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god this ripped so hard!!

The tool doesn't need to see a Ren'Py script. It takes a Twine html file as an input and a directory as a place to output the generated Ren'Py file. At no point will it need to point to an existing Ren'Py script.

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Don't think it should. Mainly the demo is just helpful to demonstrate the proper way to use the tool since it's not designed to "out of the box" convert any Twine file automatically to Ren'Py. Things to try or follow up with me so I can help you troubleshoot:
- Open the Demo.html in Twine and note how it is formatted/laid out. Was your file written for Ren'Py or in a Twine format? (This will determine whether you should be enabling "Twine mode", or if you've already written it to work with Ren'Py.)
- Check that your Twine file is using the Sugarcube format for Twine 2.
- Check that all of your passages are connected.
- Note that the order of the passages is likely dependent on the order the Twine passages themselves were created. They should still be connected in the correct order using jump labels, even if they are not "chronologically" correct (there isn't a "reliable" way to determine this order without a lot more work, so it just orders in the way that Twine has ordered the file, which I have found is usually the order that you authored the passages).
- Does the Ren'Py script file run when placed into a project? If not, what is the error you are getting?

What did you try it on? Did you try converting the demo file?

Hi! TL;DR: Not currently, but it might in the future.

Unfortunately because the tool was originally written in Python 2.7 it cannot process some ascii characters, likely including Cyrillic ones. I have a longterm roadmap to port the tool to Python 3 at some point which I believe will be able to fix some of these limitations, but it would require a bit of an overhaul because of the library differences.

Nice catch! This small update should fix that, but let me know if you spot anything else.

Nah, I can definitely see a use for this. I didn't thoroughly test this one but here's a quick shot at it if you have some time to try it out.

Hmm actually, I lied, I forgot that menus can be multiline. I can take a look at this, but it may take some time to find a solution.

The tool doesn’t currently account for this, but a simple workaround would be to set the variable to true at the beginning of the passage. It would be a slightly trickier feature to add because this type of statement doesn’t explicitly exist in Ren’Py or Python to my knowledge, but let me know if you had an equivalent statement in mind + how important this is to your current workflow.

Hey! Sorry about that--I checked the latest demo file and looks like I didn't do a thorough final check with one that was provided to me for testing. That line in the Twine source file should have " quotes around it, but if they are added the tool converts properly. I fixed it up and re-uploaded a zip with fixed demo files. Let me know if those work for you!

It's possible to run on Mac by downloading Python 2 and just downloading the source code and running the

You’re very welcome! Double check your page is public and you can submit using this link:

Sorry for the delay, here’s your submit link:

Sorry for the delay, here’s your submit link:

Sorry for the delay, here’s your submit link:

Is this the link you're using? 

Hey, just wanted to let you know the game page is not published yet/set to private! If this was not intentional make sure you have the "publish" box checked.

Yes, you can. From the rules on the jam page:

  • We do not accept submissions that require external games or software to run such as Roblox. Games that require interpreters (python, some interactive fiction languages, etc.) are allowed.

I love your game's design--very simple, easy to grasp, and inherent and understandable risk/reward. This looks great so far! I'm excited to see how you implement the day/night cycle. It'd be cool to see some of the game in motion!

It's normal to join the jam a bit late so I wouldn't worry too much! Honestly I'm really excited about this premise--I can't wait to see your progress!

Ohhh this progress is great! The scrolling background and slight tilt adds a lot. I'm not really sure what else you could add but if you wanted some ideas maybe something like coins/powerups for additional distance points? Either way excited to see more!

Really adore this art style! I like how you've broken down the different types and made them readable as shapes--also the line renderer is such a nice touch! Can't wait to see more of this!!

I love all the small polish bits that you brought up--the slight randomization in spawning for example is such a nice touch that as you mentioned can really make it feel more organic and alive! Awesome progress on all the different types of soldiers too--I also though adding little flairs or hats would be a fun effect but I actually really love your reasoning about really doubling down on the senselessness of war. That's really thoughtful, and it's awesome that it sounds like you have a pretty functional (and fun!) game already!

If you get a chance it would be really cool to see a gif capture of the gameplay! (Screentogif is a popular program if you need one!)

I saw your posts on the Discord but it'd be awesome to see some embedded gifs on this devlog with more explanation of your process if you get a chance! It's looking so good already, the PSX art direction is awesome.

Ohhh using moon phases for different mechanics is so clever! Honestly that idea alone sounds like a great scope for a jam game. I'm excited to more of your little bunny mage in motion!

That's a really well-formed interpretation of the theme and it's awesome to see you have the mechanics and design loop so well nailed and explained. Excited to see more of this!

This art + style is so cute!! I'm really excited to see how they'll look in game.

It's normal to lose a few days in the jam, but I hope it isn't too stressful. Wishing you the best of luck!

Ohhh awesome progress! This is such a clever combination of mechanics and interpretations of the theme. It'd be awesome to see a gif of your project in motion!

Oh this is a very clever interpretation of the theme! Sounds like good progress so far--If you get the chance it would be great to see gif captures of the game!

Hey 18 is not late at all! A lot of my friends and coworkers started making games much later than that. If you find that you're struggling to finish everything though don't forget has a lot of asset packs available for you to use:

Making your first game can be very difficult, but be sure to celebrate the small victories and know that everything you make will make it much easier to make games in the future. Wishing you the best of luck!

Hi Woomek! At the halfway and end points of the jam we threads + events held in the community for exchanging playtests and feedback with other members of the jam. You'll see them go up in a week both in the community and the Discord server, feel free to join them for some feedback on your game! Generally though this jam is not a competition--it's a community. A lot of the feedback and mentorship happens as the jam is taking place, not just at the end! We have a large focus on cultivating a welcoming community and allowing people to connect and ask questions of more experienced jammers along the way.

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Hi, mods are not allowed to be submitted to this jam. If you'd like to find a teammate for your mod project you could try another jam or a community for mods like this in particular.

From the rules:

  • You may use any game engine/framework/language to make your game and build for any platform you like, including mobile. For mobile, only APKs can be distributed on
  • We do not accept submissions that require external games or software to run such as Roblox. Games that require interpreters (python, some interactive fiction languages, etc.) are allowed.

We don't have guidelines on what is required to be uploaded for a submission, but .zip files with game files is usually best for most cases. The game however must be hosted on (whether web or upload), not an external site to cut down on malicious links.

Can you clarify the confusion? There's no judging or reviewers for this jam. The rule is mainly to ensure submissions can run as standalone games, but with a few exceptions for interpreters (python, Inform 7 I believe).

As long as your final submission to this jam is able to play as a standalone game, that's fine.

Man even though this game only lasts 10 minutes the slow reveal over that time just has that really sickening kick! Immediately at the "I wish I had been there" moment I was like What Did They Mean By This and the unraveling of it is so horrifying. Lovely work!

Hi! Sorry to hear you've been having a hard time with the tool. Have you imported the "Demo.html" into Twine 2? Is there anything confusing about how it's set up? Or do you find the options in the tool the confusing part?

Secondly, I'm not able to repro an error when "<<set $variable to 1>>" is used. Do you have "Define variables" enabled under "Characters and variables" in the Twine to Ren'Py UI? If so and you're still seeing problems, if you're comfortable giving me the file or an isolated repro case, that'd help me in narrowing down what might be wrong! If you can export the Twine to file, get the incorrect .rpy output files, and a screenshot of your tool settings before you hit run,  you can send them to jbtuason at gmail dot com, and I'll take a look.

If it doesn't feel free to send me a trimmed test case Twine project with what you're trying to do and I can take a look to see if it's within the scope of the tool.

Not sure what you mean by twee to python (I haven’t really looked at what Twine 2 does with twee) so that is likely a no, but yes on a sugarcube 2 Twine game’s exported HTML to Ren’py code for most basic games. Variables are converted to inline Python for Ren’py and passage links are converted to menus and labels. For existing Twine games you will likely want to use “Twine mode”.

Let me know if you run into any issues!