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please feel free - if you do, I'd love to watch it! :)

Interesting concept. Nightmare Mode sounds utterly terrifying!

Even with all the waiting around, this was so exciting! Very happy with the ending I got, but I'll likely replay it a few times to see how much variation I can get :0

A fun little game!

I love how the experience in the game can depend largely on the player's own lifestyle. Definitely reminded me of when I used to struggle with insomnia myself. Really well written!

This is great! The sense of isolation is built up so, so well.

Tried redownloading it a few times, but I just can't figure out how to play it (on Windows at least? not tried on Mac) :(

Utterly gorgeous art & animation, super creepy, kinda soul-sucking. Really enjoyed playing this.

I might play this with some friends soon, I love the concept!

This is kinda terrifying. I love it.

This one hit pretty hard. Hopefully I'll have more luck on my next playthrough!

At first I was passing time, but now I can't stop playing!

Nice concept, but unfortunately the very nature of the game means it can get kind of tedious! x_x I did enjoy the ending I got though! Seeing the bus pull up was so satisfying after such a long wait - if only I could figure out how to get on it... :p

Almost too real at times! Great job :0

I rly like where this is going, hope to see more in future!

I really enjoyed this! I never expected to feel sorry for the moon, but here I am... Fantastically written!

Really cute! As a frog lover, this speaks to me. The little pixel frogs are so adorable, and even though there's no real end to the game as far as I can tell, just gathering a tonne of frogs is pretty satisfying!

Thanks, I used both Adobe Illustrator & Photoshop! If you end up using this little guy in a project, I'd love to see it :)

If you end up using this little fella in a project, I'd love to see the results!

That sounds great, I'd love to join your group!

Sure, that works!

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Hi there, I'm a 2D artist and I'd love to participate in this jam. I'm too busy with other projects to make a whole game for this by myself (at least for now!), but working with a team would be great! If anyone needs an artist for their game, let me know!

For examples of my work, you can check out

my Facebook page:

my Twitter:

And for those of you who don't have the time, here's some of my artwork right here!

Sprite Lamp would be incredibly useful to me if you've still got keys available :0

okay, rad! thanks for the update :)

I've never participated in a bundle before, so I'm not really sure how this stuff actually works! How & when will this be organised? And is there a way to like... Exclusively offer a game via the bundle, and make it unavailable on its own?

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This jam looks like a lot of fun, and I'd love to participate with a team! I can contribute art, and possibly some music. You can check my profile for examples of my work. Hopefully there's someone else out there still looking to take part in a team!

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Is this an irl-only jam or will online/international participation be allowed? I can't find anywhere that says where this will be taking place! :s

That's great to hear, thanks!

Hi! I'm really looking forward to this jam. Do entries have to be made fully on the day, or can we submit games we've been working on for a while? Because I have a project that would be perfect for this, which I could definitely finish in time! But if that's not allowed, I can come up with something new for this jam. :)

Hey thanks, I'm glad you liked it! Really enjoyed your LP, very funny! Thanks for the support :D

I am an artist/character designer looking for a team!

1. Introduction: howdy, I'm Casper; he/him pronouns; I live in the UK (timezone GMT)! I'm pretty nervous about this because I'm pretty new to it, but I'm hoping to find a nice team to work with.

2. Skills:

  • 2D illustration
  • character design
  • writing (amateur)
  • photo editing
  • voice acting (interested)

3. Programs/Languages:

  • Adobe Illustrator
  • Adobe Photoshop
  • Paint Tool SAI
  • Renpy
  • RPG Maker
  • Unity (beginner)
  • Unreal Engine 4 (beginner)
  • Adventure Game Studio (beginner)

4. Portfolio: Not terribly necessary, but it'd be a good idea to provide examples of things you've done. Don't sweat it if you're a complete beginner!

5. Contact:

  • email:
  • slack: @janitoad

6. Other: I live with depression, which unfortunately does often affect my workflow. I can be very productive in a short space of time, but I'm not great at maintaining that over a longer period of time. Therefore it's probably best if I'm not the sole artist on the team!