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Alex Animated

A member registered Dec 22, 2015

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I use Paint Tool Sai for drawing mostly my cartoony sprites and to help me storyboard out a scene, but you're free to use any pixel art/animation program you want! ^u^

Oh no it's fine! We're mainly looking for animators to help us with animating cutscenes within the game! ^u^

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Yes of course! ^u^ Do you have a demo reel or anything of yours I could look at?

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Hello everyone!
I'm looking to put together a Dev Team of skilled programmers, artists, animators, voice actors, and writers to help me and a few others on producing comedic, lighthearted turn-based RPG titled "AlienBound", and I'm currently in great need of both Pixel Artists and 2D Animators for this project!

Sadly, I can't say that I'll be able to pay anyone for there hard work at this very moment, but I promise I will more than make up for it by crediting you in any possible way that I can! After all, this won't be an easy task to complete.

Here's a mockup rendition of what to expect from the game's battle system: 

If you're looking to audition for the game in any way, that's great! Just either message me here, or at Alex Animated#6658 on Discord! Speaking of which, we'll be working on a server for the game itself, so stay tuned! ^u^

Hey, me and my Dev Team are currently working on a 2D turn-based RPG and we're in need of a Pixel Artist, you think you'd be interested?

Thank you so much for the support!! ^u^

Hey, currently I'm working an a game based on this famicase cover by graphic designer Mike Endter:


I'm working on developing a 2D platformer game reminiscent of early Sega mascot games like "Sonic" and Vectorman". So far I've started working on conceptualizing the designs of the main characters and the bosses.

Hey, my name is Alex! I'm an artist/character designer and I'm  looking for programmers/musicians.
Here's the list of potential famicases I'd like to make into games:
And here's my portfolios:

Your game is truly amazing! :D I hope you'll do more with concept ^w^ Also, thanks for the follow ^w^

Thank you! :D

Here's my SoundCloud account ^w^

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I have a tumblr and a soundcloud account, is that oki?

You're music sounds amazing! I'd love to collaborate with you on my project if you'd like ^w^

Hello! ^w^ I joined the jam about a week ago, and I am currently creating a Kaiju Dating Simulator called "Ultra Girls". The game is based off of this famicase.

It's also based on the "Ultra" series, which is home to the "Ultraman" franchise, which so happens that it's currently celebrating its 50th anniversary! ^w^
You play as the silent protagonist going to a new school, where you will from relationships of all kinds with them. ^w^