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[devlog] wooden house

A topic by mathman created Jan 02, 2016 Views: 4,373 Replies: 58
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wooden house is a game where u play as a lil guy who likes building houses!

the main bit of the game is talking to villagers and trading for things!! oh and gathering wood for your house of course!

im making this in Stencyl , i was originally using gamemaker 4 mac but... we all know how that turned out



  • make an inventory system
  • finish all the sprites within the first week/programming in the next
  • get some basic music or sound effects in the game
  • make woods area + house
  • make village if possible?
  • add trading system????

(goals up to date as of 7/1/2016(GMT+11) )

((added in more game info bc it was really messy before))


some quick (and messy) concept art before i move onto the sprites!


AAA i really love this concept it feels very relaxing?? your character is super adorable and hey!! 30 minutes of gameplay in two weeks is better than the 3 years i spent on a 40 minute rpgmaker game (': looking forward to seeing more of this friend!!


started on some background stuff

(so tiny)
Jam HostSubmitted

MAN those are cute!! so small...


made the title screen! (hopefully will animate it later aha)

bonus trees:


Oh no this is really cute!!

oh no !!!!


I love your pixel art! Your game sounds like a lot of fun too, I can't wait to see more :D

thats really nice to hear omg, your game looks really fun aswell!!

(1 edit) (+3)


tomorrow ill work on the actual player sprite + some more background stuff probably


oh my gosh your title screen is ADORABLE i am in love with all of your pixel art AAAAAA!!!

thank you so much aa!!!!


Your pixel art is fantastic!

!!!! thank you!!!

your pixels are so cute *u* i love the colors and atmosphere of the title screen


today was mostly fiddling around with textures BUT i got the level scrolling to work

also edited the background + experimented with foreground things

still havent made the player model because i hate pixeling people but!!! ill try tomorrow


aaa your parallax backgrounds are so beautiful and it's so neat to see them in action *u* !!


!! i really wanna make more moving things in the foreground and stuff but we shall see how it goes uwu


aaa yes yes!!! it shouldnt be too difficult sometimes the placement can be tricky so it's not too obstructive. i look forward to it!! :3c


whoa! your pixel clouds are lovely! :0 can't wait to see your pixel character!

thank you !! i think they turned out really nice too! hopefully i have a player sprite tomorro aha

I am so pumped to see this finished holy shit good luck!!!


sneak peak of the player sprite (i love him)


He is small and precious. I love the overall look of your game so much, you did a great job with keeping a consistent aesthetic <3

aa thats really nice to hear, i was having a lot of trouble making the player sprite match with everything else

im excited! i love the art


yessssssss omg he's so cute :3c !!!


Your art is really lovely and cute!!

aww this is really cute... dude you put a lot of shades into those clouds i salute u.. AND THE LITTLE character you play as is adorable!!

BRO the title screen... the art style... it's so, good!


all animations for player basically done !! (except jumping but w/e)

also made these weird backgrounds that overlap each other bc transparency in gm4mac is shit

anyWAY !!! here he is!! ! ! !! my SON!!! (he so precious)

still fixing some bugs aha


You've been hit by-
You've been hit by-
A smooth criminal

them moves are incredible tho

(but seriously, great job so far, this is shaping up wonderfully already!)


MY SON........ he is so smoothe... i lov him...

smoothy mc groovy

So i was wondering what software you use to make your pixel art..........

i use PikoPixel !!! its ok, but id rather use aseprite or something that can animate :////

OH MY GOODNESS!!! This is so much done already and it looks so good!!!!! I'm so impressed? Pixel art takes a while and the fact that you have so much done is astounding!! You've been really hard at work!

Also the general style so far is just calming? This looks like its going to be a nice game for if you're having a panic attack just like. Nice little goals for getting everything built up. I'm really pumped to see where it goes!


i found out i cant export games with gamemaker (': so i switched over to stencyl and

yea its going well

everything is fine


Were you using the free version of GameMaker? If that's the case, then you should be able to export/make a windows executable(if you're on mac this might not help).

yea i was using gm4mac, im more happy with stencyl though so ¯\_(ツ)_/¯


guess it works out then


that is the face of someone who Regrets


when you are building a house but then the apocalypse happens


We're not in Kansas anymore! I hope the little guy is alright


;;o;; ohhh no my groovy son..... it's always really frustrating having to scrap and start over but i hope you can get your feet again soon ): !!


Don't let setbacks deter you! You can do this!


This is really cute and it looks pretty nice so far! I like your idea, sounds pretty relaxing.


The art and concept are both so cute! I love this aaaa


Protect him.

Gosh everything looks really lovely so far. Can't wait to see more!


today was basically:

remaking game in stencyl, computer crashing + me losing all progress, trying to make some background music but failing, feeling kinda shit basically

i did get movements down but

idk i just kinda feel demotivated, its nearly halfway through the jam and ive only made a dude walk around a bit (and im nowhere near what i want the game to be)

ill probably work on more sprites tomorrow but ehh

bonus screencap

aaah im really sorry to hear about your troubles )): i have hope for you yet!! your stuff looks really cute + nice, so hopefully you can get something down.

yeah hopefully tomorrow is better!


The sprite! His lil' hair curl is adorable!


aaaa i havent had internet in 2 days time for an update

finally made the houses!!

bonus fire

Still really digging this aesthetic! Those houses look cute! :D