and I'm glad! We know about the difficulty and we're trying to get a fix out in the coming days :3 


What a great idea! The first time I hit the pause button I was really surprised! XD Haha, of course I hit the back to menu button, of course! This actually isn't only innovative, but adds a lot to a shooter because you have to pay attention to what you are shooting! It was a bunch of fun and the aesthetics were super clean and nice as well. Awesome job!! :D


Really freaking unique meta ideas here I loved the Aesthetics, Feel, Innovation, and it fits the theme well my only thing I would do to improve it is by two things. One (which would be basically impossible to do in the jam) an online leaderboard or score to beat so there is a purpose for trying to avoid dying and instead going for a high score. Two I think it would be neat if at random points the players movement would be locked and everything would be in slow motion so the only way for the player to dodge is by shooting enemies which move them (just an idea to make the enemies that moved you useful) overall I really enjoyed it.


Thanks for the ideas, AND the feedback! :3 We definetly want to expand our mechanics, at least just a tiny bit. Of course, if we implemented a leaderboard, you'd only see it if you found the leaderboard enemy and shot it! ;p


Great twist there! Nice and tight gameplay too. Didn't really see the theme connection but a strong contender!


We're glad you enjoyed it! The theme's connection is the fact that what you'd usually see in a menu (Credits, mute option, pause) are ALL inside the game, including start game, reset and quit game. So shooting enemies isn't just... for shooting. It's to protect you, change difficulty, for strategy, to get health, to pause the game, to start the game... And if you don't use the WASD keys to move, you can ALSO shoot enemies to move!

That's what we meant with "nearly omni-purpose design", and that's how it fits the "dual-purpose design" theme, at least in our conception. But thank you for the feedback - it means we didn't make it as clear as possible in-game!

Submitted (1 edit) (+2)

I couldn't help but laugh when I triggered the credits to roll. Love meta stuff like that. I wish things were a bit more dynamic, since I lasted a while without getting hurt and moving very little, but makes sense when it's made under a jam time limit!


Yeah, we definetly didn't have time to implement more, but hey, the good part is that all that's left is a major balance update AND just more content - I think that's pretty neat for a jam game! Thank you very much for the feedback, and we think you'd have a blast with some of the enemies we thought up - Spoilers: One of them is a wiki one :p


Really great idea! Pretty easy but still fun. Shooting felt very nice! Good job!


Boy, I really wish we could update the build and have Mark retest it! :p Thanks for the feedback! The moment that's patched out, it'll be interesting to see how far the game goes!


Neat idea! A bit too easy maybe but I had good time playing it. It's looking good as well :)


Glad to see repeating patterns on the game's issue - it means we were nearly there in terms of achieving our intended final product! Thanks for your feedback, every one of these adds one more indication we NEED to ramp up the difficulty!


 I love the idea of settings and other unusual aspects being bound to gameplay. I wish you had gone further with changing controls or maybe have enemies with both an upside and a downside but oh well it's only a jam. Overall I liked it.


Yeah, we focused on getting the core idea, gameplay and feel to be just right - the very next step was exactly putting in more types of enemies to mess with the settings AND a bigger difficulting - mainly, no awkward times where there's no enemy on the screen.

Thank you for the feedback though, glad you enjoyed the idea!


I love this concept. It's got really good retro game feel and the core is unique but fun. My only criticism is that there maybe should be a primer on what the different symbols do.  Ahead of time. It's a little difficult the first time through when they're wizzing by to see what they are. Accidentally went back to the menu at least once.


Oof, yeah, we even tried to put that one as the ONLY bright-red enemy, but I suppose you're right. One of our ideas was putting in an enemy wiki - but of course, you'd only activate it by shooting it! <3

Thanks for the feedback!

Submitted (1 edit) (+2)

Good game! The difficulty should increase faster though. I got bored after a while.

Developer (2 edits)

Thank you for the feedback! Yeah, it's definetly the biggest issue with the game right now. We were damn close to solving it too, but such is a jam's dillema. Hopefully the concept was still fun!


I loved this game, I'm really surprised that you could put this amount of polish in it in just 48 hours! Very nice.


Greatly appreciate the support! We focused a lot on FX and game feel to tie in our idea, so we're really glad it paid off. :3