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You can actually get a peek at Atlantis if you "solve a mystery of the sea."  But from what I can tell few if any people have figured the puzzle out.  Perhaps I made it a bit too cryptic, but maybe it's good that way...  :)

Spoiler for those interested: Atlantis is only the good ending.  There's a slightly better ending, but that one is even more cryptic, haha.  No more hints from me!

Thank you!  I know about the music tool.  But the album is not mine, so I leave it as a "relevant recommendation."

Super cute!  Lots of respect to a fellow who would also make bitsy game instead of studying for exams... :)

This is sweet!  Nice take on the theme, and I love how running up for boosts forces you to play risky.  I got a final score of 112114 on my first play through.  

Thank you both for the feedback!  Initially, the toppings were supposed to be important info, as later deliveries would get out of order, but with the way my difficulty turned out, you're almost always left with only one delivery that can't get mixed up.  I'm glad you liked the sounds too; I literally made them all in the last 10 minutes of work haha.

If anyone's interested, I updated the difficultly a tad bit over at  It's still not perfect, but I think it gives a bit better challenge.

This is super cool!  I love this sort of artstyle, and flying around the galaxy is really fun.  This would be pretty sweet in a post jam version with a more fleshed out world and fewer bugs (but don't do that just 'cause I told you to ;P  )

Nice!  Always love me some Bitsy games!

It worked for me after a refresh.

It fits the theme, but I'm not sure that trial and error keys make the greatest puzzle mechanic.  Still a nice game, though!

Yeah, asteroid controls are often hard for people, and I never know how to do them just right.  The pilot's head will face in the direction you're headed, but I usually just "feel" the direction.

Awesome!  The speed really keeps you on your toes.  I got to 97% once, but now my brain hurts.

Dang, this is awesome!  Blows my PICO-8 game out of the water.  ;P  

Real nice arcadey feel, and those title flags are awesome!  It would be nice if resetting the level would show the order again, since the game turns into more of trial and error than memory if you screw up.  But it's still super fun!

Ooh, single minute sports sounds super neat.  I might try that!

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Neat concept, though I feel that a bit more variety in cards would go a long way in adding to the experience.  Right now there's always a very obvious optimal play, either to remove an illness or to raise low stats.  Maybe some cards that give interesting trade offs could give more weight to player decisions.  

Also, this is just one suggestion, but perhaps each turn you draw back to a full hand or at least have a way of drawing more cards?  Right now you can easily get into a place where you only have one option.  That's no good for player choice, which is what makes a card game interesting.

(I liked it though, these are just my criticisms.)

Nice!  Really like the cardboard artstyle.  My main complaint with this is that progression feels super slow.  I know I could have gone faster if I knew what I was doing, but it still takes quite a while to be able to purchase anything.  I'm pretty into it though, so I'm leaving it in the background as I do other things.

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This is super good! The concept is cool, he monster art is nice, and the music is on point. Great job, this definitely has some good post-jam potential.

Oh my goodness, this is such a cool concept! And such a great aesthetic too with the console-shaped window and the adorable trash critter. I'm glad I finally have a use for my 200 desktop files!

I'm glad you liked it! 

And yeah, I designed the game without any instructions in mind. I think it's a bit more fun if you play around and discover how to proceed yourself, but some people had trouble/were impatient. I added the instructions to make sure everyone could play the whole way through. (You're welcome, Mom! ;P )

I don't exactly understand what I'm doing but I like it.  (Just FYI, though, automata is the plural word.  A single one is called an automaton.)

Picture link

Can't figure out how to embed directly embed an image but oh well...

Duck Life is a nice nontraditional virtual pet game where you train for duck races.  I think my game will be loosely inspired by the idea behind Duck Life.

Ooh, this is a really neat idea.  It sounds a lot like a vivarium game, which is an interesting genre.  Earthtongue is my favorite vivarium game so far, so maybe looking at the trailer could give you some ideas?

Here's a few ideas of my own:

  • Slight procedural generation of the room layout
  • There's a back-and-forth hero/monster relationship, if heroes are too strong, monsters will power up and vice versa
  • Maybe sometimes a prompt will pop up and you can choose an option, like installing a trap or changing monster spawn rates or something
  • You can drag around or guide the heroes or monsters to give one side an upper hand
  • Maybe you have to choose whether to control heroes or monsters and have some incentive to make your side do better?  Or maybe sandbox nature would be more fun.
  • Heroes or monsters can rank up after doing well?  Strong heroes may return to the dungeon after leaving.

But these are just spitball ideas.  I like babyjeans's ideas a lot too.

Thanks!  I'm not the best artist but I love working with that simple artstyle.

Cute!  :)

sorry for being boring and making a textgame hahaaa

i like it

Ooh my goodness, that final scene was a cool way to push Bitsy past the single character sprite limit.  Super neat!

Oh yeah I saw that on your Twitter and it looks super cool too!  I'm excited for both!

Omg I really like this.  Obviously has some strong influences but it's really able to create its own identity.  I especially love all the creatures; they have so much charm in them.  My main criticisms are that the camera seems a bit overly quick in movement and that the wand mechanic seems underutilized, but neither of those were gamebreaking by any means.

Are you still working on this project?  I don't want to put any pressure on you though, it's still a really great standalone demo.

Oh my goodness, I love Plantasia!  Fits great with your color palettes and nice artwork.

Aww, it's super cute...  I really like the color palettes for afternoon, evening, and nighttime.

Holy cow, this is beautiful!  I can't imagine how many sprites you had to use.

Oh this is super cute!  Here's a small recommendation: toy around with the display window settings on your project page so that the whole text box can fit on the page.  I still really like it though!

This is really cool!  I like the way you used screen divisions to show insides and outsides of the train.