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short and clear! perfect to share around!

YESSS! This comic is so fun & sweet and I'm glad it's in the world.

thank you so much!!!!

Incredible art paired with raw honesty. Hell yeah.

yes good luck with the layout !

wooo hooo congrats!

thank you for reading AND for the lovely comment!!!!!

oh my gosh, beautiful, great build up to that end, intense and tender. i LOVE what you've imagined!!!!! HELL YEA

OOooh cool to see this new type!


Super cute and fun! I can't wait to play more!! Maybe I'll actually learn Morse code?

Enjoyed it! Especially the singing!

I got this game 2 years ago at GenCon and I SUPER love it!! My friends and I played about 2 episodes (we are slow). I like the cliffhanger mechanics, the character tropes, and the way that stats & moves are connected to each other. It was challenging to find ways to put the mystery together without a plan & the friendship/relationship mechanics were a bit unclear to us. Regardless, I love the vibe of this game & the length of the rules is great for me. (lol). PLAY THIS GAME!!!!!

KJSHDKSHDKSJH YOU'RE TOTALLY RIGHT i was mixing my years up....i tabled twice.....

This comic is funny & I love it. I'm glad we could trade at CZF (checks notes) TWO YEARS AGO????????

This is PWYW, normally $8, thank you for doing this.

GREAT use of those slips!!!!!

at first I was like "haha sonic" and then got pulled into the Emotion City.  Lots and lots and lots of Emotion City. This is really wonderful thank you for sharing.

"Now people copy its aesthetics, its rythm, but the experience is lost in the sea, its praxis feeds right into capitalism."


"I know just how to

impress everyone but my
so called family

Oof punch to the gut. Good stuff.


Here are some lines that HIT me:

"Let them try to collect my
bug heart, Lord."

"now we’re in bed,

now we’re trading faces,"

Loved this!

"nature is just / the body / without the fear. "


lovin that swarm of bees

This Sure Is A Log

Sorry for being so silent! This whole second week became a weird mix of Actual work things happening, family things, friends visiting, and everything being too warm in general. I'm working right now on getting a bit of the game in for the deadline, and then will probably update it soon soon after! :)


i like the little peeks of polka dots :))

Jaime, New Log, New Day:

Work week started again, but I've been putting more dialogue into the script, with notes on sounds effects. I'm realizing how much facial expression changing is to me, because the scenes become so much clearer and more animated even with a small mouth change. I think my new goal will be to photoshop enough expressions for these scenes! It's a bit harder with scanned in art, because I have to keep it looking painted. The entire Chapter 1 might not be done, but it will probably be more fun and coherent to get through with expressions.

I'm excited to try the image scrolling function...

Other notes: It sure is hot out right now.

ahh cool i'm excited to check it out!

Jaime Log Day "A Bunch of Them"

Hey everyone! I've been painting a lot. A lot. All of the characters have one sprite (other expressions will be edited on later) and I have a handful of bgs and cgs for the story so far. Having some contrast issues with this scene but I might make the background duller. Once I get the story out, I want to add pauses and flair to the text. Also, haaa, Famine's name will probably have to be light gray.

Loving simple sweet Want to change that font soon.


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his little panicked paws....

i love manny....

yesss look at all these cute characters. they are important to me

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Jaime Log Day 5:

I gotta get ready for many image resizing ADVENTURES

other updates from today:

  • resizing really is fine i'll just be adjusting a lot of images
  • made a height doc to help with resizing, all the sprites can be compared before i can save them into their own image
  • read a lot more on python! messed with the code, positioning, display and such
Tomorrow i'm off work so I'll probably work on getting the characters and flags defined, and also perhaps get the first scene sprites ready. I also want to edit the menu styles, I'll probably do a bunch of misc paintings to get textures and little skull drawings from. Goodnight!

what's up i'm little red and i have....gun

excited abt this! good luck

I used VX Ace for the last jam so if you run into any issues I might be able to shoot some scripts and answers your way! A good thing to do with sprites is take a sprite sheet from the base resources in VX Ace and make your sprites over them.

Eileen has great taste in music as well

yeah it'd be cute! just beware of eye strain

i'm suspicious of that cat

Jaime Log Day 4:

Another work day more busy than usual! So I was tired.

Today I:

  • Did some sprite lineart and made a sketchy bg to test upload
  • Went through's tutorial thing
  • Checked out all them script files to see what was there
  • Made a music inspo doc! And my brother actually made some hilarious "Emotional Moment" music for us (well, I think it's funny)
One more day of work and I'll be able to rly get in on this project. :)