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I've finally decided on this one:

It looked too cute and fun to pass up. I've been working on sprites for it, but I might just switch to a low-poly 3D style? It seems to fit the idea more. Thinking of an arena fighting game, like SSB or something.

This month is gonna be fun!

Super cute and fun!

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I am a game designer/programmer looking for a team!

1. Introduction:

Morning, everyone! (or 'night, depending on where you're from) My name's Olivia and I currently live in NYC, timezone UTC-05:00. My pronouns are she/her and I'm fifteen. I've been studying game design for about 2 years. High school makes it difficult for me to force myself to stick to deadlines, which has resulted in a junkyard of lonely projects.

I'm excited to work on a game with a team!

2. Skills:

  • Designing
    • I took a course on game design and have written more than a few Game Design Documents, storyboards, etc.
    • Not sure what else I can really say to prove skills in this area, but I've read at least three books on design that are really reccomendable:
      • The Art of Game Design: A Book of Lenses
      • Game Design Workshop: Playcentric Approach to Innovative Games
      • Game Feel: A Game Designer's Guide to Virtual Sensation
  • Programming
    • I started to self-teach myself JavaScript in the 7th grade, but since then I've picked up C# and Lua.
    • I'm most used to programming in C# for Unity scripting.
    • I'm good enough to do most Intermediate level things, but since I've never taken a formal class, I can't measurably tell you how good of a programmer I am.
  • Art
    • I can definitely draw. I can use Aseprite, the 2D sprite editing tool, to draw and animate characters and objects. They look.... okay? It's a skill I have, but I'm very much a beginner artist.

3. Programs/Languages:

I'm comfortable with the following game engines and languages, in order from proficient to 'if I have to'--

  1. Unity3D (C#)
  2. Phaser (JS)
  3. Love2D (Lua)

4. Portfolio:

Considering I don't have many fully completed projects, I didn't think to upload them anywhere. I have a game that I published to the App Store back when I was 13, but it's not really the best example of my skills as they are now.


5. Contact:

I'm most easily contacted through my email, which is rossolivie1@gmail.com.

EDIT: Out of a concern for safety, privacy, etc. please do not contact me if you are over 18! Sorry for any confusion (didn't think any adults would want to work with a sophomore, haha).