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nadia nova

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hey i wanted to tell you i absolutely loved this game and its my favorite twine ever! as a lesbian transgirl this spoke to me on so many levels and yeah.. just absolutely loved it.  it inspired me to do my own twine  with a glitchy aesthetic too!! am happy to see you update your page to know youre around! :> thank you for making this!!

the game looks absolutely gorgeous! really excited for the full release as the demo is so nice already too :>

And one more comment! like yeah its fictional, but like all of the themes and character traits and all that come straight from real life stuff so yeah, it is something that does happen. the goods and the bads ^^

thank you! :> i do like the idea of exploring more often characters but for the near future i have plans for brand new games and characters i want to show!

im happy to hear that! and yes, anyone can, life can be hard.but there are ways to manage through it eventually!!! thank you

i was able to download the full game few days back but after the update it no longer shows the full game option in download menu !

!! im happy to hear! :> thank u for telling me

thank you so much! <3

thank you!! sequel does sound fun i think drawing orupheneth in clothes might be worth all the effort :D maybe some time..

thank you so much for your comment! im so happy to hear you liked it :>

this was so cute i loved it. esp then ending where they all end up together thank you for making this so nice and cute!!

bea is my bae <3

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such a cute game!! all the art is so GORGEOUS i can not imagine how much time went to all of it!! i love so much the tiny animations for sprite change too. thanks for making the game so cute! <3

why is this dragon so fucking cute?? - a free visual novel

🌟 synopsis 🌟

you're tasked to hunt a dragon... but she is so cute?!  game features about 4000 words, so it can be comfortably played in one sitting! 

four different endings including the one true end with cute trans lesbians!!

🌟 content warnings 🌟

written violence, gay shit, a lot of swearing

🌟 bonus content 🌟

consider buying my 10 page artbook! its a great way to help me out and also get some exclusive details and background info on my game. it includes bunch of concept art and thoughts about the characters! everyone who supports me on patreon also gets access to the artbook! the book can be gotten for donating 4$ or more when buying my game~

🌟 thank you 🌟

thank you for reading so far and if this game sounds like it's your jam, i hope you enjoy it!

🌟 download 🌟


its weird im allowed to pick a name and i pick nadia and then the game proceeds to use he pronouns :D? you could try using neutral pronouns (they/them) or optionally input some system to let the player pick pronouns too

! happy to hear you enjoyed my game!! :>

hehe im happy that you liked it!! thank you! :> 

hey thank you so much!! i dont know if ill do a direct sequel to this or anything but i  can 100% promise im going to be making a lot more games in the future that youre going to enjoy if you liked this one ^^

this game was sooo cute! i loved the day system so much! the art was gorgeous and everyone was so cute and that chat was so well done gj!!

i really liked seeing all this behind the scene stuff about you ^^ that bed/laptop setup looks kinda cool..

!! thank u for playing and making a vid ^^ thats so nice

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this game was rly cute and i loved it! <3 the battle system was great it fits the theme of how every social activity is so hard haha
oh btw were there multiple endings for the game? :>

hehe she deserves all the headpats! shes gonna look so cute w/ her new now-clothed-look  :>

thank you!! :D and the answer is magic.. shes cute cause.. magic

im so happy to hear that!! glad to hear you enjoy my games ! :D

hehe thank u!!! :>

Hey, thank you! I'm happy to hear you liked the game! :3

thank you! im happy you were able to relate to my story :>

!!!! congrats on starting your hormones! hearing you come back to my game makes me really happy and proud so thank you for telling me~ and yes, yes you are a girl now :D

it makes me so happy to hear this game helped you make a lousy day into a good one!
even if you arent able to get on hormones now there is always going to be time to start them eventually. whenever youre in a safe place to do so, transition doesnt have to start with hormones either, pisti started her journey a lot before that, me included! its never too late! and on top of everything  you may think you want to be a girl, but you already are a girl!!!

thank you!! im glad to hear you enjoyed!! people with anxiety can be happy too as long as good things happen to them~
the format is based on like me having adhd and its fucking impossible to read big chunks of texts so i figured, i could try having it so player needs to click to see more and i feel like it worked out great! 

im glad to hear the game has helped you!! hey just remember its never too late to go on hormones, waiting a extra month might feel horrible but its a really short time so try and not to worry about it too much. youre still going to be able to start in the near future so try and take comfort into that :> 
i wish you the best of luck with your transition!!

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can you say my name again - a free twine game

  • This game is about anxiety. This game is about getting intimate and having sex. And above all, this game is about being a trans lesbian.
  • Kinetic Twine, 14,000 words. Made in two months for Yuri Game Jam 2017. This is the biggest game I've done so far! I hope you enjoy it.
  • Includes glitchy aesthetic images to go with the story.
  • This game is nsfw as it includes sex, I would consider it to be queer erotica and not porn, though.
  • Content warnings are included on the first page of the game.
  • Includes an optional 4$ artbook that has 19 pages of me writing about my game and showing all the art I drew during the months I've been making the game. Contains a generous amount of cute nsfw art.
  • Short synopsis:

 Pisti gets kicked out of her home for being trans and Laina ends up taking her in even though she was anxious about it in the beginning. This game is about how their relationship develops and how they bond through their identity and depression.

Yes! This advice is really great! 

I've been surprised by generous fans giving donations, even small amounts count as they add up with time!

Hey, do you have any screenshots to share about the game?

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i agree with like everything she said. everything is the same for me. i felt a huge power trip being able to be so productive and socialize and do all the stuff. i afterwards played the route where i just declined everything cause thats how i really am lol

im really looking forward to the full release..

and like yeah i love the pronoun/attraction/character selection choice at the start since its so important and a easy way to make youre game so much more accessible for lgbt folk. im working on a visual novel myself and i have made the pronouns being selectable

very nice doggo

YES! I love games that happen in a train. ALSO HOT OLDER WOMEN.

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aa idk what my game is going to be called yet but... its about 2 trans lesbians who end up living together. laina is the anxious lil bunny and pisti is the nerd next to her. pisti gets kicked out of her home cause her dad finds out shes trans and laina kinda ends up letting pisti stay at her place. theyre actually meeting for the first time as the story starts and they spend a lit of time just sitting around and talking and bond through their mental illnesses and gay stuff and then they start dating eventually
im hoping to portray a relationship between two broken girls who just want to be together even though life is hard and everything sucks

the game will have some sort of nsfw content in it i dont know how far i will take it yet but i'll see about it later. im planning on releasing the game free but it will have a totally optional paid (nsfw) art book where you can find all my doodles and drawings ive drawn of these two during these past 2 months i work on the game

so far ive written 4k words and have done the coding stuff so i only need to focus on the story writing now. i also have arranged an musician and the games sound track is going to be nice ambient stuff!!

Created a new topic Dev logs are encouraged!

Hey everyone, the jam has finally started! I'm sure everyone is already working on their projects and I would like to remind and encourage for people to make developement logs on the forum! 

Just make a thread here and post your progress and updates in the thread every now and then! Screenshots and gifs and anything you can think of. 
I would also encourage people to comment and and discuss the games here. All of this is completely optional, but it is a nice way we can keep the community stuff going on especially outside of our discord.

Happy game making everyone!~