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Question about location

A topic by JaniToad created Oct 14, 2016 Views: 211 Replies: 3
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Is this an irl-only jam or will online/international participation be allowed? I can't find anywhere that says where this will be taking place! :s


So this was planned as a irl only event but I think it wouldn't require too much work to make it available online. Call it a tentative yes and let me do a little bit of planning.

Hi, I am also interested in doing this if online participation is allowed!


Ok, an update. We will be having online participation. We will have Slack channel where you can ask questions and have someone with a legal background answer. We'll try our best to answer question quickly but if you happen to be working at night (or day but from across the pond) there may be a delay. We haven't figure out all the logistics yet but we also plan to steam parts of the event, mainly the opening with introductions and team formation, any short talks we happen to have, and judging/feedback at the end.

I'd also like to throw it out there, what can we do that would make participating online better?