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Game Jam Goals! Sticky

A topic by lysander created Jan 01, 2016 Views: 2,031 Replies: 50
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What are your goals for this jam?

Here are mine:

  • Write at least 1k every day for the script, if not more
  • Actually finish the game
  • Finish the game before the deadline
I want to hear what everyone else is shooting for!
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Aw, not really! I just have a really bad habit of not finishing things I start, but game jams really help me out with that!

Awesome goals by the way! Hope they all work out, especially the last one!!


My goals for the jam are to:

  • Finish the game (on time if possible).
  • Create at least 3 different enemy types.
  • Add a simple boss fight.

I'm hoping that having access to more resources will allow me to complete these goals. Good luck to everyone!


My goals for the jam are fairly simple, because I'm going into this with very minimal knowledge regarding game design.

  • Learn, learn, learn. There's a lot to learn and I think this is a pretty good place to start!
  • Have a playable prototype by the end of the jam (preferably one that's fun to play).
  • Have fun. I know game design isn't all sugar and roses, but I'd rather try to have fun with it than not!

I've been having ideas for games since 2004 or so and never thought I'd get around to making them a reality. Here's to a good jam!

Hey guys! I'm new to this thing. I only discovered Itchio like a week ago and I saw the Game Jam on Tumblr. So I decided to try it out.
  • My goal is write a Twine game and actually finish it.
  • I'm going to write every day, I guess like 500 words or at least finish the scene in my head.
  • Learn how to do Twine, make it look nice, but I also like simplicity.
  • Just to finally have fun with a project for once.

My main goals:

  • Actually finish the game!
  • Create a game where everything matters and there's no egregious fluffing -- I want to get all mise en scene in here and make sure that if/where there's flavortext, it's all meaningful and should be worth exploring.
  • Create a decent atmosphere and a final product that's somewhat polished; it won't be perfect by any stretch of the imagination, but I want to give it my best shot!

In the interest of not totally dropping the ball, it's probably going to be a very short, experimental thing; I don't want to bite off more than I can chew. But I'm so excited about this jam and so grateful for the experience! Good luck, everyone!


I want to

  • finish a game for once
  • keep it small and simple
  • meet some friends.

Sounds like everyones first goal is to finish their game.

Why is it so hard to finish a game? For me, I think it's being a perfectionist about it. I don't want to do it unless it's good, and it's hard to make it good, so I lose interest.

Jam HostSubmitted

This is definitely true!! I think everyone wants to make ~the perfect game~ but that's a very, very hard thing to do... so everyone sets themselves up for disappointment and gets discouraged... so actually finishing a game is quite a feat for a lot of people, including myself!


Hello! I am basically brand new to making games, and I'm very excited.

My goals:

  • Figure out how to get what I imagine out of what RPG Maker provides
  • Have all of the game interactions (text/graphics) and a walkable environment at least with rough background art
  • Have a nice polished opening cutscene

If u can be of some help maybe ask because im fairly familliar with RPG maker engine and would be glad to help

sorry, I meant I can be of some help


Thank you!! I'm doing a 24 hour comic right now but when I get home, if I have any questions, I can ask you! Do you use VX Ace?

I do in fact use vx Ace, but I mostly just started but i have basic knowledge and hopfully that can help you waith anything you need


Ok something weird has happened. Suddenly when I playtest I can't walk anywhere, I can only spin. I took out the script I had just added, changed loops, and retiled my parallax, but nothing helped.

have you tried checking any events running on "autorun" or maybe even "parallel process" because those are the types of events that stop the player until the event stops


Both of those events have worked before I am so confused.


Hey, everyone! This is my first game jam, but I have high(ish) hopes for meeting my goals with it.

  • Complete a game
  • Experiment with more things in RPG Maker VX Ace than what I'm used to
  • Improve pixel art skills
  • Have a ton of fun and not get discouraged!
I think my goals are kind of simple, but I hope to meet them. Good luck, everyone!
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Hey everyone! I'm no stranger to making games, but I sure am one to finishing them! It's not for lack of trying however. It turns out that one can love tinkering a little too much. I'm an engineer at heart; a long line of prototypes can attest to that.

Consequently I don't get the chance to hone my art/music-fu as often as I'd like. So here's the plan: take a relatively unambitious game idea (perhaps a clone of a classic or a straight-forward platformer) and give it a small twist, but focus mostly on music and art.

But the goal? To finish the game! And if I finish early, maaaybe then I'll get my tinker-fu on.

The best of luck to all of you and have fun!


Hi! This is my first game so my goals are fairly simple and straightforward.

  • Finish it and have a short, playable game out in two weeks
  • Learn basic coding in Ren'Py
  • Exercise some time management and planning skills, something I really want to work on
That's about it. Good luck, everyone ( •̀ •́ )

Similar to most people, my main goal is to finish the game - and make sure it's working! I also want to work on time management, because I have other creative projects going on right now that I can't let slide.

Good luck these next couple weeks!

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Well, my goal is to make a game with, at the least, the features I want in it regardless of how much content I have. I've always loved the old style RPGs and text games, and remember spending way too long playing Legend of the Red Dragon on a BBS (remember when those were cool?), so for this jam my dream is to make something in that vein: a text-based RPG.

I am learning Python almost from scratch to do this because I couldn't find a utility to make the sort of game I described. I figure learning a programming language is a good investment of my time anyhow, and Python was highly recommended to learn by people I respect.

My goals in making the game are:

1. A combat system with a couple different techniques you can do (not just "you hit it. it hits back" forever).

2. A "hub town" - more generally, something the player plays with that doesn't involve to the combat system

3. A means to make your character stronger, such as a store to buy gear, or a way to enable a new combat move.

Of course I need to have at least something for a game, but I'm wanting to focus on the learning more than the finished product here: if I can manage to code in all those things, even if there's just 1 enemy, 2 choices in town, and 1 enhancement, I'll consider it a success. Of course, if I can add more on top of that, so much the better.

I'm not sure how tall of an order this is (or even if I'm undershooting), especially with my starting-from-zero position and learning Python as I go, but on the bright side I don't have to mess around with sprites or sounds or collision detection or anything like that...

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OOOOO Seeing all these goals is getting my blood pumping!!!! Here are my basis goals:

  • Become acqainted with Gamemaker, till I feel comfortable using it and messing around with it.
  • Have a basic platforming system worked out, where jumping and movement feels natural.
  • Effectively implement the time travel mechanic in a way that also feels natural!
  • Make a mock level with a few basic puzzles.
  • Hash out general sense of visual style.
  • Meet some cool peeps B )

I fully intend to meet all of my three goals.(I hope)

  • Finish the game.
  • Make sure I have fun playing it.
  • Add a dog.

i look forward to the dog


I can only assume 'add a dog' is referring to your dev team.

im really pumped to make this game + play everyone elses game!!!
my overall goals are
  • make nice looking pixel art
  • practice using game maker
  • finish the game (of course)

but just getting the whole thing working is my main goal right now


For me, it's mostly about learning the basics and have at least some concepts to show at the end, so I'm slowly hacking away at my reservations for pursuing ideas. Very nervous and excited about it all and the community aspect of it!


This is my first time joining a game jam. At first, I went solo, but then I remember one of my friend that loves drawing, want to become a game artist, but have no experience (as far as I know) making game assets. So I go with her.

Basically, my goal:

  • Keeping my spirit up by finishing something
  • Sharpening my skill on Unity
  • Time management
  • Working with someone I've never worked with before
  • Train my sense of development scope vs time limit estimation
Really sorry if my English is confusing since it's not my native language and I need to train it more.

Happy New Year and Happy Game Jam. :D


Hello there! Here my goals:

  1. Create a small game. This will be my first game so the only important thing is to finish it!
  2. Improve my C++ and SDL skills! I've studied Beginning C++ Through Game Programming and now I'm learning SDL. I really want to test what I learned and get the most out of this jam!
  3. Have a lot of fun and meet people who share my interests :)

im incredibly new to make a game so im not so focused on making an entirely finished, polished thing, but i am hoping to have basics (like the environment and such) set up! my goals are basically:

  • become more familiar with unreal engine
  • use what i learned of maya in arch school and apply it to game making
  • learn how to lot poly model probably
  • make an environment/have a character explore and interact with environment

I literally found out about this today and since I've wanted to learn Unity for a while now, that's exactly what I'm going to do! So my goals:

  • Learn some basic Unity skills
  • Make some neat game art
  • Make one working level
I'd love to make a full working game but due to my inexperience and full time job, I don't think I could find the time to learn AND complete that kind of goal. Small steps though, onward to learning new skills!

Hey y'all. I've done a couple game jams before using Unity3D, but nothing turned out as a finished project. I'm happy to attempt to help with newer developers.

I usually tend to lurk around places and never say anything, but I'm trying to break that habit and reach out, connect, and make friends with other developers. This is a pretty important step for me.

Goals for this game jam:

  • Finish a small game.
    • Needs to have title screen
    • Win state (once you win, you should be able to play the game again without exiting program)
    • Clear controls and instructions for player
  • Make a schedule/deadlines so I can push my progress along
    • Complete idea/design by X date,
    • Complete controls by X date,
    • Complete one level by X date,
    • Etc..
  • Reach out and talk with other developers.
    • Make at least one friend/acquaintance
    • Publicly document/show my progress of my development
    • Have a presence in some type of game development community

If anyone is interested in connecting with me, send me a message/reply/something. Maybe we can connect and both grow as developers.


Thank you for hosting this thing! I'm super glad I stumbled on it, since I've been having ideas for games since I was, like, six but I've never acted on them. Goals:

-Design all of the basic objects the puzzles need to work (players, walls, goals)

-Make a level or two using just those things.

-Add some more complicated stuff (spikes, warps, conveyor belts????, keys/doors????)

-Basically just see what I can accomplish in two weeks! It's definitely not going to be ~finished~, since this is my first real project.


ah im trying to keep it simple, i think!

  • learn the basics of ags/the mechanics of point and click style games
  • see how quickly and thoroughly i can develop a story
  • challenge how i usually go about storytelling as a comic artist
  • see how much i can reasonably complete in a 2 week period!
since i have work and my webcomic on top if it i'm more focused on the learning/creating aspect than the finishing, i think :p



This will hopefully be my first working and complete game! I dunno if I'll make a dev blog thread- I think a LOT of my assets are gonna be slammed out in the final few days.

specific goals:

  • learn twine! (DONE!)
  • 2.5 k words total (not much I know, but I want an animation on each page!)
  • at least 20 different animated gifs
  • at least 2 different endings/paths
  • keep it simple
  • make friends!

hi guys!! i'm a bit behind on the goal setting part because i'm a little unsure of my scope atm but here's what i'm shooting for at the moment:

  • designing an interior environment + space skybox
  • creating at least dozen different types of plants
  • scripting + animating at least one kind of interaction with a plant!
  • learning C#
some stretch goals or work i'm looking forward to beyond the jam are
  • procedural generation/procedural interaction
  • animated player character who responds to plants
  • writing shaders + attenuated lights

whoa C# :O

I admire everyone who is just diving into new programming language! 2 weeks seems so short to be able to build a game with something new!

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Goals...for now.

  1. Work with menus. I have no idea how to make menus as I am now, so this is a great time to learn. Menus are really important aspects of a game for me (especially with 3d games), so. I want to make some.
    • Specifically, instead of a game I think just making the scene involving the bringing up of a menu/ menus might be worth two weeks, heh. A menu prototype.
    • Options to leave the menu, to buy, sell, those things. I want to make a menu for a shop/ shops you will most likely have to enter.
    • I really want to add a cute chain link option when you buy things at the store. But. Just thinking about that code tho. I have made small mathy systems before in c++ and it can cause tears, ah any other coding format ahhH
  2. Along with the menus comes the scene so I want a nice scene. The inside of a store.
  3. Actually have something to show!! Learn how to upload a game bc how the hell. This is another thing I have been looking up.

I am the type that just. Does not make concept works but if I want at least something to show for it I know I should, I know I should... I might make some of those devlogs to keep me faithful. And to get help.

Inspiration: The brief store scenes I saw in the Persona 5 previews, and. Devil Summoner 2, Baten Kaitos Origins (god) & Baroque.


Also, maybe this should be made sticky?


you got it!! :3c stickied!


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  • Get comfortable working with GameMaker and in GML
  • Familiarize myself with procedural generation
  • Practice with writing and using scripts and state machines
  • Have something fun and playable by the deadline
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Lol, my goals for this jam went from sky high to achievable. :P

Before, I was gonna do a full 3D thing with good AI and dragon flight and practice with particles and looping worlds and all this crazy stuff, but now it's just:

  1. Write rules that work and make sense.
  2. Playtest the game to make sure it's fun.
  3. Finish making the game.
  4. Meet people, give feedback, and maybe make some friends.

In the end, I've written a rule set for a physical 2-player battle card game played with a standard playing card deck and am polishing it up by playtesting with a friend. :)


Like others, my primary goal is to just familiarize myself with the program in question - in this case, RPG Maker VX Ace. I used to play around with RPG Maker 95 and the one released on the PSX years ago, but the newer version has brought about changes and let's face it I'm extremely rusty. What I'd really like to do make a custom graphic set but that takes way more time than the jam would allow and I am rarely satisfied with my work, which means another big hurdle for this is being able to tell myself that something is good enough.

I don't know how much I'll be talking here, but I definitely wanna do this. I've always got scads of game ideas floating around in my head, so it's about time I managed to successfully pluck out outta my brain and do something with it. As it stands, this will pretty much just be a basic JRPG style game though if I can pull it off it won't actually play much like a traditional game. I'm more interested in telling a story through gameplay mechanics and writing for this project.

However, even if it's not a finished game by the time this is over, I'll still be happy if I've gotten a better grasp of VX Ace and what it can do.


My goals for this are pretty simple. Basically they are:

  • Learn new things.
  • Finish a prototype for a game.
  • Try and meet new people.
  • Have fun!

I wish you all good luck with your goals! Let's try and do our best on this! : )


It's really interesting reading through all of theses. Thank you all for sharing! <3

Mine were a bit more geared toward this project specifically but I'm also all for making friends and having fun!

Anywho, my goals:

  • Decide on a name for this project.
  • Create 10-12 art assets, minimum.
  • Finish writing two of the potential character paths.
It has a codename for now but I'd like something a little more... SOMETHING. Y'know?

I'm super late but hi everyone! I never thought I'd actually make a game, even though I've been daydreaming about it for years now, so I'm really excited!

My goals are really simple, I'm making a platformer but it shouldn't be challenging to play because I want to focus on making an "interactive experience" (haha) first and foremost. By the end I want to:

  • Finish, so I can have focused long enough to actually finish something for once
  • Finish a whole background every other day at least (optimally there'll be 12-14 so last few will probably be pretty slim)
  • Write a simple and interesting story that complements gameplay and vice versa
  • Come away with enough experience and confidence to make a full game afterward!
Good luck everyone, Your devlogs are already filled with really cool ideas so I'm sure that even if we don't finish we'll have done something worthwhile :D

Hi! I'm brand new to all of this biz, so my goals are pretty tame.

-Learn RPGMaker2k3

-Create some sort of playable prototype

-Maybe create some original assets if time allows

Unfortunately, this game-jam coincides with the start of the school quarter AND I'm working pretty much full time. Sooo, I'll be very impressed and happy with myself if I end up with a 'completed' submission.


ive been practicing pixelling for a little while in preparation to try to make the game im making now,,, so my goals are

-learn construct 2

-create a decently fun and interesting level

-fill it up with pretty art

so far ive created all the mechanics i want aside from dialogue, so now all that's left is to do all my art and writing!


My goals, besides finishing a game, is:

  • Learn the MV side view battle system. I've always been a Dragon Quest and Etrian Odyssey person, so I'm more used to 1st person battles. One of the pluses of that battle system is that you don't really have to make battle sprites for your characters. However, a lot of people prefer side view battlers, even if it's added as an arbitrary thing, so I want to get used to that system so that people could get into my stuff I guess
  • Learn how to do animations in RPG Maker. Like, most of the default animations for RPG Maker don't really fit in well with the stuff I'm trying to make and/or don't really convey what the attacks do. I want to try doing animations, though so far I've put it on the backburner to focus on completing everything else.
  • I've also kinda set a daily goal for myself to make one map and one enemy a day, and I'd feel that I'm not making progress if I don't meet those goals.

Well, a little too late for this, but my goals were:

  • Learn Unity;
  • Make a level;
  • Make more 2 levels;
  • Make a Boss battle;

Well...the game is done, and I have only accomplished the first 2 goals :/

But I will keep build the game :)