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The first thing to do is make sure you have registered by going through our Eventbrite page, it's important that you register there because that is how we are keeping count of people for important things like food, a.

Once you have that filled out hop over and join our Slack channel. It will be used pretty much all communications during the event. Prior to the event we will be using it to keep people posted about updates and allow people to get to know each other ahead of time. During the Jam we will use it for announcements, meal calls, and anything else that comes up plus we encourage teams to do the same.

The rules

Please release you Jam project and it's source under a MIT Licence. The goal here is to create games to help people, if you have a good idea we want it to get out there and help people. If you decide to continue working on your game with the goal of a commercial release you can change licences and only the Jam material will be open.

The theme for this event is social justice and civil legal aid, we want games that in some way promote awareness of or address some of the issues.

Some examples of issues include:

  • Debt Repayment
  • Foreclosure
  • Wage Theft
  • Veteran's Benefits
  • Fraud and Predatory Lending

A few good guidelines.

It's completely ok if you don't have any background knowledge on any of these issues, There will be legal professionals participating in this jam that will be able to bring you up to speed. In addition there might be some pre-event planning going on in Slack so if you check that out you may get some ideas.

For those of you who prefer you games analog instead of digital we have you covered too, we will be providing materials for you to create your board or card games.

We recommend you bring the following

  • A laptop with everything you think you will need preinstalled
  • Computer peripherals, having a real mouse in nice and everyone will appreciate you having headphones
  • Comfy clothing, you are going to be working long and hard,
  • External hard drives, it makes sharing around files in a team a lot easier
  • Camera, it's a great way to document the event and there will be some late night moment you won't want to forget.

We will be providing the following

  • Meals, drinks, and snacks. no one should go hungry
  • Space and internet,
  • Pens and Paper for notes and sketching
  • Supplies for making board games prototypes, mostly in the form of old games to be re-purpose plus some crafts materials

Banner design by Lil Chan

Hosted by LSNTAP and Northwest Justice Project

We are happy to announce our sponsors for this event are:


UW School of Law


Living Computers Museum

If you have any questions you can reach me at

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A game where you experience the challenge of finding success in America.
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The player must survive excessive rent hikes in Seattle's housing crisis.
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Built for the Social Justice Game Jam in 48 hours. Designed for the Oculus Touch VR experience.
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