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cant believe the jam host made this apolitical submission political by disqualifying it

even in the little prologue theres an overwhelming about of little things to read and do. i got so quickly immersed and lost in this medical scifi world, greatly relating to our poor protagonist. i need to learn more about these girls. i want to see them struggle and thrive

the visual aesthetic and the audio work is just incredible. i love me some break beats and the simple effect of animated backgrounds is just perfect

i look forward to the future

I really enjoyed getting to experience this day of Ash's and Ven's life. The little adventure and the connection they shared was such a wonderful time and reading stories like this where I can relate to both characters makes me so happy. The pixel art is really great and lively too. Just an all around positive experience. Thanks for making this!

The theme of taking fate to your own hands really speaks to me, the constant balance of hard grind against the harsh reality and finding the time to sincerely enjoy one another made this into a really beautiful story. Especially combined with the music and visuals, wonderful work. Thank you for making this.

i would appreciate if it was posted directly in english since its a jam set up for the english speaking community, but its not really a strict requirement

i can feel your love for your soft plushie family. hug them all for me too. thanks for sharing

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i would encourage everyone to aim to submit full projects, however if there isnt enough time, demos and unfinished works are allowed. so i would encourage you to try and make a game, alone or join/make a team  instead of just wanting to submit the art

little mage big spanking

the beginning was so claustrophobic and nerve wracking. im so proud of her. this was amazing

im tearing up over here. thanks for making this

thank you for the writeups, this was really interesting to read. i love learning more about what went down behind hte scenes of a project i loved. it really sounds like you all had a wonderful environment to make this game in and it shows c:

art about art and existing. yeah you've really nailed it. im glad the two guys can create together now. thank you for sharing this

thank u ˶ᵔ ᵕ ᵔ˶

all the tracks are from
the individual music files themselves can be found in the audio folder of my game

this is so tense. my heart was pounding throughout the story. with the horror of being in such a unhospitable space im so glad they had an angel.

the art is beautiful. especially how the dithered palette allowed the use of white all the way to the black outlines. incredible

dont think i can put it into words better than someone else already has here but this one is just yes. yes.. yes. thank you for making it

:o :O :o :O

no but on a slightly more serious note this was so beautiful. there was nothing about this that i didnt highly enjoy this is such a well put together little story and it had me smiling ever since seeing the pretty main menu

this is so good. love all the art so much. especially the horniest one out of all a+


being alive really is so overwhelming. and thats just the baseline without all the dysphoria lmao. this story speaks to me. thank you


thank you for sharing this. theres a ton to relate to. i liked the artwork and it made me smile a ton

sorry i appreciate the interest but there isnt a way to change the game to exclude the sexually explicit content. it is the point of the project and there wouldnt really be anything left if i removed it

sorry there just isnt more content yet. :b im working on an update!

im the kind of person who never really reads content warnings because, i just want to experience things directly and oh dear this one caught me off guard. in a good way, of course. everything coming together with the unnerving atmosphere (which kept me on the edge of my seat, literally) turned into something so positive and powerful shows how great of a story youve written. honestly i dont feel like i am capable of articulating how fond i was of the story and way it made me feel.

i love the sprites you did and i think thelma's tattoos and outfit rocks

i whole heartedly recommend this story for others to experience as well

thank you for writing this

extremely cute, dia is just sweet little dummy dork ♥

this is so nice

when she said that all life starts in the darkness of the womb and has a primordial craving to return to that bliss i really felt that

yea ^^ ill be making more clear game end screens in the future

the tone of the game will remain positive and i have no plans to add bad endings ^^ its a sexy story about gender euphoria

sure, theres one now

i have no plans for updates however my next project trans goetia will be touching on a lot of the same themes and dynamics. working on getting the first chapter out within this month c:

this game is made with ren'py! look into it, it can be quite simple to get started with your own story given how accessible the software is. good luck!

there are three endings!

just one of those pieces that make me so deeply appreciate the artform because i cant articulate what made it so amazing to experience. incredible


i have the digital version here!

the game can be any genre you like c:

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