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Need suggestions on an idea

A topic by Tartle Games created Jan 28, 2018 Views: 374 Replies: 9
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I have a few ideas but have not decided on which one I will go with. I need suggestions on the one I am leaning towards.

I am considering a "dungeon as a pet" that one would display onto a tv set in a room while playing tabletop games with friends. It would add some atmosphere to the occasion similar to a digital fireplace. But I want it to be interactive in a passive way, such that the user occasionally feeds the dungeon or something inside the dungeon (Slime, mimic, etc).

Can anybody think of any random ideas to go along with this to make it interactive?

Jam Host(+2)

oh man, i love that idea...

so maybe along the same lines as you had of "feeding the dungeon," maybe make the 'living dungeon' theme two fold and have it occaisonally 'poop' out rewards. for instance, you could have sort've random "food" pellets that when you drop them in the dungeon it spawns either a monster (a skellie, or a slime maybe) or perhaps a hero (sometimes a fighter maybe a healer or nuker-type). so players can kind of treat it as a bit of a terrarium, sprinkling the pellets in, and then watching the 'eco-system' settle itself. depending what dies, maybe that is what spawns new 'pellets' to come outta the dungeon. 

that way you try to lean the tables in favor of different outcomes - maybe if more skellies survive, the dungeon is more likely to produce more 'undead' related foods, etc.


Ooh, this is a really neat idea.  It sounds a lot like a vivarium game, which is an interesting genre.  Earthtongue is my favorite vivarium game so far, so maybe looking at the trailer could give you some ideas?

Here's a few ideas of my own:

  • Slight procedural generation of the room layout
  • There's a back-and-forth hero/monster relationship, if heroes are too strong, monsters will power up and vice versa
  • Maybe sometimes a prompt will pop up and you can choose an option, like installing a trap or changing monster spawn rates or something
  • You can drag around or guide the heroes or monsters to give one side an upper hand
  • Maybe you have to choose whether to control heroes or monsters and have some incentive to make your side do better?  Or maybe sandbox nature would be more fun.
  • Heroes or monsters can rank up after doing well?  Strong heroes may return to the dungeon after leaving.

But these are just spitball ideas.  I like babyjeans's ideas a lot too.


great ideas. Thanks.


I want to play this now! I hope you make it!


I started today. I will show progress soon :)




I made another post in this thread to show where I have gotten so far. It's not exactly a "dungeon as a pet" but it is a dungeon with a slime cube.


I have been working for a while today and this is where I have gotten with my progress. This may look more impressive than it really is. It is in no way interactive yet, but I've got a slime cube moving around using a Unity Navigation Mesh. I made the torches with some particle systems and unity cylinders, and the cave floor is a Unity terrain with some stalagmite structures painted in. That little glowing wafer on the floor is a test of a gold coin.  To make the slime I used Blender and subdivided a cube object and stretched the bottom part a bit.

I am going to start working on allowing the player to feed coins to the slime.


looking great!