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Ooh, this is a really neat idea.  It sounds a lot like a vivarium game, which is an interesting genre.  Earthtongue is my favorite vivarium game so far, so maybe looking at the trailer could give you some ideas?

Here's a few ideas of my own:

  • Slight procedural generation of the room layout
  • There's a back-and-forth hero/monster relationship, if heroes are too strong, monsters will power up and vice versa
  • Maybe sometimes a prompt will pop up and you can choose an option, like installing a trap or changing monster spawn rates or something
  • You can drag around or guide the heroes or monsters to give one side an upper hand
  • Maybe you have to choose whether to control heroes or monsters and have some incentive to make your side do better?  Or maybe sandbox nature would be more fun.
  • Heroes or monsters can rank up after doing well?  Strong heroes may return to the dungeon after leaving.

But these are just spitball ideas.  I like babyjeans's ideas a lot too.


great ideas. Thanks.