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Genuinely one of the most novel puzzle designs I've played in a long time. Had good pacing, let you make mistakes without crucifying you for it and really enjoyed how you adapted the mechanic to different puzzle structures.  Game also has a lot of potential in that you have an infinite number of colours but also a huge number of arrangements of blocks. Brilliant work, hope you'll consider expanding this concept further. 


Thank you very much for the kind comments! Very reassuring since I was quite worried that the puzzles might fall flat and not necessarily be fun. I'm glad that you didn't find the game punishing, I tried to make sure that backtracking was always available and if the player had made a mistake, they wouldn't be undoing too much progress.

I found it challenging to design the puzzles to interleave neatly with each other in a thoughtful manner, and it's tricky when you already have a solution in mind to take a step back and imagine how the solving process might feel. In fact, I woke up this morning and immediately found that the middle three puzzles had much simpler alternate solutions than what I intended!

It feels good to get the game made though and it's given me experience on how to design puzzles for the concept, so I'm keen to keep working on the idea!