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you have to unzip the folder and then inside is an .exe file for you to run c:

yea thats cool tho i think with the license stuff it would mean you would have to replace the art assets tho? i think

thank you! :> its fun to explore that side!

if youre changing the  size you have to edit the image file for the phone to either make it  bigger or smaller to suit what you need. and change the numbers in the code to match the new size

i am happy to hear so. thank u

im happy to hear you liked it! thank you ❤️

what an incredibly adorable game!!! horny and cute goes together so well, i love this so much! <3 thank you for making this it was such a nice read ^^

thank you!!!! :D <3

thank you! ;D im adding more graphics to the game currently i dont know how many it will have but i do have quite a few added already :> ill def be making something similar in the future too! maybe with even more art if my wrists allow it ^^

awesome ;D thank you!!

haha i really appreciate the comment ;D i didnt even realize how much emphasis i put on bodily fluids..... lol
thanks for the comment and im happy you liked the story ^^

i dont know. are you extracting the whole folder instead of just the exe?  if yes maybe just try redownloading the whole thing im not sure as ive never run into this problem before! sorry! :x

hahaa yeah . its fun to hear others experience something like this too ^^

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renpy is a great and powerful FREE engine for making your own visual novels, it has all the basic stuff already built in so you dont need to code it all yourself, only thing you need to yourself is basically just the art and writing your story! its the most popular tool for making visual novels and if you want to see examples take a peak to the renpy tag here on

ive linked below the quickstart guide which has plenty of information on how to get started and goes through all the basics for making your first game! there is no need to read every single thing on the page but quickly glancing through and reading as much as you can helps you out so you know what renpy is capable of.

as you download the game it also comes with a inbuilt tutorial/example project called "the question" which you can play through and then open up the code and see for yourself how it was made. 

i recommend just making a own project by copying and modifying all you need from the quickstart page and the example project. basically just change the sprites to your own assets and change the dialogue to your own story. its the easiest approach to making your own game and thats how i personally started on my first project!

if you need more help feel with anything, free to hop into the yurijam discord and ask for help. you can also contact me personally and i can do my best with helping you out! my discord is "a nadia#6949!"

i love this!! cute! ^^

i took ^^

a rly nice game thank u for making it!!

hey, thanks for pointing this! i added it :>

such a charming game!! i loved it so much. thank you for making this 💕

thank youuu!! <3 ive kept you and your comment during your stream in mind when working on my current one!! awkward lovey dovey stuff is the best ^^

i cant think of anything else than currently the adult content button is very hidden and considering how important it would be to not show adult content to people who dont want to see it, imo adding the options for the rating system on the main game edit page would be important.

can you be more specific? 

i got to the very end and had only one item/person but i pressed the next button and the guy just disappeared and im stuck :p

anyway i loved this game it was cute and simple i love the 2d/3d aesthetic so much!

i really loved this. this brought up some strong emotions. i love the simplicity of the story. definitely my favorite bitsy game ive played. thank you

i havent ran into an error like that before. are you directly running the game template you download with no modifications? cause if not try that first. also make sure your renpy is up to date. i dont know how to offer advice out of this though, sorry!

this is such a nice game i loved it so much. everything from the music to the art was absolutely amazing and the pacing was really nice. i loved all the various areas and the characters with their dialogue were so adorable

i especially loved the combat system with the items breaking and having to grab stuff enemies threw! my fav weapon was the fish that shoots bubbles, was it intentional that it did not break? anyway after all my other weapons broke i just  slapped through rest of the game with the fish! ^^ all the bosses were so fun, especially the last boss, which definitely was challenging with so much going on at once.

i tried to start a new game with a harder difficulty but the game just kept crashing for some reason, do you have any idea what could be causing it?

thanks! im happy to hear you like it

!! :D thank u for your comment it means a lot to me! <3

thanks for the comment i really appreciate it! 😁 

that looks really nice! good luck with your project :>

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either works but it might be easier to just start with the template and then make your game in the same document. if youre adding this to an existing project you need to add the related code from screens. rpy and options. rpy ro your projects own files

thanks for the commen! hehe yeah its based on bunch of my own experiences too :p its a bit shame we relate to it but at the same time im happy to write a story that resonates with others and feels real^^

thank you for playing! im glad to hear this helped with hope for future and i wish you the best of luck with :>

this game is so cute, thank you for making it! i really liked it. id love to hear how to get to the good end? i managed to get all the other ones but the good end ^^

thank you :) 

you did such a great job with this! such a cute game i love this! <3

the game looks absolutely gorgeous! really excited for the full release as the demo is so nice already too :>