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Game-making resources Sticky

A topic by David S Gallant created Jan 21, 2017 Views: 764 Replies: 9
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A great starting point (especially if you've never made a game before is, a site that comprehensively helps get you started based on what you think you might want to make.

I also have a limited number of keys for AppGameKit, Axis Game Factory Pro v3, RPG Maker VX Ace (x2), GameMaker Studio Pro, and Stencyl. Sound off in this thread if one of these tools would help you out.

If you have resources you'd like to donate or suggest, reply below.

(edit: Sprite Lamp key claimed)


also might be good: drugs(), an asset pack of "Winners Don't Do Drugs" style attract screens!


drugs() is an awesome tool, thanks for pointing it out!

Sprite Lamp would be incredibly useful to me if you've still got keys available :0


I've still got it! Would Twitter DM be the best way to get it to you?

Sure, that works!

if you still had that copy of stencyl id be interested


I believe I still do! I will check this evening.


Okay so I definitely have the key; I just need a way to get it to you. Is there an email I can send it to?

Awesome! You can send it to 
Thank you so much! n v n