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Thank you, I'm glad you're enjoying the Grimoire! The title font on the cover page is Bodoni MT.

Yes, thanks for asking! Though there have been updates since this was first published, you can still follow these tutorials with both current versions of the SugarCube and Harlowe formats. This was published before the latest Harlowe update, so it doesn't cover the new toolbar that may simplify some aspects of these tutorials (like changing text colors and background colors in specific passages), but the information in this PDF should still be usable.

Thanks so much for your patience, I hope this volume comes in handy for you!

You're right! This is a more efficient solution than the one listed. (I actually use this myself, but it slipped my mind while proofreading.) Thanks! I'll update the file ASAP.

I was wondering if that might catch anyone by surprise! I'm sorry he spooked you, but I'm pleased the uncanny haunted portrait vibes are working. (Thanks so much for checking out the page!)

Thanks so much!

This made my day. I'm thrilled that this narrative was able to evoke such strong feelings. Thank you so much for playing and commenting!

Thank you so much! It means a lot to know you're enjoying the game, and I'm thrilled that the Grimoire has been helpful to you. Volume II is on the way!

I'm so happy to hear that! Thank YOU.

Not at all, thanks so much for pointing that out! My grasp of Greek is still a total work-in-progress, so I appreciate it. Glad you enjoyed the game!

Thank you so much for this incredibly kind comment. I've been thinking about it all week. Getting such thoughtful, utterly lovely feedback is amazing. I really appreciate seeing your thoughts, and knowing that you regard this game and my other work so highly is truly touching. I enjoyed making this game a lot, and I'm so happy that it appealed to you so much and that you engaged with it so deeply! This series in particular is dear to me, so that's such an uplifting feeling. Stay safe and be well!

Thank you so much for your support! I hope this will be helpful for you as you're getting started; let my know if you have any questions as you're working through it!

It really is. Horror could always use more weird tooth stuff.

Thank you, that's exactly what I was going for!

I really appreciate you saying so, thank you!

Thank you so much, that means a lot!

Thank you so much for the kind words and for your support! Really glad you found the Grimoire helpful.

It's my pleasure!! So excited to hear you were looking forward to it!

Thank YOU!!! I'm so happy this is useful to people!

Thank you so much!

Glad it worked! I'll add a note with directions on how to interact with the embedded portions. Thanks again for letting me know.

Okay, thanks for the info! If you click inside the frame of the Bitsy portions, then press the down arrow key (or any other arrow key), does the text start advancing at all?

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Whoa, that's DEFINITELY a bug; thanks so much for letting me know. The screenshots on this page should all be visible in-game.

What browser are you using, and is your browser up to date? If I can replicate the bug, I can hopefully fix this or find a workaround.

After the first three options, a fourth unlocks, then after viewing that, the ending is available. It's a bit abrupt because this is more of a demo or proof-of-concept than anything!

Thanks so much!!

I'm so glad you think so! You should also definitely check out Freya's ( work if you're interested in Bitsy and Twine combined!

Thank you, glad to hear that!

Thank you so much! I'm so happy you enjoyed the story too!

Thank you!!!

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Thank you so much! Most of my games are technically downloadable somehow (I assume via the itch app), but I haven't given a lot of thought yet to providing official downloads for the majority of my browser-based games. Maybe I should! If you have suggestions I'd love to know what you'd be interested in.

Wow, this is an incredible compliment. Thank you so much!!! It means a lot to me to know that you enjoy my work!

That wheat looks fantastic! I love the cornfield-at-dusk atmosphere. Beautiful concept art as well! 

Definitely allowed! This sounds like a great idea.

Absolutely, please feel free to start a devlog thread if you'd like to!

Jam themes are completely optional, so if you have something different in mind for your project, that's perfectly fine, but if you'd like some extra direction, the theme for this jam is:


Have there been any cryptid sightings where you live? Is there a place in your town or city rumored to be home to its own little-known creature? Find out which cryptids might call your part of the world (city, state, hometown, part of the country, etc) home.

Join the Discord!

You can pop in here to chat with other jammers, discuss the theme, share screenshots, and look for team members or feedback. Be courteous as a rule, and try to stay on topic according to the channel you're using.

I will be around to check in on the chat a few times per week. Mention or DM me if you need me, and I'll respond as soon as I'm able. There are also two additional moderators available as well who will be happy to help you. Have fun!

This is a great point; I'll edit the F.A.Q to reflect that almost anything goes.

I do absolutely want to avoid enabling people to depict creatures or concepts in potentially hurtful or harmful ways (or in the case of fictional IPs, in ways that the creator hasn't authorized -- which I realize is a very different thing, but still falls under the "almost anything goes" issue). I believe you, but would definitely appreciate a source to direct people to in case any jammers are looking for more information.

Thanks so much for sharing! And for sticking to the guidelines - a lot of cool ideas end up being cut or changing a lot over the course of a project, and it's really fun to see those initial concepts.

This art is great; there's a really nice, subtle animation going on here. I'm always a sucker for a good balance of scanlines and noise.