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A topic by J created Jan 19, 2016 Views: 454 Replies: 11
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Hey friends!

We received an ask the other day that was wondering where to find community and spaces in game dev that are otherwise pretty intimidating. Even if we can't say exactly where to find more diverse + open dev spaces online, we think it'd be a good idea to keep in touch with the devs you met and supported for the jam! Share your twitter, tumblr, or other sites and follow others if you'd like to keep up with their work. I'm going to find some of my favorite twitters + tumblrs (of mainly indie devs who are doing neat stuff) and share them in this thread later, and you're welcome to share handles of really cool twitters/tumblrs as well!

You can find me on twitter @yurigods and tumblr as cloudartlog.


I don't browse tumblr so I only have peoples twitter handles to share. Here is mine @tentril and hopefully I will be posting more about gamedev stuff in the future. Here are cooler people to follow.

@DreamsBell - Making Jack the Reaper, a Kirby inspired platformer where you play as a cute grim reaper.

@rabbit_nabokov - Making the Momodora series of games. I guess you'd call them Metroidvania?

@SinksAdventure - Made Crowtel, a cute platformer about a crow running a hotel!

@fancydrak - Has a goofy pet sim and a few other small projects, but mainly is working on Item Haver


I'm @NNChan on twitter and my tumblr is qchanartblog.

I don't follow very many indiedevs, haha... Buuut I can show off some games anyway!

Firewatch, an absolutely gorgeous and atmospheric game about being a park ranger in the isolated wilderness. I definitely recommend keeping an eye out for this one.
VA-11 HALL-A, a cyberpunk VN about mixing drinks for customers.
Aviary Attorney, a game where you play as a bird lawyer in 19th century France.
Dog Gone, a game where you play as a pug on an adventure. Very new, absurdly cute so far.

Jam HostSubmitted

hello i am lysander! you guys saw me around already!!!

my twitter is @kreuzerland and my tumblr is kreutzerland also, but i don't regularly update it. before following my twitter, please know that i tweet a lot about my personal life, which consists mostly of mundane things that i turn into jokes, so please be aware of that before following me!!

you can also reach me at heliotype[@]; i check at least once a day.

i'll edit this post later, but for twine games, i highly recommend porpentine's work, especially howling dogs and with those we love alive.


Hello! I'm Andy, you can find me @Andy_Mantis my tumblt (that I don't update often) is Andy_Mantis

Some sweet game dev twitters I follow:

@theBanov - indie game dev making an adorable game called 'wandersong'.

@kirokaze - freakin' sweat pixel artist. Super inspirational.

@dizifyr - game dev artist, on the team who made Oasis, making a REALY cute game with a baby seal.

@meowza - art director at spry fox studios.

@heatpenn - adorable low poly art!

@punchesbears - A realy great reminder of how much fun game dev can be. Making a game with bears

@Florian - Game design working on a neat unity game, don't know the name.

ALSO two game jams I think you guys would be interested in: Sugar,sweets and Jam! (LGBT+ Sugar themed Jam! :D) and Fairytail Jam!

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hey guys! you can find me at @devreezus on twitter. here are a few games (and devs) that i'm really excited about:

Way To The Woods - an absolutely beautiful in-development adventure game about "two deer in a strange place." i'm sooooo excited for this one, please check it out! *U*
Allison Road - a horror game that i've been keeping an eye on for a while (set for release around q3 2016!). it has a really strongly unsettling, threatening atmosphere and some absolutely hellish visuals, which i mean favorably (its capitoline wolf, omfg).
BadChalk - creator of corinne cross's dead and breakfast, currently working on a game called GORGE, a "food horror rpg" i've been anticipating!
Nighttime Visitor - a free horror game that is scaring the poop out of me by premise alone. i haven't even played it yet, but the idea freaks me out enough to merit a mention!
Radical Rockits - a super cute game where you get to play with jetpacks!!!
Shu's Garden - an adorable mobile game (also on steam) where you play as a sweet lil alien nourishing the environment!
Dead End Road - an atmospheric driving game with procgen content; night driving is invariably satanic and awful. floor it.
Lullaby - a game made for asylumjam 2015; takes place on christmas eve 1995 and tasks you with looking after an infant. who will soil themselves first, you or the baby?

i also second that Dog Gone, Aviary Attorney, Firewatch, and Item Haver look great and i'm awaiting them eagerly!!


Hey hey! My twitter is basically useless to follow cuz I just use it to reply to people and check if webcomics updated, so check out my art/doodle blog spryhaunch! I'll probably posting more dev stuff (it's queued) as I start working on more things. I'd love to keep in touch!


my twitter is still new but it is @littanana

also my main tumblr and gamedev tumblr

every game i make will be either poc lesbians or poc transgirl things so if those stuff interest you feel free to follow me :v


I sincerely doubt my Tumblr blog will interest many, it's a personal blog so just about anything will go there. Particularly rants about everything, game-related pictures and discussions, conversations with friends, and of course cats. However, I am mutuals with other blogs that people might like such as DiscoverGames and GuilelessMonk. They, like myself, talk frequently about video games; the culture, the industry, etc.

I stay well away from Twitter because it is basically a breeding ground for misunderstandings do to the character limit.


I'm mainly active on tumblr. It's my personal blog so it's kind of messy. I tend to reblog a lot of miscellaneous stuff.

I'm trying to use my twitter more, but it usually just links back to something on my tumblr.


My Twitter account is @juunishi_master

My main Tumblr is juunishi-master (currently filled with either screenshots from RWBY: Grimm Eclipse or anything RWBY-related, but it's just because of the hype of season 3). The one more focused on game is junction12. Please ignore the previous posts unrelated to game thing. I haven't decided to dedicate that one for game things only at that time.

I'm not that active, but since I connect both accounts to my phone, I will notice if there's message or such.


So I haven't been here in a while. Had no idea this thread was here. Oops.

Anyways my twitter is @Fenfelt

Right now I'm livetweeting Etrian Odyssey 4 NG+ and posting some drawings sometimes.