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very nice art! i think you really made the most of flickgame too 

Thank you! c: Drawing in flickgame was challenging, but fun. 

Thank you!! I'm so glad you enjoyed it c: 
A finished version should be up soon-ish; have been doing a lot of different projects. 

Thank you for the feedback! I'll note the issues you described, and keep them in mind for future projects.
As for the no violence thing... I guess you can pretend they're just "poofing" away? ;; I'm doing multiple jams at the moment and its been hard to keep track of everything. But that's all on me. 

Thank you!!

i love the colors, the art, and especially the music! i can't stop listening to the song
the bubbles are a really neat mechanic, as well. i had a lot of fun discovering all the ways i could use them! i'd love to see you flesh this out more c:

thank you for the feedback! i really appreciate it c:
and yep, my first one. at least the first that i had to do any coding on my end for aha
i'm glad you had some fun with it! 

Very cute! I'd love to see it expanded. A better camera, or at least better controls for it, would be nice, though. 

God, I love the message here. It's like you were taking words right from my mind. I was just talking yesterday with someone about how inaccessible games can be. Whether its money, physical or mental ability, etc., there are so many barriers to making games, even if you know you have a good idea.  And then having your work acknowledged is even harder. I feel like it can be very discouraging. 

Thank you for making this. I'm glad someone else gets it. 

Very nice assets and an interesting mechanic. I like the challenge that the randomness brings.
Only complaint that I have is that I can't change the resolution, so it's a little big for my laptop screen.  Overall, though, great job!

Amazing! Very unique idea and wonderful execution. The random glitching that happens is a nice touch.

Adorable! I love the terraforming aspect, and how many pets are available. The UI is very nice, as well. Only complaint is that the sounds are a little loud. 

So cute!! The art is fantastic and I want that brush setting. But really, this is so nice to look at and I love the pet designs. 
Only problem I'm having is that food is so expensive that my pets are always in danger of starving, and there's no way to make money besides selling seeds (that I see). Which you only get from feeding them. 
Anyways, I'd love to see this fleshed out more, if you ever wanted to do so in the future. 

Awesome! You can send it to 
Thank you so much! n v n 

if you still had that copy of stencyl id be interested

thank you!! i totally agree
and it should be finished fairly soon!

as someone who's been through a lot of dark times (and not just as a past kmart employee, hah) this really spoke to me. very powerful. this is probably my favorite of the jam, tbh. thanks for sharing.
i love the zelda-esque style you were going for too, i tried to achieve the same thing. 

i love how hectic this is. the music really ups the tension, and the color changing effect you did (switching rooms?) really added to the atmosphere. very clever. 
cute twist too!

amazing art 

really love the aesthetics of this one. some of the visuals were really striking for such a limited game engine!
darn those staircases though.

Very well done! I'd love to know how you made the key mechanic and characters disappearing when you give them items work, because I was so wanting to put stuff like that in my game.