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We are not dead!!  After losing all of the project files for Dwarves and Dragons, and throwing a 2 year rage quit.  We are back, and I'm restarting development

So, after losing all of the project files for Dwarves and Dragons, and taking a 2 year rage quit.  I am restarting development on Dwarves and Dragons! 

I'd like to add to the list above:

  • Get familiar with the basics before the jam.  You'll want to know how to move a guy on the screen, how to make a score, how to make a state machine.  Clearly you won't know how to do everything, but you should give yourself a toolkit of basic skills so you don't spend you're entire day making your player move correctly on the screen.  I really wanted dialog in my first game jam I participated in and I spent an entire day on learning how to do that.  This caused me not to finish :/
  • META-STRATEGY: PRE-COOK OR BUY EASY MEALS AND SNACKS!!  Unless you've got a wife, girlfriend, boyfriend, or SO who is wiling to keep you fed during this ordeal, I highly recommend picking up some TV dinners, snacks, and drinks for the three days.  Nothing is worse than realizing your hungry and then spending the next 2 hours cooking because you're on an involved diet and you could have been making your game better.  Grab, reheat, go.

Thank you everyone for the awesome feedback  both in comments and in the actual grade!  On behalf of Myself, Draconis, and DJ, thank you so much!  This has been a positive experience!  We scored right in the middle of the pack which is great for a first time out.

Thanks to all of the support (and the lengthy voting phase, let's be real bbj...) I was able to upload a patched version of the game!  Feel free to try it again.  I promise a MUCH MUCH better experience.

Patch notes will be on the primary page for the game.


Cog & Sprocket Games

Thank you for the kind words!  I've got a lot of bugs fixed and some other goodies for an update, but I have to wait until voting is complete to post it.  With 4 days remaining the patch should come soon!

With the patch coming out Sunday, I'll make it more clear what the controls are.  Stay tuned!

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I liked this game more than I thought it would!  10/10 would crash my game to feed my little pet again :D

Well done! 

Glad you liked it! I'll definitely be posting a patch with more features and bug fixes!

Lovely game! I like this one a lot!  However the music, although perfect, is LOUD.

I like this one a lot!  I couldn't figure out where to find a file to feed my pet.   Later Dave explained that you need to find files on your pc and drag them over the game.  My pet starved because I couldn't figure out where in the game to find a file :/

Rated, although It took a while to figure out how to close the shop.  It doesn't work like the other screens.

Thanks for the rating!  The controls are printed on the title screen when you first start the game.  You can use arrow keys or wasd to move.  Use either pair of alt and control for interact and cancel.

looking great!


Rock went to sleep.  Hit rock with Cricket bat. Rock got angry, but woke up.  10/10 would cause rock anger again!

I want to play this now! I hope you make it!

Awesome game!