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Gud game wp! Like the art, liked the puzzle, liked the music, liked the finish. WP!

For me it is a mess sorry, I tried (I know its harsh feedback) but plz try to intergrate some more explaining in the game it self ;)

99, Nice little game :)


Fun game

Have fun with it ;


Fun little game more enemys would make the game more fun. I liked the ammo system



Ohw and about the music. It would be nice if the music just continues when gaming. The reset everytime you die is "anoing". Good game.

Dhamm Nice lvl dising. When I was playing I was sitting on the tip of my chair. Love it. Only the negetive thing was: I found it divecult to know to open the doors, you can improve it with: lvl design or something like a text, but text is not a good thing :P. But realy cool game! Nice shadow effect.

Thanks for your feed back! :) 

This art man Holy shit!

Good game! Only the screen shake was too much for me.. :D

Good game! Good Theme! Good Aesthtics! Good Feel! Overall GOOD!

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The feel of the game, I used your feed back. :)

v 2.0 is online!

Yeah I love it!

I liked the game. Nice work you all!

Only in the beginning ;)

Dhamm... This was a really good game. The music was soo good! The style of the game was good, the gameplay was fun! Great fokking job!

Fun Game :D It is one of the best so far! Pollished and easy to understand. It is also nice for a mobile!

Nice game! The idea is awesome. But the game IS SOOOOO HARD! Awsome stuff!

There is method to get infenite score

Dham nice art work man! Game is also fun!

Well done!

The dowload is not right!

Fix it :D

Bootyfull game! You nailed it!

Nice game!

Dhamm! That was nice! I blew my mind!

Nice game. Liked the Error > Retry metode. Only a interface would be nice. Knowing ohw to reset the game. A notifcation from the game it self. :D

Dham awsome game, If you like it use for some awsome sounds!
Only down, when I kill a lot of enemies at the same time, I dont get the full score.

Holy SHID!

Well played! you nailded. I like your game the feeling is good. The theme is good easy to use complex in the detail.

Nice game, Only your screen shake is realy weird. You can fix it by instaniate the camera. Look up a turtorial. For the rest awsome game!

Can you give a notification when they are up? 

Thanks :)

A score screen will be nice adition to your next game if you do an arcade like game! Fun game

Are you?