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 I love the idea of settings and other unusual aspects being bound to gameplay. I wish you had gone further with changing controls or maybe have enemies with both an upside and a downside but oh well it's only a jam. Overall I liked it.

If you wanted to this game definitely has enough potential to be great if you fleshed it out into a full release.

Nice game, the level design really felt built to the game's movement system. Aiming was a bit tricky but aside from that this was quite fun.

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Pro strats:

1. Run in circles till you got about 30 enemies on your tail. 

2. Use about 3 bombs

3. win

But seriously though this was a blast, thanks for the game.

I love the spacial reasoning here, this was a blast!

The mechanics in this game feel great but there's not a lot linking them. Overall though great game.

Good concept, good execution. There's not a lot of mechanics but what you do you do well.

I've uploaded the fixed version, give that a try.

Actually that's really helpful! Right now I'm working on a version to counter that issue for windows but for now I think upgrading java would do the trick. Thanks so much for your help.

Thanks so much for the info! Could you send me the whole error message so I can figure out what's not working?