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Didn't said it before but I really like your game! It is a neat idea and it was pretty fun to play. I like the graphics also!

Still haven't finished it but I will soon!

This was pretty cute and fun to play. A little hard to get used to the jump but I enjoyed it.

Thanks! I'm really slow at making these sprites though. Hopefully I finish something on time.

Well it took me 3 days but I finished a run animation! I hope it doesn't look too weird.

I need to work on a bunch of other stuff now.

Well uh, hello everyone, I'm Fenfel and this is my really late devlog for what I'm making.

IDEA: Just a small platformer with no real enemies. You play as a skunk boy and just move around, can jump, push stuff, and that. I'm just trying to finish something here. I'll try to finish it and add stuff if I can but for now, just making a small platformer that hopefully comes out cute.

ENGINE: I'm gonna be using gamemaker for this.

GOAL: My goal is to finish something and make it look nice. I have a bit of experience with the basics of gamemaker but nothing much. I hope to finish this and hopefully get more ideas as I make the game.

I'll probably just update this when I have some progress made, so it'll probably be only a few posts long, sorry.

For now I guess I can post the images of the player character here

Hope to finish this on time!

First, your art is realy cute and so is your icon. Second that seems like a neat idea. Best of luck on the jam!

1. Hi there! What's your name? Want to introduce yourself?

Hiya! I'm Fenfel and I'm a 22 years old guy who is in their last year of University if all goes well.

2. Did you participate in the last jam we held? If so, what do you plan on doing better this time? If not, what's your reason for joining?

Yep, participated in the last jam and didn't complete what I wanted to do but got something done! I plan to actually make something short and finish it this time and learn more stuff.

3. What games are your favorites? Did any of them inspire you, or made you want to make your own?

Let's see... Mario Bros 3, Startropics 2, Megaman X, Nuclear Throne, Zelda: Link Between Worlds, Hyper Light Drifter, and I can't really think of much more that I really really love over the rest. I'm not sure how much they have inspired me, if they have at all, but I want to make a simple platformer game that it's just a nice time!

4. Do you have experience with game development? What did you do/with what engine?

My only experience is what I did in the previous jam in gamemaker. I just made a basic platformer with some animations and stuff like being able to hit enemies.

5. Tell us about something you're passionate about!

I really like drawing! Even though it is just a hobby of mine. I also really like nice cute stuff. Aside from that I enjoy watching a few videogame streams every now and then.

So I haven't been here in a while. Had no idea this thread was here. Oops.

Anyways my twitter is @Fenfelt

Right now I'm livetweeting Etrian Odyssey 4 NG+ and posting some drawings sometimes.

This was pretty fun! I like your little opening cutscene. Nice game!

Pretty good! Nice short platformer with tight controls!

Day late update and last update of the jam project!

So... I didn't finish my game! What a surprise! I'm not mad or anything, to be honest, I did way more than I expected when I joined this jam, having no knowledge of making games, or pixel art or animation. I feel I made a lot of progress in more than just learning to make games.

It was tons of fun and I don't regreat joining this jam at all. Thanks for making it!

With that said, here are the late updates. 2 gifs of what I spent yesterday doing. See ya!


I made 2 enemies! I really want to make sprites for them but code came first.

The red one becomes more aware of the player after they notice them once.

(2 edits)

So, uh... I may have ran into some trouble

EDIT: Fixed it! It was a problem with the sprites collisions masks, way more simple than what I thought at first.

Thanks! It is very simple art but I'm glad it came out okay : D

Same for animations. I never did stuff with pixels before.

(1 edit)

Made like 3 more sprites, a sort of bugged menu and a room warp. I feel I should make the camera zoom out more.

EDIT: Fixed the menu screen. It was just a very silly error on my part, kinda embarassing.

Maybe make it part of the background or foreground? I don't really know sorry. I'm messing with GameMaker myself trying to learn how it works and that was the first thing that came to mind.

That tetris up there is trying it's best.

Also this looks prettycute and it is a pretty neat idea! I like what yo uhave done so far. It's way more than what I have haha!

Pretty nice post! To be honest ,I think a bunhc of us set our expectations a bit too high and didn't knew how much work this was, myself included. But I don't regret joining at all. Even though I have learned just a bit about code, it has been a really good experience so far, and I want to keep going with it.

I haven't encountered many problems since I've been mostly doing assets, even though I hould code first, but to be honest I just can't stop with them. But even on that department I think I've made progress, so overall I'm happy with how things are now.

We have still a week left so let's make the most out of it!

Spent a whole day making thins, then some hours yesterday's night fixing it. It feels wonky, specially the arms, but hey! I'm proud of having done this!

Will try to do something with the arms later, for now I'm happy with this.

This is pretty cute and nice looking so far! Not knowing English is OK, no worries. Maybe, send messages a different way?

Good luck!

This is really cute and it looks pretty nice so far! I like your idea, sounds pretty relaxing.

I messed around with pixels trying to come up with a sprite idea I liked. Here are the two of em:

Messing with MSpaint to do this was pretty fun.

Thanks! I hope I can make it work.

My goals for this are pretty simple. Basically they are:

  • Learn new things.
  • Finish a prototype for a game.
  • Try and meet new people.
  • Have fun!

I wish you all good luck with your goals! Let's try and do our best on this! : )

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Hello! I don't really know much about making games but I want to learn and make something.

I'm starting a few days late but that's okay I guess. Anyways! Here's the overall idea I have:

Summary: Midnight Fortress is about a little fella exploring a fortress in the middle of the night, hence the name (which may change, not sure). They don't have a weapon, just a pair of gloves, their clothes and some improvised armor, but they are kind of strong and fast. They try explore the fortress in search of goodies and the like while dealing with the enemies that call said fortress home.

Gamplay: It is a simple sidescrolling platforming game. The idea is to have a big fortress with many secrets to explore. There are guards all around, and you can't defeat them, but you can knock em out. The idea I have is that once they encounter you and either you ecape or knock em out, they will know you're there and be on alert: If they encounter you in a room and you leave said room, after coming back that room will have stronger security. My idea is to have just the starting save point outside the fortress and some checkpoints here and there, so if you are defeated you can restart in a checkpoint until the game over, where you're thrown outside the fortress.

Goals: Make a working prototype like 5-8 rooms, learn stuff and have fun!

I'm using GameMaker for this and don't really have much done aside from the idea and this drawing

I hope everything goes well!

EDIT: I forgot! I don't really know how to make images show here so sorry for links. Also will probably post updates thingies on the twitter hashtag I think and over my twitter here.

DOUBLE EDIT: Learned how to show images here, so yeah! There's the drawing I did!