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What are you working on? Sticky

A topic by Ludonaut created Jun 30, 2016 Views: 2,119 Replies: 48
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Reply here with what you'll be working on, show off your WIP prototypes, GIFs, whatever!


My goal is to make a game based on (Item Connect), I got strong puzzle/match-3 vibes from that concept, but I think that 'connecting' the items together will add a nice spin on that genre!


I plan on making a game based on "Doki Doki Doughnut Panic":
Doki Doki Doughnut Panic
I'm thinking of making it into a sort of platformer, with ingredients and recipes to be found throughout the game that can be used to make different power-ups -- in the form of doughnuts, of course ;-). Not sure if I'm gonna stick with it though; still in the brainstorming phase.


I'v been brainstorming for a few days, and today I'll actually start working on my game. I'll be taking inspiration from Dungeon of Flowers by Ribbon Black.

I'm thinking something like a 3/4 perspective dungeon crawler themed around flowers in some way. What's gonna be the biggest challenge is the "1000 dungeons, 1 million monsters" bit. I might try to do something with procedural generation or random selection to achieve that. But we'll see!



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I picked one via

Now all I need is to make something... I'm thinking somethine like Super Crate Box but with more breaking stuff and being angry


Multiplayer Game! =D
I'm working with my brother in "100NG" or "I00NG"!
I don't know how to post pictures... =(


Paste a link to an image and then press enter, then the picture shows up in the wysiwyg :D

Thanks! =D



The first ever shoot'em-beat'em-up! Shoot enemies and then beat'em to keep your cool. If you get angry, it's a mad dash! Calm yourself down otherwise it's game over!

Doing all graphical NES limitations (number of colors, palette number, 16x16 pallete restriction, 128 tile limit). There are 4 BG palettes (red, blue, yellow, green) and the HUD uses the red one. Haven't made any sprites yet

It will be a mystical story in a mystical forest. Really atmospheric!

I've finally decided on this one:

It looked too cute and fun to pass up. I've been working on sprites for it, but I might just switch to a low-poly 3D style? It seems to fit the idea more. Thinking of an arena fighting game, like SSB or something.

This month is gonna be fun!


I am working on a game called HELL based on this Famicase image which i took literally and i am making a game that is actually about a Fried Egg in Hell it's a manic old school arcade High Score arcade game with manic game play and seizure inducing visuals and soundtrack, (well that's the Plan) it's coming along quite nicely but still a lot to do


I, too, am working on 100NG. Made a bit of progress Friday afternoon. Right now, any number of players can join and move their paddles up and down. Paddles are randomly colored and positioned, and movement is synced over the internet.

Love this concept for a game jam! Have long admired Famicase. :] Thanks for the follow on Twitter giving me a heads up!

I'm doing this game with HTML5 / Javascript and I intend to implement multiplayer with SOCKET.IO, and you?


Pretty much the same, except I'm just using WebSockets.


Plan right now is to work on the game for half a day each Friday afternoon. Made some progress today! Server tracks and broadcasts the state of the ball. Right now it will bounce off walls, but not paddles yet. Server is also tracking score and will reset at 11 points. Paddles are evenly distributed between the two teams. A paddle's x position is fixed, and the more players that join, the less a paddle can move up and down. (Hopefully encourages teamwork but prevents players from forming a solid wall of paddles.) Right now I'm just using the browser default font for the score, but I hope to make a font or something that matches the 100NG art. If anybody knows of a free existing font that like that, please let me know!


Working on a game called Bonsai Calendar - things are going well. I have the skeleton of each of my scene types built and working so now it's just content, content, content. Seems like it's going to end up being a cross between a gardening app & '1000 Years of Dreams' from Lost Odyssey (with a dash of Persona). Gonna be a weird one...

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The Dominations

I work with my team on a lab - to - lab game, which is a game similar to what we have done ( But here we want to bring more opportunities to defeat the possibilities. Also we want to made a Campaign - and a Player - Mode.

On the way you have to collect food and gold and tried as quickly as possible to build up his small town aaand to rise in the time of the periods. With your quickness you try to defeat your opponent. (CPU or Player) :)

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I'm using Scanlines as a inspiration to do a crpytography game! This is what I've got so far.

Submitted (4 edits)

The cover I picked. And the current state of the game.(Placeholders!)

UPDT: Current progress.



OMG This looks so CUTE! X3

Submitted game is done! check it out if you want!


Nice! I'll play it right away! :D

Here's mine, recently uploaded, if you wanna give it a try or two. ·w·


I'm working on グリッチ★/Glitch


I'm generating procedural levels by using an algorithm I found on an encoding and error correction document, translated from japanese, which featured a fairly complex explanation on how to practise the dark arts. This morning I got the green light from the graphic designer, who made the famicart, so I guess I'll be continuing to work on this tomorrow. I'm planing for a top-down dungeon crawler, where you gradually reveal the map through the magic of scanlines and have to defeat three bosses in order to save your friends. I think that's explanatory enough...

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The year is 2099. A breed of super-wolves have been bred to fight for the US armed forces. You and your wolven comrades are being held captive by North Korea. Your mission is to escape captivity and demolish the enemy base from within.


Me and my friend are working on El Luchamor:


Added in one of the main features. I think that's enough for today.

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I'll be doing something based on "the WORLD IS MINE". Not entirely sure what I'll be doing, though. :p

(I would have done Dungeon of Flowers, but somebody else got to that one)

Submitted (2 edits)

I haven't done much so far (blame SGDQ and Pokémon GO, as well as saving energy for the GM48 gamejam this weekend), but here's what I have on my game so far. As a reminder, I'm doing Dungeon of Flowers.

It's really just the movement system that's complete. You can use mouse/keyboard or a gamepad, it's the usual twinstick-type movement. When using a gamepad, left stick moves and right stick aims. If you let go of right stick for 2 seconds, then aim just follows left stick's movement.

Now it's time for some animations and background tiles!

Submitted (2 edits)

The case I chose was Cosmos:

I'm cheating a little and using models from the unity asset store. The games going to be a "single screen" 2d platformer on a moon (or planet). You'll avoid asteroids and collect shiny things for points.

I might have gone overboard on the depth of field and I threw on a tilt shift camera effect to make everything look extra tiny. This weekend I'll focus on making the asteroids, and making sure the explosions are especially satisfying. >:)

There was another archived page of Cartridge art buried in the site link from the jams main page. Others might find this useful if you haven't picked a cartridge yet. (

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I chose "CARAVAN" and have been making slow (but steady!) progress so far. Character movement and graphics are nearly finished. I'm still fairly new to Unity but I'm doing my best to learn as I go. Hopefully I'll have a finished game and a better handle on Unity when all is said and done!


I trying to do my best to finish Glitch until the deadline


I uploaded the first playable build for your gaming pleasure.

Be warned, it takes a little while to load and it tends to lag sometimes. Closer to the end I'll upload desktop builds.

The last weekend of the jam is coming up and I'll probably implement some powerups to spice things up a little.


I've been working on a game based off the Meteor Tensei cover, but I'm backing off now. I don't like how the game is turning out and I've still got a load of work to do (finish two maps and think of a half decent combat system) and since I only have like three free hours this weekend to work on it I'll leave it like it is.

Posting a couple of gifs in case someone wants to check out how far I had got:


That looks really cool and interesting already. Why not submit it unfinished? (you could always update it later,'s jam system is very relaxed that way)


In the end I've done just that, however I don't think I'll update it too much, but I want to do an original game similar to it.

WOW! A lot of talent here...


Unfortunately I just found out about this jam yesterday. But I'm giving it a go, anyway!
I chose this cover .

So far it's shaping up to be a simple, hectic, resource-management survival game. You play as someone living in a cabin in the woods that has to hunt and gather for food. But you start to notice that things you are doing are angering the various spirits of the forest.

In the game there are six types of spirits, and it's your job to appease them so they don't kill you. But beware: things you do to appease some spirits will anger others, and where you do what actions matters... and there's not much time to figure out what they want.

It's 2-d and largely text based, with a visual mechanic involving the spirits: the more angry they get, the more of them you start to see in the enironment.


Just discovered this jam 2 days ago. So much inspiring games here! (/*º*\) And so little time to get something done! (/ºAº)/

Me, myself, I'm keeping things simple. I'll work based on this case:

I'm making an action arcade game. The goal is to rotate the Landolt Circles (or optotypes) so that they match in the same column, thus winning points. The optotypes travel across the screen, getting bigger and bigger (just like the picture). If one of the optotypes escapes, it's game over! But it keeps getting faster and faster!

You can follow the development in my blog:

I'm a newbie programmer (just a few months of practice with Unity3D), and I lack any sound/music skills, so any help regarding sfx would be appreciated! ^-^


Cool idea! Also, it's nice to see that I'm not one of the only ones coming into it really late, haha.


Thank you! It's never too late to make some fun games! ( >w<)/


Hey! I took part in the jam 3 days ago. I'm going to make a guitarhero-like game. Not in rythm though since that part will be impossible to make with my skill. you have dudes running at you and your gf and then you have to hit the right button at the right time to knock them out! :D

a really rough wip of my game

this is the player sprite in action


Looks neat! :3

Hello! ^w^ I joined the jam about a week ago, and I am currently creating a Kaiju Dating Simulator called "Ultra Girls". The game is based off of this famicase.

It's also based on the "Ultra" series, which is home to the "Ultraman" franchise, which so happens that it's currently celebrating its 50th anniversary! ^w^
You play as the silent protagonist going to a new school, where you will from relationships of all kinds with them. ^w^


The art style looks UH-MAY-ZING

Thank you! :D