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Taking care of a pet is hard work okay? Especially if you are strapped for cash. This is a card based roguelike!
Submitted by beggarstudios — 4 hours, 49 minutes before the deadline

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Very nice graphics! I included it in my Rousr's Virtual Pet Jam compilation video series, if you’d like to take a look. :)

Submitted (1 edit)

Neat concept, though I feel that a bit more variety in cards would go a long way in adding to the experience.  Right now there's always a very obvious optimal play, either to remove an illness or to raise low stats.  Maybe some cards that give interesting trade offs could give more weight to player decisions.  

Also, this is just one suggestion, but perhaps each turn you draw back to a full hand or at least have a way of drawing more cards?  Right now you can easily get into a place where you only have one option.  That's no good for player choice, which is what makes a card game interesting.

(I liked it though, these are just my criticisms.)

Lovely graphics! Although I wish we could have more feedback while pressing stuff. Also, would have liked if the sheep-cat (don't know what it is) could be interacted with. It's just like... there :o

My issues with the game:
- Difficult to get at first. It would have helped a lot to know what bars were for what (a simple symbol aside them would have helped a lot, since I can't know blue is for food and green for care) and to know the rules (you see stuff coming, so the first reflex is to click whatever you can click without knowing what it does right away)
- The red text is inconveniently placed. It sometimes is rather annoying to read; prefer displaying your text in a place where it contrasts. The wall for instance isn't used. You could have just displayed the text there. (I also wouldn't recommend using plain red, it's kind of an agressive color and usually meant for "bad" stuff)
- The game is way too random. Once I understood how to play the game, I lost several times because of how unfair it was. Like, it starts giving me a disease, doesn't give me medecine, and on top of that, I had no idea how to heal the "squeak". The medecine moved it away but I still took damage from it.

Aside that, pretty cute game! :3


Thanks for the feedback! You are right about all of that. We only had 48 hours to work so there's a lot of features and polish that was sacrificed due to time constraints. Thanks for playing! We had fun making it.

Very nice assets and an interesting mechanic. I like the challenge that the randomness brings.
Only complaint that I have is that I can't change the resolution, so it's a little big for my laptop screen.  Overall, though, great job!


Thank you! Yes we ran into time constraints so we didn't get all the options and cards in that we would like to, but it was a fun process!