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Cute & fun ! Lovely graphics an aesthetic, soothing gameplay
Would probably need an endgame sequence though ? Once you have all cats and toys ?
Overall very nice to play :)

Beautiful graphics, super fun gameplay ! Love the design of the main character.

Would have appreciated a pause menu though, just to have a look back at the controls for example.

Cute & fun ! Lovely graphics and aesthetic, soothing gameplay
Would probably need an endgame sequence though ? Once you have all cats and toys ?
Overall very nice to play :)

Posted in images in twine

not at all !

They're hosted on imgur and put into the twine with simple html ( img src=" ")

What is harder is balancing the file size of gifs, which are quite heavy and very long to load with weak internet connections.

Yeah I've used it a couple times already :) very good and quick way to make games
I just don't have any particular idea for this jam and don't have time to brainstorm+code+graphics so if I can help anyone make their game look nice it's fine !

VR with 2D assets ? Send me an email to describe the specs of what you would need and we can discuss this further :)
yllogic at gmail dot com

The other jam has a much more restrained time period which I'm almost definitely sure I can't be ready&availalble for.
That being said, don't worry about me if everything/everyone else is set ot enter this other jam :)

Created a new topic 2D artist available
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Hello !
I'd like to enter in the jam but I'm a bit clueless at what I could do gamedesign-wise with my poor skills at programming

So I'll just offer my services as a 2D artist/animator !
You can check out my work here : http://yllogique-portfolio.tumblr.com (more specifically games : http://yllogique-portfolio.tumblr.com/tagged/games )
Please shoot me an email at yllogic at gmail dot com if you are in need of graphics for your game !

Since 'horniness' is kind of a personnal thing, I reserve the right to decline anything that'd make me uncomfortable drawing - not kinkshaming anyone, but it's hard putting your head into working on something you're uncomfortable with :)
So please describe your game in detail enough so I can determine that !
Good jamming everyone :)

A Slack for the project would be a good place to start, we could have more in depth conversations there :)

Cool :) well shoot me an email or leave me your adress !

Created a new topic 2D artist/animator available

Hello all !
I really want to participate in this jam, but on my own I can only make simple Twine games, which I feel aren't the best medium for this theme.
So if anyone/any team has a need of 2D art, I'd be happy to join in - whether it'd be on a game, a comic, a movie or something else that's in my skillset.

You can have a look at my portfolio here : http://yllogique-portfolio.tumblr.com/
and you can contact me on itch.io or yllogic at gmail dot com

Can't wait to work with cool people :)

Hi everyone !
I was wondering if there's any way to include a game you are the administrator of on your homepage ?
On Vimeo for example, if you're credited on a video you didn't post, you can still have it listed as an "appearance" in your video list.
Is there some way to do that on itch.io, a box to tick maybe, or anything ?
Thanks !