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I really like the atmosphere of this game. Even though you are using Unity Assets, I think they work pretty well. I am not sure what to use the flashlight for, since I could usually see pretty well.

Fun game, I liked the puzzles.

This is adorable!

I really like this!

This was intense and well-written.

This is a surprisingly addicting game.

I like this, it keeps me guessing! I really want to know what will happen next!

This is a really good start!

Really beautiful and sad.

So I like the time manipulation aspect, I spent days waiting for the bus by advancing the time! I also liked what happened when the clock reached the "Despair" time, but maybe I'm a bit odd.

Really good! I felt pulled into the story, even (or especially) for the most uncomfortable parts. Definitely thought-provoking.

I loved this, the scientist was funny and the idea was original. There are some bugs, mostly the guards not interacting with the environment correctly (walking though walls, etc.) Otherwise, very good!

Cool game! I liked how I could use the disabled enemies as platforms and to block other enemies. The music set the tone really well. I also liked that there were different kinds of enemies as the game progressed.

Neat idea! It was a little hard to aim, which made they game a little frustrating. Overall a fun game with a different perspective.

Fun game, it's good that we get to keep the capsule points. The 'powers' that you have in this game are really inventive and make the game very interesting.

Another Ren'Py game! I liked it, I never got to read all of the Oz books, now I think I should make the time to do so.

Also, I enjoyed the reference to Lovecraft!

Very fun! It was a little difficult to tell which level you were on (in terms of height) particularly in the cave. I liked the ending!

The art and the sound are fantastic! I like how you have the Greek pantheon to choose from and how their stats follow their character. The reward system does seem unbalanced and there isn't a lot of variety with the enemies, but this is a really good start.

This is really creative and I like the concept a lot! The art was really good for setting the mood of the game. I found the placement of the some of the boundaries (middle of the street and in the alleyways) to be a little odd/unexpected, but otherwise a good game!

I enjoyed wreaking havoc in this world with the fire and electricity. The music and graphics really set the tone. I couldn't get the "lifting" ability to work and there were some things that did not look intentional (mostly things sinking into the ground at odd points), but otherwise a really fun, quirky game.

Really funny game!

The movement is little difficult, particularly jumping when you are too close to box. Also, I could only access the vision function using the left shift key, which was kind of awkward. I like the graphics and the sound. The idea and the "vision" part are really creative.

Nice job, Aaron!

Hi, I am also interested in doing this if online participation is allowed!