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Glad you enjoyed it!

Here's some progressive hints for Full House in Rot-13:

HINT 1: Gur zbfg nzbhag bs cvrprf lbh pna perngr ba gur bhgfvqr evat vf 9. Jvgu gur cnggrea gung erzbirf n cvrpr - lbh pna thrff gung rirel cvrpr rkprcg bar unf gb raq hc ba n tbny.

HINT 2: Gur Yvar cvrpr zhfg or hfrq gb perngr sbhe qebcyrgf, naq gur Pybar cvrpr zhfg or hfrq gb pbcl guerr cvrprf.

HINT 3: Bapr lbh unir cvrprf ba gur obggbz yrsg guerr tbnyf, gur Pybar cvrpr jvyy or hfrq gb pbcl gurz gb gur gbc evtug.

Good to see this page back! Moen was definitely a highlight for me and my friends earlier in the year and we've been itching to introduce it to a few more people.

I noticed there's a Steam page now (immediate wishlist!). Don't know what plans you have for the Steam release but looking forward to it whatever you do!

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Thanks for reading, and highlighting Claw!

Absolutely down to chat!

[EDIT:  Discord name removed]

Lovely little game! Same sort of feelings as boardgames like Sprawlopolis, wrestling with blocking yourself off one goal for another. Took me ten or so tiles to properly grok the quartz in the middle of each tile.

Just to give other players something to one-up: my daily score was 170 (1st Sep 2023)

Thanks for the feedback!

I had just about enough wiggle room in the pico-8 cart to add two new options to the menu (p):

  • Press left and right on the DPAD option to switch what the arrow keys do - they can either switch level, or now they can also spin the held piece.
  • Increase or decrease the mouse SPIN DELAY by pressing left or right when hovering over this option.

Hope these help!

Thanks! Just looked it up and can see it was also inspired by Tash-Kalar, will definitely check it out!

Yeah, I've been excited for Patrick's Parabox for a while and really loved the demo!

Be sure to checkout the excellent Inbox Unbox by Pancelor too which also has a steam demo right now.

Really happy this concept is being explored in more depth by other people, both the above take the mechanics in different directions and it leads to some wonderful divergent level design!

Much appreciated! I don't post much there but feel free to DM me on twitter @JunerRich

One of my favourites from the jam so far! Really clever design, great individual puzzles and I loved how it wrapped back around itself. 

Much appreciated! Yeah, the claw separation rules being unintuitive was a big concern. Was hoping with a little extra time that I could add some visual feedback to indicate it was "separatable" while holding onto a peg, e.g. having it "powered on", but definitely needs a bit of thought.

I can't take credit for the music - that's free use from Pico-Tunes Volume 1, composed by Gruber!

Thanks! Yeah, the claw separation rules being unintuitive was a big concern. Was hoping with a little extra time that I could add some visual feedback to indicate it was "separatable" while holding onto a peg, e.g. having it "powered on", but definitely needs a bit of thought.

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Great game! Really enjoyed the emergent burger mechanics, platforming was def trickey in parts. Recorded a playthough here.

Ending spoilers (rot13):

V sbhaq gjb sybjref - nz V zvffvat nalguvat ryfr sbe raqvat 2? Nffhzvat gurer zvtug or n guveq fbzrjurer ohg unira'g orra noyr gb fcbg nalguvat... Zl bgure thrff vf vg'f fbzrguvat gb qb jvgu gur ybar xvggra va gur grzcyr bs fjbeq...

This is fantastic! Love puzzle theming like this, which gives the mechanics just enough justification to become intuitive. Level 17 is a headscratcher.

Really fun concept, I liked the mid-game introduction of the second mechanic, and then it quickly spiralled into chaos. Managed 567 rounds!

Love the idea of having to manipulate your towers attacks and put yourself in danger, agree that the tile based movement makes it a bit difficult to actually dodge.

Really like the spritework on all the different books!

Pretty fun! I always appreciate games which use all of the keyboard like this.

It was difficult to avoid enemy attacks but healing using the platforms at least offset any mistakes made, I thought that was a good mechanic to encourage you to keep bouncing.

Thank you for the kind words!

I'm keen to make a full version, though I have been struggling with a lack of confidence that i can make the game expanded and varied enough to not become repetitive. But seeing people enjoy the game as it is is reassuring, and maybe i'm just being too hard on myself and should get to work!

This is a really interesting concept! It's cool trying to think of alternate words for actions like movement, so you can avoid burning through the same few letters every time.

I did find the interface a bit clunky, with having to rewrite words after every action and deleting the "???" text afterwards. I wonder if perhaps being able to control the second phase with the numpad (selecting the 9 different spaces with the 1-9 keys) might speed input up a little bit, rather than having to change phase with space? Though not everybody has a numpad.

129353 points!

This was a fun design! Quite a few different elements making use of both the crouched and uncrouched states, and the combo scoring mechanic to encourage players to dash through and make quick decisions about whether they ought to crouch or not!

That was fun! The platformer physics are a bit crude but the moving platform mechanic is really neat and snappy, complementing the platforming while also adding in a few more puzzly elements. 

I like that you can jump out of a platform and keep the momentum that the platform had, though I did find you could skip the last area of the level this way.

Really enjoyed the game! Kept being surprised by new puzzle elements throughout that interacted with you and the key in fun ways, and even a boss battle to top it off!

Got a high score of 5000!

An interesting design, honestly a lot of fun just seeing all the numbers stack up, hearing all the bounces and seeing all the visual droplet effects glowing up the screen. 

The theme of dual-purpose design is a bit thin, and there's not a huge amount of game to it (though catching the dice mid-combo and chucking it again feels very cool)  but i enjoyed playing it!

A fun concept! I liked that the movement and the objects in the level all could be used in multiple ways.

The timer for charging up movement seemed a little bit inconsistent, sometimes starting at 0, sometimes at 1, and sometimes counting twice as fast as usual (two timer objects being spawned?), but the charge mechanic itself was very neat.

Good fun! The time pressure is tough and I only just scraped by in the first two levels. Unfortunately the third level had me beat, though I watched the death screen scroll by to the end to see what came next.

I enjoyed the little puzzles throughout the levels, figuring how to hit switches in time and how to manouevre spikes out the way or onto switches for you.

There were a couple of areas which utilised verticality in the level, and the camera angle made it a little difficult to figure out the depth of the player, but it was never too much of an issue.

Whew, this is a tough game! Managed to make it to the first checkpoint but struggled to get through the following spiky tunnel. Got the air upgrade but was a little sad to lose it when I restarted from the checkpoint.

The theme definitely comes through and the hoover does an incredible amount of different things! I did find it difficult to control but I'm sure it's a control scheme that can be mastered. I do wonder if I might find it easier with an analogue stick to aim rather than mouse control? It would mean not having to keep the mouse relative to the character's position to maintain the same angle.

One of the strongest contenders for matching the theme, excellent work!

Pretty fun, good job! I loved the low-poly character models and animations!

The regular attack was an interesting mechanic - becoming defenseless in attempt to weaken foes and regain health, and I liked the damage multiplier for catching a lot of enemies in the attack. 

I never particularly felt like I was in danger, since it was fairly easy to keep all enemies to one side and to not be flanked, but I'm sure some more aggressive AI types and behaviours would fix this and highlight the way that the regular attack leaves you undefended.

Quite enjoyed this, a very neat idea! 

I initially assumed you had to have a higher face when you roll onto the pots, but the second level  affirmed that you had to have a higher face when next to the pot.

The tall grass in level 3 is an interesting way of encouraging the player to try internalize and visualise how the dice will change faces as it rolls, though I will admit I mostly got through with a bit of trial and error.

I think there's a fair bit of puzzle potential here if you ever expand on the game, good job!

Thank you!
I did attempt to implement undoing in the way you describe, but ended up with a few strange behaviours which I was running out of time to solve. It's definitely something I want to add in a post-jam version, and would be a lot more intuitive. I even have a few ideas on how it could potentially be used as a puzzle mechanic!

Thank you!! I'm keen to work on the game some more soon so hopefully there'll be more to show someday.

I've just uploaded a zip-file containing the Pico-8 cartidge and the HTML files so that it's playable offline, hope this helps!

Thank you very much for the kind comments! Very reassuring since I was quite worried that the puzzles might fall flat and not necessarily be fun. I'm glad that you didn't find the game punishing, I tried to make sure that backtracking was always available and if the player had made a mistake, they wouldn't be undoing too much progress.

I found it challenging to design the puzzles to interleave neatly with each other in a thoughtful manner, and it's tricky when you already have a solution in mind to take a step back and imagine how the solving process might feel. In fact, I woke up this morning and immediately found that the middle three puzzles had much simpler alternate solutions than what I intended!

It feels good to get the game made though and it's given me experience on how to design puzzles for the concept, so I'm keen to keep working on the idea!