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A cute roll-a-ball obstacle course game made for a 48 hour gamejam!
Submitted by Conception Software (@BokuDev) — 10 hours, 26 minutes before the deadline

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How does your submission match the theme?
The jams theme was dual purpose giving objects and mechanics multiple purposes aka doing a lot with a little. The game fits the theme in many ways, when you control your character Ball kid, you tilt the screen, which also tilts and moves some of the enemies and traps. Each new stage introduces 4 new objects (Besides the last stage) and each object has more than one purpose. The last stage reuses both stages objects to mix them together.

Third-party resources
Extra Assets used:

Rimlight character shader:!/content/82457

Mogura Music:!/content/22641

Game Jam Menu Asset:!/content/40465

Pixel Font:!/content/64734


A gamejam game made by Fredrick Conception./Conception Games

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I really like to look of the game and the way the cute aesthetic contrasts  with the spikes and blood. I also like how you've sort of combined Monkey Ball with an automatic runner type game. Very interesting! I will say that some of those timing windows are very tight, so I didn't get too far, but what I did play I enjoyed. Good job!


Cool idea! Its really super tough to beat though! Would suggest making the sawblade optional, as its hard to appreciate the game when it becomes a game of memorizing the layout after repeated trials.


Good fun! The time pressure is tough and I only just scraped by in the first two levels. Unfortunately the third level had me beat, though I watched the death screen scroll by to the end to see what came next.

I enjoyed the little puzzles throughout the levels, figuring how to hit switches in time and how to manouevre spikes out the way or onto switches for you.

There were a couple of areas which utilised verticality in the level, and the camera angle made it a little difficult to figure out the depth of the player, but it was never too much of an issue.


So hard. Love the sounds, and the visual style is fun.


Nice game! The idea is awesome. But the game IS SOOOOO HARD! Awsome stuff!