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Wow, this is better than any of my first attempts in GameMaker. My favorite part was the developer commentary, it was funny and insightful. The gameplay ideas you discussed sounded good. I can imagine some neat puzzles that involve managing your size/health/ammo. The music selection was also nice, I was jamming out the whole time I was playing. I got stuck in the "monster" room 3 for a bit by becoming the wrong size, but was able to eventually finish the whole game. Good job!

This is a great concept that felt unique and fun to play. The process of figuring out how to proceed was enjoyable and rewarding whenever I made it to a new area without blocking myself. Fantastic work!

I enjoyed playing your submission. I think that you nailed the health/ammo system, it was fun (and nerve-wracking) to balance shooting and running. The enemies that charge at you with guns on their backs are particularly ruthless.