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Want music for your game? :D

A topic by bison warlock created Jul 02, 2016 Views: 341 Replies: 6
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Hi there! I'm a composer and I'm looking to join a team or partner up with someone to write music for their game. My first game jam experience was super fun, so I'd love to participate in another jam and create stuff with people!

So, if you want music for your game, let me know and I'd love to collaborate with you!

Here are some examples of my tracks if you guys wanna check it out.


Loving those examples. I am nowhere near far enough into development to have music made, but I will totally keep you in the back of my mind, your stuff sounds lovely :D

Thank you! And great! I'm looking forward to hearing from you if/when you'd like some music. Good luck on your work!

You're music sounds amazing! I'd love to collaborate with you on my project if you'd like ^w^

Oh, thank you!! And sure! What would be the best way to communicate with you from here on out?

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I have a tumblr and a soundcloud account, is that oki?

Here's my SoundCloud account ^w^