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I swear I played a Veggietales flash game that was just like this. I like it. Getting to name the planets was a nice touch

Once I full screened the game and could actually see the distinction between the characters, I was engaged. Usually not into these kinda top-down grid puzzlers, but this one had a neat idea. I was maybe halfway through when I actually figured out how the game worked; If the character elimination order and what each character did was more obvious I think this would be a stronger game 

This was one of the better ones! Must've tried it 15 times before I got it

Got it in 30 bounces!


The box your stuck in is too short to aim the gun all around. Gets in the way

Tried a few ideas in the level editor and ended up with a more vertical level:


Wow, this is really useful! Setting 'scale to fit' to false would be perfect for me, but it doesn't seem to actually change the dimensions & aspect ratio of the camera the way it should. The boarders of the screen get cut off. Likely a problem with Unity itself.

My brother and I had fun with this one. Really cute visuals. My only criticism would be that the difficulty curve is pretty aggressive, especially on level 3

Man, this looks really nice! Love the art style. I'll have to give it a go with my brother when it comes out.

Haha nice. I remember playing a 3,2,1 Penguins flash game like this on the Veggietales site when I was a kid.

Hey all! I finally released this project which I’ve been excited about for awhile.

Death Chamber is an  energetic arcade survival platforming game that takes place all in one room. Your goal is to survive an onslaught of hazards in each minute-long wave. Its got a mix of score & level progression. It gets tough, so it’ll have you restarting a lot until you can master each wave.

If you give it a go then I’d love to hear what you think!

Aw man, that's all too relatable. I've been working on an arcade platformer for over a year now. I should've waited until I had more experience under my belt, but I was really excited about the concept and started working on it.  I differ in that for some reason my excitement never really died down. I've had my highs and lows, but overall I'm pumped about it. I recommend finding what inspires you and gets your mind racing about whatever game project your working on, (music is a good one,) and using that to help you

Shoot, this is really neat! I haven't seen many games make such good use of PICO-8 as this. Love the sticker looking art too.

Stupidly difficult, but pretty fun stuff! I like how expressive the little ninja guy is, doing somersaults and stuff

Are you still working on this thing? I've been keeping up with every update. I'm intrigued, I wanna see where this goes.

That was neat! I would recommend putting a quick and dirty tutorial in the game. I only glanced at this page before downloading, so I didn't know you could switch between items. But hey, I got through the game without it

Shoot, I thought this was a (while funny) dumb joke, but this is a game you can actually beat! cool

this messed with my sense of scale. Real neat!

You got a neat little thing going on here. I like it.


I'm happy to hear that! I think that would work way better. I don't know if giving a game a higher rating helps it become more exposed / easier to find, but I think that should be the case. I wanna help good, overlooked games reach a larger audience

Works good. Any chance of releasing the level loading code?

I am very confused, also scared

This is completely stupid in the best way

I do like it. I would recommend making the track stand out from the backdrop.

I like rating the games I play on this site, specifically ones with less exposure. I feel like I'm helping it be seen by more people by giving a good game a 5 star rating. In the case of the thousands of less impressive games out there, I don't feel like It's doing much for the system to give a game a 1 star score. Anybody have any idea what effect doing so has on the content filter system? Will it make these games harder to find?

This is cool. I really dig the visuals

Dang, that's good stuff! I'm working on a very similar game. The whole room rotating was pretty neat.

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I suck at this game, but I like it. I bet it'd be much better to control using a dual stick controller. The WASD keys don't give enough degrees of direction compared to the mouse. Of course, that's not really an option for an html game.

I like the idea. Could use some work to make it feel fun and satisfying.

Very nice! This is a pretty creative concept. Those puzzles were though. 

I like it!

I've been keeping an eye on  PV8. I'm excited to see what games people make with this thing and see what I can do  once the free version comes out

I'm also on a mac and the mouse camera controls don't work

So I've been diving into Superpowers recently and this is bugging me - Moving/zooming in the view window is a pain. I hover over where I want to zoom in and move the scroll wheel a little bit, and suddenly I'm zoomed in way too much. It takes a few seconds to carefully zoom the way I want it to, and then I lift my finger from my mouse and that screws it up. Is there any other way to move around in the view window? Is there a way to fix the scrolling sensitivity? I'm using Superpowers on OSX with an apple magic mouse (you know, the ones with no physical scrolling wheel) if that makes a difference.


I like it. Could be better if you had the enemies chase you, turned down the volume of the sound effect and maybe added some music.