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[⚠] Need a Team? Check This Out! Sticky

A topic by lysander created Jun 13, 2016 Views: 2,435 Replies: 34
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Team Finding

Making a game all by yourself can be a daunting task. Joining a team helps make the workload manageable and connects you with other people who share the same interests. If you're looking to team up with other people for this jam, here's the place to do it! I know there's a lot of introducing going on, but bear with me a little longer!

Post to the thread with the information below. A sample post will be provided.
Once you've found a team, edit your post to show you're no longer available.

Want to chat before you decide? There's a channel for that on Slack!
Click here to join the official Slack chat! If you're already a member, just head over to #teamfinding!

I am a [role(s)] looking for [role(s) or team]!

1. Introduction: Include any basic information you wish for people to know. I.e., Name, timezone, pronouns, etc. Or go all out and give your entire life philosophy; it's up to you!

2. Skills: Stuff you know how to do, or kind of know how to do. You can also add things you're willing to try.

3. Programs/Languages: Engines/Programs (for any use, be it art, music, game dev, animation, etc) and markup/programming languages you are familiar with.

4. Portfolio: Not terribly necessary, but it'd be a good idea to provide examples of things you've done. Don't sweat it if you're a complete beginner!

5. Contact: Ways to keep in touch. Instant messengers, slack, emails, etc.

6. Other: Anything else you think is important. Have an idea for a game? Stick it here. Have any specific expectations from your team? Stick them here. Anything goes!

Team Tips & Tricks

  • Communication is key! If you have concerns, frustrations, stress, other commitments, it is your responsibility to inform your team so they can help resolve the issue or accommodate. Most of these tips can probably be summarized as communication.
  • Can't do your part? Tell your team. If you have real life obligations, let your team members know so they can either lessen your work load or find someone else to help out.
  • Stay focused! Working together can be fun, but make sure you get things done! This is especially tricky for teams who know eachother well; sometimes the camaraderie can be a distraction.
  • Set clear, manageable goals. This helps everyone stay on the same page and facilitates productivity.
  • Dealing with stress/illness? Putting this one here for myself since I have this issue as well. If you have a history of health problems, whether it is physical or mental, please be up front about it. No one will blame you for needing to take it easy!
  • Use productivity apps/ file sharing sites! There's a plethora of resources for effective team/file management. Google Drive, Dropbox, Slack, and Trello are just a few of them. A list will soon be added here for anyone who wants to give them a whirl.
  • Again: file sharing. Mentioned in the point above, but important enough to warrant its own point. Using a file sharing service like Dropbox enables everyone to work on the same things at the same time as well as allow real-time updates. An artist can stick assets into a shared folder, thus allowing the programmer to instantly access it. Making changes is much easier too. Highly recommend teams do this!
  • Frustrated with your group? Nothing is perfect. Even with people you get along with, you're bound to have conflict. Keep a cool head and remember: even terrible game jam experiences have value. Be willing to carry on and don't give up!

Jam Host (2 edits)
Sample Post
No need to follow my formatting exactly— do what makes sense!

I am a writer/composer looking for an artist!

1. Introduction:
i'm lysander! i like experimental things, story telling, and world-building. i've been writing on/off for 9-10 years and composing for 2-3. my pronouns are he/him and my timezone is -6 central.

2. Skills:

  • i write! i'm not terribly picky with genres, but i love dark themes, urban fantasy, dystopian settings, and modern settings.
  • i compose chiptunesque electronic music with a slew of different influences. i also do piano, neo-classical, ambient stuff.
  • i also am a novice guitarist, intermediate viola player, and i... can kinda sing? i write/sing original songs sometimes.
  • i can kind of draw/paint.
  • i can photo edit pretty well.
  • i am proficient in twine and pretty decent with using renpy.
3. Programs/Languages:
  • photoshop cs3
  • anvil studios
  • fl studios 7
  • fl studios 12 - kinda, still experimenting
  • paint tool sai
  • wavepad editor
  • audacity
  • twine 1.4
  • renpy
  • html/css
4. Portfolio:

Writing: some selected samples | writing blog
Art: art tag | art blog | dA
Music: soundcloud [main] | soundcloud [side]
Games: main itch account | side with short experimental twines

5. Contact: i have skype, line, kik, slack, discord, and email. i would prefer slack or skype! i also have tumblr and twitter

6. Other: i like lgbt+ content! i value storytelling over mechanics. i love strong aesthetics, weird stuff, anime shit... i have a couple ideas for a game but i'm not too terribly set on those, so i'd love to discuss with other people. thinking of using twine or renpy again, or... i might try doing something retro with webpages?

also, i'm not really REALLY looking for a team (it's there for the sake of example) but please feel free to talk to me anyway! like i said, i'm still thinking about it!


I am a Game Designer / Writer / Tester looking for a team!

1. Introduction: I am Greg Baxter, a 22 year old honours graduate from Abertay University whose looking to buff up the game design portfolio. When I am not staring at Game Maker: Studio and slamming my head against wood over programs never behaving as planned, I work part time as a quality assurance tester for Digital Sports Arena and writing reviews and editorials for High Rez Gaming. I work on the universal coordinated time zone (UTC) and I am male (so he/him/his and such I guess, wow that was odd to type out for me).

2. Skills: As a game design graduate I am frugal and savvy with game design knowledge (even if the amateur level coding and infantile art can't keep up) and as such I am rather proud of my ability to write and document a lot of things in the world of gaming. I am also a very confident presenter, which has led me to take the reigns as a pseudo lead for development teams I have coordinated with in the past. With my presentation confidence comes my acting, while still rather college theatre, I am capable of vocal expressions and getting in character. My experience in University has made me experienced in programming and art but far from the level enough to be a coder or artist. I also have a keen eye for details and critique along with experience as a professional quality assurance tester making me acquainted with working under Waterfall, Agile and even Kanban project methodologies, the latter two as a product of my past as an acting producer.

3. Programs/Languages:

  • Game Maker: Studio (and Game Markup Language by extension)
  • Unity (Opened it and closed it...that count?)
  • Unreal Engine 3
  • Maya (sadly no longer own a copy)
  • G.I.M.P
  • LibreOffice
  • Trello
  • JIRA
  • MantisBT
  • Audacity

4. Portfolio: As linked above...and here! I suppose my work at High Rez Gaming also counts though you are going to have to look around for "Greg Baxter"'s articles.

5. Contact:

Skype: gb1ndah0u53
My First Game Jam Slack page: gbindahouse94

6. Other: I have a fighting game idea and a love for the genre. Since I am most experienced in Game Maker: Studio, 2D developers would perhaps be ideal for my situation. Beyond that, I love idea tennis and hunger new opportunities so gimmie something to sink my fangs into!

I am a writer/tester looking for a team!

1. Introduction: My name is Alex White (they/them/their pronouns), and I'm currently based in Chicago (time zone CST, or UTC-06:00). This is the first time I've felt confident enough in my abilities to step out of my comfort zone and join a game jam! I'm about to be 21 years old.

2. Skills: I come from a strong background in film and literary analysis, and I'm primarily interested in narrative-focused games. I have a strong sense of pacing, as well as how to make the most of games as a visual medium, an auditory experience, and an interactive platform all wrapped in one. I focus on how to make these elements work seamlessly together into one cohesive game experience, especially when it comes to allowing the auditory element and the act of playing the game contribute substantially to the creation of meaning. As a performance artist and dancer, I am experienced with and interested in the language of metaphor and abstraction as a way to communicate impactful themes. Previous works have focused on relationship abuse, addiction, depression, gender identity, queerness, family death, emotional distance, and other similar themes. I also have some experience in music composition, but have only worked with live musicians and not with digital programs.

3. Programs/Languages: None. All of the work that I am best at does not require technical proficiency with software.

4. Portfolio: Documentation for many, but not all, of my performance art pieces is available here and the site will be updated continuously as more things happen. Unfortunately, my dance pieces are not available in video.

5. Contact: Email me at or tweet at me @alex_is_UNiQ (a reference to my stage name for dance).

6. Other: During the time of the jam, I will be employed as an RA for a summer camp. As such, my availability will be constrained to odd hours of the night. I pledge to work hard and successfully carry out my part of the development, but depending on your time zone and sleep schedule, real-time communication could be a challenge. I strongly believe in games as art, and feel most at home creatively with people who aren't afraid to let things get a little weird. Games that I draw inspiration from include The Beginner's Guide, Hyper Light Drifter, and Save The Date.

I am a [developer/coder] looking for [team]!

1. Introduction: Hey guys and gals, my name is Austin, I'm a C# developer and am looking for a team to build something cool with. Most of my experience with with Web Dev and I am relatively new to Unity development, but I have spent a fair amount of time playing with the Unity Documentation and have no problems solving problems. I am in Central Time [US] [UTC -5]

2. Skills: C#, Javascript, Basically anything code related or gameplay related. I do enjoy level design, but its certainly not my strong suit.

3. Programs/Languages: Unity, C#, Javascript, Photoshop, Blender

4. Portfolio: Too new for a portfolio, but I do have a few concept games I'm toying with.

5. Contact: I am on the slack channel and can use basically any method necessary the team wants to use for communication.

Hello, Nomabond. I'm looking for a handful of programmers who can give me a hand for my game. I've looked for you on slack but I didn't find you. Do you haven another username there?

Thanks for your attention.

Deleted post

1. Introduction:

Hi, Im Philipp. I've been interested in making games for a while and Im looking forward to taking part in the gameJam.

2. Skills: Stuff you know how to do, or kind of know how to do. You can also add things you're willing to try.

- Intermediate Programming skills

- Been messing around with game maker lately

- I have Unity and Unreal Engine installed but no real experience using them. I do learn quickly though.

- Some minor 3d modelling knowledge as well as rudimentary animation in blender

3. Programs/Languages:

As mentioned above:

- mainly game maker

- I have Unity and Unreal engine but gotta learn them first

- some basic blender skills

4. Portfolio:

- got nothing finished

5. Contact:



Hi!i don't know if it's too late, but what kind of genre are you interested in doing? i'm going for a platformer or a rpg, but you can decide other if you want! i would love to be with you!


I am an Artist looking for Game Designers / Writers

1. Introduction:

My name is Christina, I'm 27 and I love to draw, haha.

I work for Skyborne Games (a start up mobile company) as a concept artist at the moment, its my first full time job in the game industry. (I hope that means I'm still eligible for my first game jam! (I've never done a game jam at least).

I'm a pretty big nerd. I love games with great writing and also a sense of humor! I love Double Fine (and have watched the Double Fine Adventure documentary about a million times), Supergiant, Zelda, Megaman Legends, Harvest Moon, Animal Crossing, strategy games like Valkyria Chronicles, FF Tactics, X-Com etc. Indie games like Undertale, Oxenfree, Jotun, the list goes on and on. I just love games w a great plot and nice art X ).

I prefer producing something I can look back on and be proud of/ have fun creating than making money etc. (aka I can't stand success stories that end in the person becoming a millionaire- I think there's more to life.) And I love love LOVE collaborating!

I am a little shy / nervous when I talk to new people, but I love making new friends so please feel free to reach out!

2. Skills:

  • 2D Character concept art /
  • 2D Character Rendered art
  • 2D Environment art
  • Some experience doing pixel sprites
  • Storyboarding
  • Animatics
  • Some 2D animation
3. Programs/Languages:
  • photoshop CC
  • paper pencil
  • Asperite
  • After Effects
  • Illustrator
  • 3Ds Max / Blender but I'm out of practice and don't enjoy modelling. haha. My husband does however! And he'll prolly take part in the Jam as well!
4. Portfolio:

I did a few freelance sprite animations for Starrmazer last year. (explosions, key animation for his jumping in to ship, bunny's walk cycle)

5. Contact: I'd prefer email first please!

Skype: curry2386



6. Other: Iunno! I like plants, rodents, and coffee! X )

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I am a developer/coder looking for an artist/animator! :D

1. Introduction:

Hey, my name is Adrian and I love all kinds and genres of video games! I'm very much looking forward to this game jam (it's my first!) and I'm hoping to get in collaborate with others to create a game, make friends and have a good time in the process. While I'm not bad at drawing characters and creating assets for games, I would like to find a more talented artist to work with. I believe presentation and art direction is very important to the core of games in general, and being able to work cooperatively with an artist would be beneficial to the project.

2. Skills:

+ Coding (Javascript,GML)

+ Decent pixel art/animating

+ Music production(FL Studio and Audacity)

3. Programs/Languages:

+ Gamemaker Studio

+ FL Studio 11

+ Audacity

4. Portfolio:

+ I've developed a few very small games in Gamemaker Studio and am currently working on an open world platformer!

+ I have a lot of experience in music production (2 years) and can make many different genres of music in FL. (my soundcloud page is

5. Contact:

If you wanna get in touch, hit me up on twitter (@hi_im_adrian_),or gmail (

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I am a lot of things looking to help others

1.) Introduction

Hello! My name's Benny (They/Them)! Timezone: EDT (UTC -4)
I enjoy deconstructing games for programming and social purposes!
I'm looking to make small to medium contributions to one (or more, if allowed) teams.

2.) Skills

  • Music: 1 year composition (primarily chiptune), 12 years percussive, 4 years ukulele, 3 months piano, can sing
  • Programming: 6 years experience
  • Mathematics: Calc III, probability, some differential equations
  • Writing: 3.5 years proofing experience
  • Art: Can provide poor man's sketches, minor pixeling/spriting experience.

3.) Programs and Languages

  • Music: Famitracker, Milkytracker, Fl Studio 12, Audacity, PxTone, 3MLE
  • Programming: C++, C, Python, Qt
  • Art: Paint Tool Sai, Clip Studio, Gimp
  • Other: GitHub, RpgMaker (95-XP, some VX Ace), RenPy

4.) Portfolio

I'm unable to provide a code portfolio.
Here's my soundcloud, though not all of my songs are on it.

5.) Contact

  • Slack: Benny / Polecats
  • Skype: ALEDelric
  • Twitter: @M1K4P

6.) Other

I have a strict work schedule that takes up most of my weekdays. This is why I'm looking to make small/medium contributions to one or more teams. In terms of content, you can throw almost any genre at me and I'll be excited. Likewise with any program; I pick things up quickly. I am also interested in amateur voice acting/narration if anyone is looking.

Submitted (1 edit) (+1)

I've been nervous about posting on this for goodness knows why, but here goes!

*Edited this a little bit*

I am a... let's go with Game Designer w/ add-ons... looking for coders/writers/artists/all-rounders!

1. Introduction: Hi! Mesha here. Uh, I have an idea for a game this jam and would like to try to find team members for it! My main goal is experience and getting a creative itch.

Oh, and I'm on the EST timezone. I believe it's +5:00 or something like that. Regular 9a-5p schedule on weekdays!

2. Skills: I'm not too confident in saying that I can specifically do something, but I do draw a bit, like writing a bit, and I dig thinking up basic plots and scenarios. Coding is not my strong suit in the slightest, but I will do it if need be!

3. Programs/Languages: I have currently used...:

  • Clip Studio Paint, FireAlpaca
  • Autodesk 3D Studio Max & Maya, Blender
  • Unity, Construct2, Stencyl

I am not super adept in any of these programs at all, but I know enough to get around!

4. Portfolio: I currently don't have an actual portfolio to show, but here's what I started on in the last MFJG Dessert Quest

5. Contact: I have a handful of contacts! But to make it simple at first, let's just start with discord @meeshster!

6. Other: Once again, I do have an idea for a submission this game jam! If interested, let's talk about it via discord or messaging here (I think this has messaging). It isn't completely important, since I could always keep this idea for a private project. No real expectations or specifications for team members or for a team if I am to join one. My main goal is to just have a great, creative time throughout this jam!


Have an idea but I really need a game designer


Oh, I knew I meant to do something! Sorry, I'm in a team now!

(2 edits) (+1)

EDIT: I am all filled up with team-y goodness for this jam, but please feel free to contact me if you are interested in future projects! :y

I am a soundtrack/SFX composer looking for a team that needs one!

1. Introduction: Hey! I'm Tony, and I am looking for an individual/team that might already have developers, but would like a composer to join the fray and make a soundtrack! I also love storytelling and can help with the development of plot/writing or character design!

2. Skills: I have experience writing songs within time constraints, and I write & produce all my own content. I've mixed my own EP, and am about to enter senior research focusing on a performance themed around Tourettes, ADHD, OCD, and other psychiatric disorders.

3. Programs/Languages:

Logic Pro X (my baby)

Amadeus/Audacity (for editing)

Basic iPhoto/iMovie garbage

Sony Vegas Pro

4. Portfolio:

Here is a playlist of pieces that exemplify my personality for a game jam:

Bounce around my portfolio and check out some other longer pieces! Also here are a few of my art pieces I'm using as a baseline for my senior research:

5. Contact: You can email me at, and PM me on the Slack chat @saucyfaucet!

6. Other: Having someone work with you to make a soundtrack that matches your tone ends up sounding WAY better than being forced to choose from random royalty-free content. I'm a passionate little twerp and video games are neat. Thanks for checking me out!


Hey love your little tunes :D

Haha thank you so much! I try to make them quite small and jingly

Deleted post

I am an artist/character designer looking for a team!

1. Introduction: howdy, I'm Casper; he/him pronouns; I live in the UK (timezone GMT)! I'm pretty nervous about this because I'm pretty new to it, but I'm hoping to find a nice team to work with.

2. Skills:

  • 2D illustration
  • character design
  • writing (amateur)
  • photo editing
  • voice acting (interested)

3. Programs/Languages:

  • Adobe Illustrator
  • Adobe Photoshop
  • Paint Tool SAI
  • Renpy
  • RPG Maker
  • Unity (beginner)
  • Unreal Engine 4 (beginner)
  • Adventure Game Studio (beginner)

4. Portfolio: Not terribly necessary, but it'd be a good idea to provide examples of things you've done. Don't sweat it if you're a complete beginner!

5. Contact:

  • email:
  • slack: @janitoad

6. Other: I live with depression, which unfortunately does often affect my workflow. I can be very productive in a short space of time, but I'm not great at maintaining that over a longer period of time. Therefore it's probably best if I'm not the sole artist on the team!

Submitted (1 edit) (+1)

I am a writer looking for a team!

1. Introduction:

Hey, all! My name is Julienne, but please call me Jules for the sake of getting on my good side (: I'm 18, I live in the U.S. somewhere in Texas, timezone UTC-06:00. My pronouns are she/her. I've been writing for a while now, ever since I could remember but it's been on/off.

2. Skills:

- I'm just a wee writer! I'm best at writing romance or comedy but I'm willing to write whatever, tbh.

- I'm pretty good with helping to design characters, too.

3. Programs/Languages: (I'm not too familiar with a lot of programs, sorry)

- Ren'Py

- Trello

4. Portfolio:

- I've never really saved my writing works, just because I didn't think I'd put any of it to use.... (This makes me look like a bad candidate, hah)

5. Contact:

- It's best to contact me thru my email:

6. Other:

So, I'm in a game dev team that I have already formed with someone called Moonlight Avenue, Inc. We have a plot in progress:

Title: For Better or Worse

Genre: Visual Novel / Otome game / Romance / Comedy

Length: Short (bc two weeks to complete a game? Yep)

Overall plot: The MC and her love interest have been set up in an arranged marriage by their parents. How their marriage ends up (whether best or worst end) is up to the player.

Honestly, we're just looking for dedicated and passionate people since we tend to be a little excitable (: We're also looking to expand our team, so if we end up with a few people who are willing to work with us in the long run, we welcome you with open arms! And that's it, thanks for reading and I hope you consider me/us/it/whatever :D

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I am a game designer/programmer looking for a team!

1. Introduction:

Morning, everyone! (or 'night, depending on where you're from) My name's Olivia and I currently live in NYC, timezone UTC-05:00. My pronouns are she/her and I'm fifteen. I've been studying game design for about 2 years. High school makes it difficult for me to force myself to stick to deadlines, which has resulted in a junkyard of lonely projects.

I'm excited to work on a game with a team!

2. Skills:

  • Designing
    • I took a course on game design and have written more than a few Game Design Documents, storyboards, etc.
    • Not sure what else I can really say to prove skills in this area, but I've read at least three books on design that are really reccomendable:
      • The Art of Game Design: A Book of Lenses
      • Game Design Workshop: Playcentric Approach to Innovative Games
      • Game Feel: A Game Designer's Guide to Virtual Sensation
  • Programming
    • I started to self-teach myself JavaScript in the 7th grade, but since then I've picked up C# and Lua.
    • I'm most used to programming in C# for Unity scripting.
    • I'm good enough to do most Intermediate level things, but since I've never taken a formal class, I can't measurably tell you how good of a programmer I am.
  • Art
    • I can definitely draw. I can use Aseprite, the 2D sprite editing tool, to draw and animate characters and objects. They look.... okay? It's a skill I have, but I'm very much a beginner artist.

3. Programs/Languages:

I'm comfortable with the following game engines and languages, in order from proficient to 'if I have to'--

  1. Unity3D (C#)
  2. Phaser (JS)
  3. Love2D (Lua)

4. Portfolio:

Considering I don't have many fully completed projects, I didn't think to upload them anywhere. I have a game that I published to the App Store back when I was 13, but it's not really the best example of my skills as they are now.


5. Contact:

I'm most easily contacted through my email, which is

EDIT: Out of a concern for safety, privacy, etc. please do not contact me if you are over 18! Sorry for any confusion (didn't think any adults would want to work with a sophomore, haha).


I am a programmer looking for a team!

1. Introduction:

I am Aman! I like story telling using experimental methods. I have been working in software for 2 years(not games). I have recently started with Unity, just beginner level stuff. I am in time zone UTC+5:30.

2. Skills:

  • I have been using C++ for years now but not for games.
  • I know some basic stuff with Unity. But I am open to using any other engine.
  • Also I like to work on story telling Ideas as well.

3. Programs/Languages:

  • C++
  • Unity with C# (Beginner)
  • A bit of html/css

5. Contact: I have slack, discord, and email. Since the official channel has moved to discord from slack i would prefer discord although anything else is also fine with me.

  • Discord: @aman
  • Slack : @amanarya
  • email:

6. Other: I would love to talk about game ideas that you have. I do have a few ideas that I think are way beyond the scope of this jam so not really focusing on those.

I am a Programmer looking for a team!

1. Introduction: I am 29 year old male living in Texas. I currently work in advertising on the project management side. I work with creative teams and clients to produce marketing campaigns using direct mail, the web, and other digital experiences. I have been slowly teaching myself programming and game development.

2. Skills: currently taking an online course on C# and the Unity engine. By the time the challenge begins I will have some basic games and skills under my belt.

3. Programs/Languages: Beginner level C#, Javascript, HTML

4. Portfolio: N/A

5. Contact: You can find me on the discord or email me,

6. Other: I am ideally looking for a team of functioning adults, with similar schedules and timezones as I am. I bring a good attitude, and high aptitude for learning.

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I am a graphic designer/illustrator looking for a team to join!

1. Introduction: Hi, I'm Jonathan. Timezone NZST (GMT+12). I don't really have any game ideas myself, but I would love to participate and collaborate with someone who needs an artist and someone to talk to. Probably best suited to visual novel style games due to focus on static-ish visuals, but am willing to try other sorts as well! Probably more for me to learn in those too (a good thing) so whatever you've got, I'm down. Just checked out some Ren'py tutorials and that seems like something I could do too.

2. Skills:
Stuff I know how to do:

  • graphic design
  • user interface design
  • characters
  • props/objects/vehicles(?) etc.
  • listen and give constructive feedback. Whatever you need to work out I'm here for you buddy

Stuff I kind of know how to do:

  • playtesting
  • environments
  • basic programming (if you need some help with busywork)

Things I'm willing to try:

  • Ren'py coding
  • 3D modelling
  • level building
  • 2D animation

3. Programs/Languages:

Know well:

  • Adobe Photoshop/Illustrator/After Effects
  • Paint Tool Sai

Know a little:

  • Javascript
  • Maya

Willing to try: Anything else required!

4. Portfolio: and other categories are there, less relevant but maybe interesting.

5. Contact: I have email (jonathancaridia/ /at/ /gmail/ /com) and skype, and I'm on the Discord server under the same username.

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I am a Beginner Developer/Designer looking for a team to join!

1. Introduction:

I'm Jonathan, 22 years old from Israel (UTC+3).
I've thought about becoming a Game Developer/Designer for a while, but since there are no decent programs for those in my country yet, I'm self educating! I've taken a couple courses in Game Design and Development over the past couple months, and have messed with Unity quite a bit, but I have no experience working in a team or on an original project.

In terms of my schedule- my available time is about 09:00 - 22:00 [UTC+3]. I have some immutable appointments in my week (mostly I tutor math some days around 16:30 - 19:00 [UTC+3]). And Fridays/Saturdays are the only time I have to see my girlfriend, so I won't be able to work much during them.
But nearly everything else is fine! :)

2. Skills:

- Unity (mostly basic manipulations in space, creating prefabs and integrating with them with scripts.)

- C# (basic OOP programming, messing with vectors, physics in unity etc.)

Things I'm willing to try:

Designing / brainstorming the game and aspects of it - I like the design aspect, but I never worked in a team and didn't make many games so I don't know if I'm any good at it)

Writing - same as above. If it's an idea that gets me excited I can come up with plots/diologue, but I've yet to recieve criticism about them.

Voice acting - As well as not having experience in this, my recording equipment is sub-par. Still willing to give it a shot though.

3. Programs/Languages: Engines/Programs (for any use, be it art, music, game dev, animation, etc) and markup/programming languages you are familiar with.

  • Unity3D
  • C#
  • Some Python

4. Portfolio:

Besides expanding on a couple projects from a Coursera course, I haven't made anything digital. I made a small paper based-game for a design course, but it doesn't seem very relevant. If anyone wants it I'll send it to them

5. Contact:

[removed to avoid spam]

Looking forward to meeting you! :)

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I am a Sound Designer/Composer looking for a team

1. Introduction:

My name is Kyle, I'm a 21 year old Audio Engineering student with about a year of experience working on games with other hobbyist developers. I know quite a lot about sound design, music composition(I've written 5 full length albums in the past 5 years) and general audio geek stuff. I am location on the USA West Coast so my timezone is PST -8.
2. Skills:

  • I have all the necessary microphones, cables, mixers, DAWs and plugins necessary to create amazing sound effects, soundscapes, voice overs, and music
  • I have taken 2 years of music theory and 1 year of music composition as well as 2 years of Audio Engineering/Recording Arts classes.
  • I have worked in Unity for a number of projects and know the workflow fairly well and have used Git repositories for a few games so I know that as well
3. Programs/Languages:
  • Logic Pro X
  • Unity
  • Know a bit of JavaScript and C# but not enough to code my own game
4. Portfolio:

My Audio/Composition Portfolio can be found here.

5. Contact:

I have Discord, Slack, Trello, Skype and can download any other communication program if needed. My email is, I check it quite often.

6. Other: Huge fan of FPS(Overwatch, Titanfall, Bioshock) and RPG(Fallout, Skyrim, etc.) games but also enjoy the occasional builder game(Cities: Skylines, Prison Architect, etc.)

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Found a team! Thanks for your interests guys! I'd love to work on more projects with you all so please feel free to message me anytime in the future for anything new :3c

1. Introduction: Hey, I'm Elaine! Recently graduated art school with a specialization in concept art. You can see my portfolio here.

2. Skills:

Concept art: sketching, ideations, painting, some compositional 3d modeling
Looking to learn: Unity or any other engine, interested in sounds/music, open to learning programming tips

3. Programs/Languages:


4. Portfolio:

5. Contact:
discord: ayoitselaine #2774

6. Other: I'm really interested in making a game that's based more on moods and exploration, my goals in any project is to have people feel something :) A few examples of my favorite games that do that is Journey, Shadow of the Colossus and Viridi.

I am limited mostly to drawings, ideations, and paintings but willing to learn more about the gamedev scene :)
But really interested in finding a programmer because that is a complete dark zone for me!


hey! I'm interested in working with you. My details are in the post right under yours! :D


I also want to work with you :))


Ah, sorry I've already joined a team! Btw I loved Limbo, their new game Inside was absolutely amazing!


holy crap I looked at your portfolio and my eyes changed religion


LOL oh my gosh that made me laugh bahaha thank you so much! Really love your music, looking forward to seeing what your team produces :D

I am a Game Designer/ Unreal Engine 4/C++ Dev /Audio Designer that is looking for a team!

My name is Hunter Hunter (since my last name is Yeago), and I am looking for an opportunity to really sink my teeth into a cool project to build! I have a good amount of time on my hands since i am off of school for the summer, so I want to really dedicate myself to a project.

My current 2-3 year goal is to be hired at a Game Design Company doing either Game Design/Game Development or Audio Design, and this is a great way for my to start building my portfolio.

2. Skills: I want to explore all aspects of making games, so i am willing to even work on textures/modeling/whatever is needed for all of the areas of the project. I have a strong beginners grasp on UE4, and I'm ready to take it to the next level. I can also do c++ pretty well, depending on what we need.

I also play Electric Guitar at the Intermediary level, if that helps at all. So if we need to write music i can definitely help, and I know a lot of good places to get royalty free music/background effects, foley, etc.

My email is Feel free to contact me anytime day or night.

I want to be a part of a team that truly wants to improve their skills throughout this process, as I really want to do with mine. I have tons of ideas for games (just like everyone else, admittedly), so if you have my join up with your team i'd be more than happy to share some of them.


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I look for a team!

1. Introduction: I'm brazillian and i live in São Paulo, I graduated in digital game programming technician and currently attending school in supeior digital games. I have a basic about english, i write here with the google translator help, but, i need make part of an team. I will strive to communicate well with the team

2. Skills: I like make a 3D characters (Modeling, animation and texture), and i know how programing the characters, with the jump, and run, i know too about cameras, follow cameras, angles e look to rotation, i know about the flow of an game, level design and game design. I know a litle about art. I strong in Unity3D.

3. Programs/Languages I can very well use the following tools: Unity3D and Construct, 3DMax and Blender (Modeling, animation, i can try in texture), Photoshop and Illustrator (or gimp and inkscape). I have strong programming skills (CSharp (C#) and Java, i can try in Javascript or other).

4. Portfolio: my games (but, only some games), i have more, call me in e-mail if you like of The Legend Of Ravic, i have some models about 3D characters and mechanics for games.

5. Contact: / Whattsapp: 55 11 987557502

6. Other: I really wanted to be part of a team to create a game , can be of great help !

This is a copy paste from what I sent on Discord.

Hey everyone, my name is Steven. I'll be available for this gamejam as a aid/pal for anyone deciding to use Unity,Construct2 and any other gamejam related things (Teammates, Playtest/Feedback ETC.) I'll provide some help in both programs so if you need a quick question, then msg me. Please take note that I am no expert at these programs so i can't solve all the problems that you're encountering. This also means that I won't be participating in the gamejam but I will be here for anyone who needs help. This was my first game jam, and I support the people behind the jam. I just want to give back to the community that helped me sparked my drive to make games. To contact me ; my Twitter is @Steevuhnn, my discord is Steven#4726 and my username is 5TEV3N. If you prefer tumblr, skype or any other social media, private msg me and ill get back to you. My Timezone is EDT (UTC - 4)
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1. Hi, my name is Emil and i'm a student. I'm more of a programmer

2. Well... i'm good at math and i like programming :D

3. Languages: C# - Unity

4. Made LogicOn ( a puzzle game)
Also i made LimboCat ( an action game)

5. Contact me at

6. Eager to make any kind of game

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I am a developer looking for an artist or team!

found a team

1. Introduction:

Heyo, I am looking for at least one guy or gal I can tackle this first game jam - which indeed is a first for me - together with. I am a native German speaker, but having lived half a decade in Ireland (where I worked in games publishing), my English is pretty fluent as well.

2. Skills:

  • I've read tons on game design, always enjoyed reverse engineering games, analyzing them, discovering the design decisions behind them, etc. etc., but my knowledge is most concentrated on how to make action combat as juicy as possible.
  • I spent well over a decade building websites, which contributed to a firm grasp on interface design and choice of colors.
  • I am well versed with JavaScript, having build a WebGL game/rendering engine myself.
  • I have recently started practicing pixel art with some decent results with backgrounds (spriting is still beyond me, though I'd love to spend more time trying it out).
  • You can find more on my skills on my personal website.

3. Programs/Languages:

  • JavaScript and CoffeeScript
  • Basic syntax of Ruby and Python
  • Web stuff: HTML, CSS, PHP, SQL, WebGL and Node.js
  • Very basic experience with Godot and Unreal
  • PyxelEdit
  • Can toy around with Audacity
  • Spent my entire childhood with RPG Maker XP, but I would rather not use it at this point.

4. Portfolio:

Although I have started quite a number of game projects in my past, I sadly never completed something worth mentioning as I struggle with setting goals that are not way too ambitious for one person. My hope is now that this will change with my participation in a couple of game jams, which is why I am here. :)

All I can show you as a reference is my personal website which I set up the other day. It's completely free of 3rd party code (other what browsers provide by default).

5. Contact:

I use ICQ, IRC, TeamSpeak3, and e-mail for communication.
I am willing to checkout Slack or Discord, but would prefer not having to install Skype.
Also active on Twitter.

6. Other:

I don't have any concrete game idea yet, but I have some preferences:

  • Most interested in developing topdown 2D games, but of course that's not a requirement (sidescrollers are fine, too).
  • Very interested in getting more experienced with Godot, an open source game engine that looks very promising to me - but of course not a must.
  • Interested in the core aesthetic of exploration, always having something to discover, etc.
  • Prefer action over turn-based combat.
  • Prefer a more action and less narrative/dialogue oriented game.

I am very flexible with time, not having to work atm, and even if you are sitting on the other side of the planet, I have no problem with being mostly nocturnal.