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Like everyone else already said, I absolutely adore the art and UI direction! Honestly I got pretty teared up already, it really hooked me in so far, and I can't wait to play more!

That was so lovely! I didn't realize it had VO at first--it's a really lovely touch. Also seconding Nia the anxiety is so real for this kind of thing you captured it well + it's nice to see it handled naturalistically. Great job to the team! 🙏

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Soooo cute! This is such a sweet, polished little gem of a game. I really loved the pros and cons list as a player choice... and the art and writing was soooo endearing--and I really loved the music!! Really lovely work!

WOW this is incredible!! Honestly tutorials are one of the harder things to pull off just because they need to be so hand-crafted, but this is so polished and works perfectly for a demo! The art and movement is really good--somewhat reminds me a bit of older point and click adventure games. Also, not sure if it was just me but I think some of the tutorial didn't activate at first--I actually walked toward the side alley and didn't think there was any until I walked back to the start. I might've just missed it though. Seriously amazing work though!! Keep it up!

Oh man THIS IS SO GOOD!! I really adore the combo of art and audio here... it's really so unsettling and culminates really well. So cool!!!

This game is so cute!! Admittedly I couldn't figure out where to collect seed but it was fun exploring the level and tilling the field. Really love all the audio, it really does feel like just chilling in nature.

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WOW I loved this!! The art is gorgeous and the writing and characters are just so fun. I really dig the cheeky but also earnest tone of this... it feels very dreamy and wistful. The music is sooooo good too. I also really love the kinds of upfront questions that turn into things like names... it actually took me a second to realize the second character was supposed to be the player? So excited you were able to submit this and would love to see more!

Really fun game! Everything about the shooting fx really make it feel so satisfying!

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Hi! Which did you submit? It looks like your first game was created Feb 2021 and your other game was already submitted to another jam?

From the rules on our front page: Please note that in fairness to your fellow jammers, games finished outside the game timeline are not allowed. In addition, games submitted to this jam cannot be submitted to other jams. Submissions violating these rules will be reported.

This is so fun! Everything about the growing and picking plants is soooo satisfying especially with the SFX and the way you can kind of throw the food around haha. The way customers talk is so funny too, and I love your low poly style so much. The only thing I encountered was that I would have all the food on the stall but it wouldn't register unless I nudged some pieces around. Other than that everything feels so nicely polished and well-scoped! Fantastic game!!

Ahh I see--I assumed when I died it just took me to the beginning of the stage I was on, but I think I missed that some stages have checkpoints already. Since that one was mid level I assumed I would have started there if I died.

Lovely game! The concept is really interesting and all the art and animations are really beautiful. The way you introduce each mechanic one by one is so well designed--really felt like I was building on each mechanic together. I couldn't quite get past the level with the two cats--the second one is sitting right on the water and I keep intersecting its hitbox and I'm not quite skilled enough to avoid this haha. Is the flag supposed to be a checkpoint? I hit it, but it didn't seem to do anything. Overall great game--genuinely so well designed to teach the mechanics and really polished for the amount of time!!

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This game was so fun! I loved the art and some of the platforming sections were definitely really challenging and rewarding when I got them! Love all the art in your game--the swaying trees were a nice touch and the backgrounds were really pretty. I couldn't tell if some of the attacks worked--maybe they were too far in distance? Or maybe the enemies had more than 1 health?

Overall really great job!! Congrats on finishing!!

Congrats on submitting! All the entries look so great--excited to really go through them as well!

The card next to your username says you submitted!

Not sure if you knew but just in case--looks like your page isn't public yet!

Heads up in case you didn't know--your page isn't public yet!

The page is private?

This looks really great so far! Just so you know you can just reply to your original thread--devlogs work best as one thread so you can keep track of your progress over the jam! Don't worry about double posting in a thread, we expect it.

Yes, that’s fine.

That's a really smart plan for a first game! I think Ren'Py is a great way to jump in to dev (especially if you have a little bit of python experience), and love that you're really designing with straightforward goals in mind. This art is lovely, legitimately excited to see how this will look in game!

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I know I've mentioned it before, but I'm not at all familiar with TTRPG design so really glad you linked the three clue rule article! That's a really fascinating read, and love how you tied in how you're pulling from it to design a system that's very player-friendly and encourages the game along. I really like the action system--it feels easy to pick up for forgetful players like me especially with using the same values for the rolls. Cool stuff!

ADORE your character art so far, these expressions are so cute!! Also this nature textbox is so lovely! It feels simple, but still with a really careful attentive touch and perfectly suited to not be distracting. Hey, even if you have a prototype you can always continue working beyond the jam if you'd like!

Dang this is looking nice! Really curious to see how the color palette variations will be implemented!

Ohhhh love that you're picking a game engine/design that suits your strengths! Ren'Py is a really cool engine, and I love that this will really take advantage of branching routes which are a really fun part of VNs... excited to see more of this!

Wow we so rarely get TTRPGs it's really exciting to see one! This is such a thorough breakdown already--it's really cool to see it all outlined. Especially loving that you are already bringing up concerns that players should keep in mind--that's really thoughtful design! Can't wait to see more!

Sounds like good progress--I am a little curious what the premise of your game is. Maybe you can even share a quick gif or vid of the prototype? Keep it up!

Honestly it's not a bad thing if other people have had the idea--if anything this might help you get some reference and ideas and figure out how you can make your idea entirely yours! Can't wait to see more of this--maybe you can share your splash screen?

Wow this is awesome progress for the first day! I'm really loving the palette and textures of all your sprites. Excited to see more!

Love how you broke down MVP and reach goals. This is really awesome to see! Looking forward to seeing this!

That sounds like a really manageable goal! Wishing you the best of luck!

I'd be curious about how you'd tackle a 3rd person 2D pixel style game... perhaps an orthographic view? Top down seems to be pretty popular though. Wishing you the best of luck in the jam!

As long as they follow the jam rules that's fine!

It's announced on the jam page, but the social media feeds more reliably have it queued to post.

It will be revealed on the 14th, the day before the jam starts!

Wow! This is a really clever workaround. What I might try to do is add these characters to the hidden replace terms (which are used for the Twine to Ren'Py conversion in the first place). It's been a second since I've sat down at my computer with this script though, but it'll be slated into whenever I can manage an update for sure.

Really happy to hear that!! It's helped with organizing our project so I'm glad other people are able to get use out of it!