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I am a Sound Designer/Composer looking for a team

1. Introduction:

My name is Kyle, I'm a 21 year old Audio Engineering student with about a year of experience working on games with other hobbyist developers. I know quite a lot about sound design, music composition(I've written 5 full length albums in the past 5 years) and general audio geek stuff. I am location on the USA West Coast so my timezone is PST -8.
2. Skills:

  • I have all the necessary microphones, cables, mixers, DAWs and plugins necessary to create amazing sound effects, soundscapes, voice overs, and music
  • I have taken 2 years of music theory and 1 year of music composition as well as 2 years of Audio Engineering/Recording Arts classes.
  • I have worked in Unity for a number of projects and know the workflow fairly well and have used Git repositories for a few games so I know that as well
3. Programs/Languages:
  • Logic Pro X
  • Unity
  • Know a bit of JavaScript and C# but not enough to code my own game
4. Portfolio:

My Audio/Composition Portfolio can be found here.

5. Contact:

I have Discord, Slack, Trello, Skype and can download any other communication program if needed. My email is, I check it quite often.

6. Other: Huge fan of FPS(Overwatch, Titanfall, Bioshock) and RPG(Fallout, Skyrim, etc.) games but also enjoy the occasional builder game(Cities: Skylines, Prison Architect, etc.)