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really lovely, haunting atmosphere. you did a great job with the flavor text, it all keeps up the mystery

i got very sucked into the atmosphere, beautiful art, and i really enjoyed the smt reference and nocturne music

I LOVE ITT!! YOU did an amazing job! its soo cutee and VERY POLISHED.

And for my feedback, i absolutely adored this, you have a very fun, surreal sense of humor and art. And the music you found fits amazingly. I had a lot of fun

if anyone wants to play this in windowed mode, look here!

i absolutely adored your game

i remember though being confused in the first map with enemies, theres a skull npc that wasnt accessible and i wasnt sure if there was some sort of puzzle in the room i was supposed to do to talk to them.

MUSIC IS AMAZING!! it brought the ENTIRE game together for me

i think the combat is okay but id like to see some variety to let me be tactical, so far all i really did was use the mystery command to see the different responses, and heal very frequently. it might be too difficult in the beginning i did have to go back and heal frequently

at one point it became too difficult, you could try to slow down the spawn rate of the bats, it seems like their spawning goes up exponentially too quickly, i think they were a bit too fast in tracking me too. i couldnt really kite them. i think a bigger map, like big enough that it would require a camera would help

i agree, i think the timer should be a lot more lenient, and some of the jumping was a bit too pixel perfect and became frustating. but it was SOO CUTE! and very fun!

I actually really liked the background art, and made the game feel very detailed and lively regardless if it was completed or not. I actually got stuck after my plantbud gf was kidnapped by the giant bird? I talked to most of the npcs but was completely lost after that. I think a simple prompt telling me what to do might help? That might be intrusive game design wise but easier than like visual ques or something.

you werent kidding when you said this was difficult. this is extremely well polished, beautiful art, music is very cute, and the controls are very tight. you made walljumping effortless so it came down to my own reactions than trying to wrestle with the controls for a majority of the game. had a lot of fun challenging myself to beat the areas! the lantern/lighting really adds onto the difficulty

just a note that i accidentally hit r and reset the entire game! i was trying to see if i could save since i couldnt beat it in one go

ahh i was looking forward to this!! this is honestly a REALLY cool gameplay mechanic, it very fast paced & i love that

i had a lot of fun, theres a steep difficulty curve but that kept it interesting and kept me retrying :p

This turned out really good, i love the art!

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Thank you all! Heres my last update, a friend drew me a sprite for an enemy and i animated it, had a lot of fun this jam!

This looks REALLY fun, you are fitting a lot of functionality into this, love2d looks like its working out amazingly for you

good luck!! im looking forward to it

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I didnt look at it, but someone on the game maker forums made a match 3 engine that has a lot of documentation

i believe the documentation is in a pdf with the download

heres what i did today, trying to set up a room

i didnt spent much time on figuring out what the game would look like so its ending up very aimless visual wise but its fun nevertheless

and heres some sprites i did day 1, spent most of that day animating for the first time!

I dont have a name for my game at all, but maybe ill just name it untitled anyways

My plan for this gamejam was to make a game where whenever you hit an enemy, you would go to a battle screen and instead of combat you would play tetris and clear a few lines to defeat an enemy. Its a bit like Indivisible if anyone played their IGG campaign demo. Eventually you would climb up something and get to a final boss, which was just to be like.. a lot of tetris lines to clear LOL

Heres a mockup i made a few weeks ago (its very pink! i wanted to just make a cute pink tetris clone at first)

Sadly, this is like the first time ive messed with any sort of programming at all, and trying to understand the normal way people code tetris (2d arrays), and trying to understand the few resources specifically for game maker to code it in other ways has made me have to drop the tetris battle system! :'(

heres my broken tetris

it wasnt working out and i felt like trying to program this to work in tandem with the rest of the game wouldve ended up too difficult for me to debug if something went completely wrong

heres some movement i got down though

and a title screen with sound sfx and bgm! i guess the tetris theme is a placeholder song now

I guess my end game goal for the rest of the gamejam is to get a nice looking little room to run around in together, and maybe finish an actual attacking system.

is there any easier way to place art assets in a room in game maker than turning each sprite into its own object? i tried researching but really couldnt find anything on that or tilesets, this is specifically for a 2d platformer

also yes i believe your assumptions about GML are correct, this is in a step event so it runs every frame

I tried restructuring the code like you said, and even trying to put the attack animation in a loop (i probably didnt do that correctly though), neither worked for some reason, I finally found a fix for it though. Ill put it here in case someone else has a similar issue.

i had to make a variable in a create event and set it to false (attacking = false)

then make an animation end event and add this

it isnt working perfectly, i think other sprites might be happening during the animation depending on my inputs, but im going to try to make my attacking animation more than two frames and disable all input/movement during the attacking animation and see if it turns out looking and feeling better

or i might have to again restructure this like you suggested, ill post my code again whenever i get everything hammered out in case anyone needs it for reference!

i love doom and face paced first person games, im super looking forward to this

this is fantastic, yall have gotten a lot done so far major kudos ++

im excited for the day/night time transitions! thats really cool

im excited! i love the art

this is so cute i love it! and gay! love your character animations

(this is game maker)

For some reason when i press x only the first frame of my attack animation plays, then the rest of the animation only plays if i move horizontally. I believe my move variable is putting out either -1, 0, or 1 depending on weather or not im hitting left or right or both. But if any of the code above my attacking code affecting the attacking code??

I also tried removing

&& sprite_index != spr_player_swing

but the problem persisted (i thnik this is a check to make sure the animation doesnt try to play over itsself)

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Since id imagine quite a few of us are going to put a lot of hours into this over the past few weeks, I think it'd be a good idea to backup your stuff in case of your power going out/pc blue screening/etc and corrupting your project files! Someone recommended this on the r/gamemaker subreddit

This is a very, very thorough backup regime but i've only tried the program i linked below (with only one backup)

It isnt open source (but the free version isnt a trial and has no ads as far as i can tell), so use at your own risk, but I just did a test backing up my game maker project and it worked fine. And only took a few minutes to set up.

I think even if you left it uncomplex it sounds like it would still be a very fulfilling game and a fun read

that feel

haha ive been looking for that game for a long time, i played it once and forgot the name. im looking forward to your game op! really fun and comfy sounding mechanic

i look forward to the dog