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Only two endings! Nice work!

Thanks! Glad you enjoyed it.

There's a room at your bottom right-ish that's missing a square to the top right. Go to that square, you should be able to continue. I think you're just missing one key card now.
And yeah, the boost collision is a little finicky around walls. Best I could do in a short gamejam timeframe :(

That's why the controls are rebindable! I prefer gamepad over everything :P

You can use f8 to toggle the cursor :)

Ah, too bad. Must be bugged. You can try passing the executable arguments to change the resolution, but I don't have another solution unfortunately.

You should definitely be able to use a combination of all the upgrades (including slide) to get to the required areas! Can you post a screenshot of where you can't reach things?

That happens :P

You should be able to rebind all your keys in the menu! Should be the pause button or escape, then options -> input.

Weird - Even after hitting the full screen toggle and clicking apply? What platform if you don't mind me asking?

Use the boost and touch the spinning thing!

Looking for an artist-ish person (or sound/music). Decently experienced Unity programmer. Let's jam.