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Leave lines behind, but you'll cross paths again!
Submitted by juner — 1 hour, 14 minutes before the deadline
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How does your submission match the theme?
I have attempted to match the "Dual Purpose" theme in the following ways:

- Moving also leaves behind a trail that you cannot pass through.

- The trails will not just appear in the distinct puzzle you are in, but also any puzzle where the corresponding shape appears

- Later on, the trails will also conduct electricity to activate platforms the player may walk through, though I would have liked to explore this mechanic more if I had more time.

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Very nice game! I included it in my Game Maker Toolkit’s Game Jam compilation video series, if you’d like to take a look. :)


I absolutely loved this. very simple to understand idea, or maybe its not and you just designed the beginning levels so well that it became intuitive. I thought it was very cool how you segmented out the level but still had them all interconnected even though you didn't have to, it really unified the piece. That last section was amazing. This game has a lot of potential to design around and from the small preview I have of the level design you are up for the task of fulfilling that potential. Congrats!


Very smart game, kept me entertained and engaged the whole time. I would definitely be interested in played a fleshed out, complete version of the game.


Absolutely fantastic. One of the very few all 5-star ratings I've given. Would love if you developed this into a larger game (though I don't know the Pico-8's limits very well). :)


This is a great concept that felt unique and fun to play. The process of figuring out how to proceed was enjoyable and rewarding whenever I made it to a new area without blocking myself. Fantastic work!


I enjoyed this game a lot. The electricity mechanic was well done. I agree that the undo should be handled by moving backwards but this is very good for a jam game!


This game oozes the retro atmosphere, yet the concept is fresh and the game allows the player to explore. If they make a mistake, they can get back and try a different route. This is what I especially liked about the game. The colours and the music seem to fit very well with the overall theme. I have also enjoyed solving the puzzles, there was something very rewarding with being able to progress through and seeing what is next!


Wow! This is brilliant puzzle design! It had me go"ooooh" several times! As much for the mechanics than the level-design. Even the aesthetic is quite charming. Really enjoyed it!


This need to be a full game, I've got nothing pertinent to say about it because I loved absolutely everything!
I can only aggree with every previous comments and just want to emphasize the proposition of iffalsepanic about undoing your trail should be also possible by backtracking.


The spatial logic is a mind**** of the best kind. I love the idea of the electricity passing through your trail, which means you're constantly solving two puzzles.

One thing I'd change: interpret moving back down your trail as an undo ? I was constantly trying to backtrack by physically backtracking, and had to keep remininding me to use the undo button instead.


Thank you!
I did attempt to implement undoing in the way you describe, but ended up with a few strange behaviours which I was running out of time to solve. It's definitely something I want to add in a post-jam version, and would be a lot more intuitive. I even have a few ideas on how it could potentially be used as a puzzle mechanic!


Wow, this is amazing!  That last puzzle was a real brain buster.  This could be super cool with more puzzles, hope you work more on this concept.


I love the spacial reasoning here, this was a blast!


Very nice! This is a pretty creative concept. Those puzzles were though. 

Submitted (1 edit) (+2)

This is honestly my favorite game of the jam!

It's just oozing with creativity and the artstyle is just amazing (I'm using the literal meaning of the world here!) I really hope you'll make more levels for it!

Edit: Also, could you release an .exe for it/ the finished version?


Thank you!! I'm keen to work on the game some more soon so hopefully there'll be more to show someday.

I've just uploaded a zip-file containing the Pico-8 cartidge and the HTML files so that it's playable offline, hope this helps!


Genuinely one of the most novel puzzle designs I've played in a long time. Had good pacing, let you make mistakes without crucifying you for it and really enjoyed how you adapted the mechanic to different puzzle structures.  Game also has a lot of potential in that you have an infinite number of colours but also a huge number of arrangements of blocks. Brilliant work, hope you'll consider expanding this concept further. 


Thank you very much for the kind comments! Very reassuring since I was quite worried that the puzzles might fall flat and not necessarily be fun. I'm glad that you didn't find the game punishing, I tried to make sure that backtracking was always available and if the player had made a mistake, they wouldn't be undoing too much progress.

I found it challenging to design the puzzles to interleave neatly with each other in a thoughtful manner, and it's tricky when you already have a solution in mind to take a step back and imagine how the solving process might feel. In fact, I woke up this morning and immediately found that the middle three puzzles had much simpler alternate solutions than what I intended!

It feels good to get the game made though and it's given me experience on how to design puzzles for the concept, so I'm keen to keep working on the idea!