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Finally got a chance to play your game. It was really fun! The sheep capturing could get quite difficult, but it was very satisfying to get them in the end. The controls were responsive and the audiovisual presentation was lovely. All in all, a pretty good game.

The game works fine on my Windows 10 laptop, so it's probably just  a Windows 7 specific issue.

I'm running the Win64 version. I also tried the Win32 version and that had the same issue. I'm running this on Windows 7, if that helps.

Hey, I'm having some trouble running your game. The menu and everything works just fine, but, when I hit play, it takes me to a solid blue screen. I can hear the music and the plane makes sound effects when I hit buttons, but I can't see anything. I tried both windowed and full screen and it didn't work either way. just thought I'd let you know.

Hover Gunner is a 2D Metroidvania game made for my high-school senior quest, where students spend about a month or two working on a big end of the year project. For my senior quest, I decided to make a game with the largest scope I've ever attempted.  I was inspired by the hovering and wall climbing mechanics of Gargoyle's Quest 2, but I've always felt that the RPG overworld and fetch quests in that game really bog it down. I decided to take Gargoyle's Quest 2's controls and re-frame them as a metroidvania where you unlock the hovering and wall climbing abilities as you progress. Hopefully you all enjoy the finished product; I look forward to hearing what people think of it.

Link to the game: https://superpokeunicorn.itch....

You can watch a video playthough here, although the version in the video is a bit out of date:

Thank you so much for enjoying my game :)

Really enjoyed the game and voted on green light. 

One problem I ran into while playing is that if I tried to roll twice in quick succession, I would jump the second time instead of rolling. Hopefully this can be fixed in the full version.