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let's find you a team!! Sticky

A topic by Svetlana Tovarisch created Aug 22, 2017 Views: 1,435 Replies: 31
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hi here's a thread for people who want to find a team or need a specific member (like music, gfx) in their team!

just post what you do and what you're looking for! <3


making a new post so people can reply to it instead of op, i'll start!

hi my name is svetlana and i make music for video games without music and i would like to make music for your video game!


I create games but suck completely at making music... maybe we should make a game together.


this sounds like a 100% reasonable proposal


Hello ! I'm working with and we're starting work on a game based on this famicase 

we liked your work and we'll be in need of some music, so if you wanna join us please feel welcome to ! on twitter we are @yllogic and @janed0ve :)

Hey I'm Arachnibot. I'm a jack of all trades (code, pixel art, music), and I'm looking for a partner or two for this event!


i'll do whatever you want just please keep the spiders away from me

Genralist and music here if u need me! @awincent on twitter if u want me to join!

Looking for an artist-ish person (or sound/music). Decently experienced Unity programmer. Let's jam.

I can help you out with music and coding if you're interested! I'm not the greatest at coding by any means, but I'm there if you need me! :D

Hey guys, I'm katt! I'm a musician and sound designer! I've made music for one game jam so far and one indie title!
I specialise in moody, ambient and electronic type music and I want to do the music for someone's game on here :D


Hi Katt!  I'm a programmer (Unity3D, but I'm rapidly getting up to speed on 2D and I've been coding on and off since 2001).  Wanna team up?  I'm thinking one of these games:

Is there a pixel artist out there? 

Yeesss! Let's team up for sure!

Deleted 2 years ago
No, found somebody :( How's your 3D? After the jam is over we could talk about my other project.

Are you still looking for a team LadyEdna?


Hi LadyEdna, the person I had for pixel art got busy with other stuff.  Are you still interested?

I really love what games u would like making! I would love helping if u need anything!  (im a bit of a generalist, so music, art, game designing and more) 

Hey, my name is Alex! I'm an artist/character designer and I'm  looking for programmers/musicians.
Here's the list of potential famicases I'd like to make into games:
And here's my portfolios:

Hey! I'm Taavet, from Estonia. I have used Unity3D and programmed with C# for a five years allready. I like your art style! May I join?

HAI! Im Wade and i make alot of music! I can also help with some UI designing. (Im a bit of a generalist really, so it would be alot of fun to help!!!).


Hi Alex,

I know it's not in your list of game, but would you be interested in joining my team as a pixel artist?

Hey there, I'm a programmer looking for a team. I've mostly worked with Unity, but would be willing to learn something else if desired.

I may be of some help depending on what u need! I mostly work with art and music. hit me up on twitter if ur interested! @awincent


Hi everybody! French coder available here. I'm working with unity and can do some works with blender/gimp.


Hello ! I'm a 2D artist and I'd love to work on Dragon Palace 

Doing something really simple programming-wise (probably a twine ?) so I'm looking for a writer that'd like to brainstorm ideas with me :)

Deleted 2 years ago
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Sure! Hit me up on twitter ? @yllogic
or yllogic at

hello everyone.

My name is Filipe and i make music and sound fx for games.




Hi guys! If you are looking for a team to join, or to create a team for others to join check out the Crowdforge agbic page. 


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Hey guys, now that my game is a bit more solid I'm looking for a composer/sound designer. I would need about 4 tracks (3 areas and 1 Boss theme), and maybe additional music for title screen/credits and such but those are completely optional. I'm currently making my sound effects with bfxr so those aren't necessary either, but any further contribution would be more than welcome.
I'm making this action game about ninja assassin girls ^-^

Hi again ! I'm looking for a writer to help me finish a twine text based adventure game based on "Welcome to the Dragon Palace".  Knowledge of Twine would be really nice but not absolutely necessary.
Hit me up on twitter @yllogic or by email yllogic at gmail dot com  for more details
Here are some assets to try and lure you in. : 


Wowo-- looks amazing.


These really do look great!