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Umbrella Ella vs the Vampire QueenView game page

Ella and her trusty umbrella take on the vampire queen and her undead horde!!
Submitted by LuckyNumber8

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The main tools of the protaganist serve both defensive and offensive purposes. The primary attack damages enemies while also leaching HP from them while the idle state is a shield to block attacks. The special attack consumes HP instead of using ammunition or other resources.


Left Joystick to Move Character
Right Joystick to Rotate Character
Right Trigger (R2) for regular Attack
Left Trigger (L2) for Special Attack
Start (Options) to Pause Game

Landing Regular Attacks will recover HP

Your initial damage output is low but hitting multiple enemies in the same strike will add a multiplier to your damage output for each enemy hit.

Special Attacks consume HP but deal AOE damage

When not Attacking the Umbrella will shield the player from attacks in whatever direction the player is facing

Third-party resources
Music - daemones by Kai Engel, using an attribution license, it can be found here:

Unity Game Engine

Environmental Assets taken from

Make Your Fantasy Game Lite 1.02 by xiaolianhaustudio!/content/8312

Main Team - Timothy Chan

Special Thanks to Ivan Lau for his design insights and feedback!!

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Pretty fun, good job! I loved the low-poly character models and animations!

The regular attack was an interesting mechanic - becoming defenseless in attempt to weaken foes and regain health, and I liked the damage multiplier for catching a lot of enemies in the attack. 

I never particularly felt like I was in danger, since it was fairly easy to keep all enemies to one side and to not be flanked, but I'm sure some more aggressive AI types and behaviours would fix this and highlight the way that the regular attack leaves you undefended.


Thank you for taking the time to write a comment! I'm glad you enjoyed it, and I totally agree with you that the enemy AI could use some flanking logic. Will definitely add it to the list when I have time to patch it.