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Hey I'm Arachnibot. I'm a jack of all trades (code, pixel art, music), and I'm looking for a partner or two for this event!

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I am a jack of all trades looking for a team to join

1) Introduction:

I'm Arachnibot. I live in the U.S. Eastern Timezone. I work in a variety of roles. I wrote about myself in the introduction thread, so check that out if you want.

2) Skills:

  • Programming
  • Pixel art
  • Basic pixel animations
  • Music
  • Sound Effects

3) Programs/Languages:

  • GameMaker Studio (1 & 2)
  • Paint Tool SAI
  • FL Studio
  • A million pieces of freeware for various bits of gamedev.

4) Portfolio:

5) Contact:

6) Other:

I prefer to work in small teams (no more than 4 people including me). I also prefer to work on action games.

  1. Hey there, I'm Arachnibot! I make things and am bad at writing about myself.
  2. funny enough, this is my third time participating in this jam (and hopefully my second time finishing). Hopefully this time I can plan out my time a bit better, and not spend the last day scrambling to make levels.
  3. I have a massive variety of favorite games, but I have a particular soft spot for Indie games with good pixel art. I adore games like Undertale, Nuclear Throne, OneShot, and Hyper Light Drifter just as much as I adore games like Dark Souls and Splatoon.
  4. I worked on a game called Bellerophon for the last jam. I've also created dozens of unreleased prototypes.
  5. Making things!
  6. I'd say the biggest piece of advice I have is to make sure you have a rough plan of the things you want to make during the jam. The planning doc we had for Bellerophon was invaluable in helping me and my partner know which way to progress. With that in mind, think small, and expect even that to be too big. Bellerophon's Design doc was several pages, and we didn't end up making 80% of the ideas on it.

Yeah, turning the value down is totally a possibility. Thanks for the advice!

Day 4 Progress(7/12/16):

Today we've done a ton of changes, some subtle, some less subtle.

first off, we've added a menu system! It's pretty rudimentary right now, but it'll get jazzed up later. We've upgraded the phalanx behavior as well, they now drift around screen, as well as lead the pot shots they take on the player.

We've also upgraded the behavior on the pterippi. It now drifts around and shoots randomly. Luneria also gave it a snazzy new sprite!
The last change isn't quite ready to show, but our next major enemy is a work in progress.

Day 3 Progress(7/11/16):

Hey, sorry we're late with this! I don't really have any pretty gifs to compensate, but I'll just give you guys a small list of what we did on day 3.
⦁ Added scrolling camera.
⦁ Fixed a bug with the scrolling camera (this took us fair while to solve).
⦁ Added the pterippi, our basic "popcorn" enemy.

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Day 2 Progress(7/10/16):

Before we start, I just wanted to note that the "ghost ships" that are being shown in the gifs are just compression artifacts. There's no specters in this game!
Today we've added a few new things, but only one is really worth a gif: The Xiphos saber.

If the fire button is tapped while an enemy or enemy bullet is near, the Xiphos saber will activate, and sweep in a 180 degree arc in front of the player, destroying all incoming bullets and enemies instantly. This is a powerful tool for most players, but it requires precise timing to use.
The other things we've added include:

  • A new player sprite was created by the team's new artist. My pal, Luneria.
  • The player can no longer escape the borders of the play area.
  • Speaking of which, we added borders to the play area. These mainly serve as decoration and user interface.

That about wraps up today's progress.

I'd add to the list of tutorials (particularly the "Creating a Platformer" series), he's got some great stuff for intermediate programmers. It isn't suited to 100% beginners though Also has some good tutorials. Be warned though, his code isn't always clean.

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Hey, I'm Arachnibot. Me and my partner gbindahouse (Greg Baxter) are working on a shmup based off of the Greek myth of Bellerophon flying Pegasus to Mount Olympus. It's all being done in GameMaker: Studio, and we're hoping to have bullet hell elements at certain points. The game will be at least one stage, maybe more if we end up having time.

Let me know if the images below are broken. I may not have inserted them properly

Day 1 Progress (7/9/16):
We've added a few enemies, and ported over some code from an earlier project of mine.
There are three types of enemies in this screenshot:
The Kopis will come onscreen, rotate towards the player, and charge them with immense speed.
The Phalanx is surrounded by a variety of orbiting shields. it isn't particularly dangerous without them though, and the shields self destruct without something to protect
The Turret is, well, a turret. It aims at the player and fires a small stream of bullets at them every so often.

I'll throw some stuff into this thread. I might post and/or edit to add more later, but for now, I've got my two most recommended tools.

  • Pxtone is a fantastic toolset for making music, totally free too.
  • Synth1 is also a fantastic free VST. Most of my songs use it in some degree or other. The site is in Japanese, but the synth itself isn't.

Hey there, I'm Arachnibot. I make thing and suck at writing about myself. If you don't know me, I participated in the previous jam, but I didn't finish. I'm thinking that I should fix that this time by planning more and aiming even smaller.

My favorite games include Undertale, Dark Souls, Hyper Light Drifter, Splatoon, Overwatch, Pokemon, OneShot, and a million more.

I don't have any real game dev experience. Well, not unless you count the heaps of half-started prototypes I've made.

If I were to pick a passion, it would be making music. I'm not a fantastic composer, but I'd say it's my greatest skill.

My goals for the jam are to:

  • Finish the game (on time if possible).
  • Create at least 3 different enemy types.
  • Add a simple boss fight.

I'm hoping that having access to more resources will allow me to complete these goals. Good luck to everyone!