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Hey there! Note the following jam rule: Please note that in fairness to your fellow jammers, games finished outside the game timeline are not allowed. In addition, games submitted to this jam cannot be submitted to other jams.

If you intended to submit to My First Game Jam, great! We just ask you to remove this submission from the other jam. If not, we ask you to remove the game from this jam. Thanks for understanding!

oh my god this example is slaying me........ i literally cannot wait to see this animated.

ohhh these animations look great! also, not sure if this is with your gif program or something but just wanted to give a heads up the flashing may be hard for some people to look at. either way cool progress!

ohhh this is really great progress so far!! all of this food looks so good omggg

gotta say i was so excited to check this devlog today!! ugh that title screen is gorgeous....... it's really cool to see the map progress so far! great stuff n___n

omgggg this is awesome to see in game!! its soooo cute aaaaaaa. this is such a smartly scoped asset for the jam too. i love it so much!

wow, that's a very well scoped game concept and so easily communicated in a single image. best of luck with the jam!

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oh nice stuff!! this is super cool UI so far. not something you have to change since ik youve already done a lot of work on it but i wonder if it'd be more legible for the a character's bars to be stacked/close to each other--i feel like it may be easy to accidentally read the green character's health bar as the blue character's during a battle. either way this is looking great!!

nice progress, if you have any gameplay to share it'd be lovely to see a gif or video of it!

the dialogue sprites are so good!! i love this.

btw--just as a heads up you can always add posts to a thread. it can help show when you have updates and also bump your thread on the community.

whoa hey this camera system looks great so far! excited to see more!

ohhh creating normals can be pretty tricky--if youre feeling adventurous one possible solution may be to find a grayscale map > normal map program (i think xnormal was an old one) and see if the results of that work. at worst, drawing them by hand is possible, but i probably wouldn't recommend it unless your tiles are simple + you have time to iterate and make sure the colors and vectors are correct. 

personally i start to work with audio depending on the type of project--for text games i might not really think of it until the end, for VNs i try to have in mind the kinds of tracks or sfx we might like toward the middle of development, but for 3D games i find sometimes it's pretty important to immersing a player in a world and testing pretty early on. honestly this isn't best practice haha but i've sometimes considered audio a reach goal for a jam game, but for other projects i think it can help to look into it sooner than later.

hey, this is lovely art!

ohh, really interested to see where this goes!!

"Millennial Mayhem is a short RPG that chronicles the "horror" of going home to one's crappy hometown for the holidays." dang this one hits a little too hard. i dig the premise a lot (even if it hurts)!! i'm really excited to see more of it.

oh this is awesome progress! i'm excited to see the walking sprite in game!

omggg this ui and art is soooo lovely omggg. i love the textures and overlays on the textbox and menus especially!!

ohhh using the NES palette is super cool! i really dig the art so far, it def feels like a good use of those colors.

do you have a screencapture program? something like snipping tool, gyazo, or even screentogif in the future might be helpful for posting images.

ahhh i do love pycharm. i feel like i'm always yearning for its features when i switch to other editors haha.

i really dig that you've been diligently documenting your process and experience so far with exporting with pygame--this is definitely something that has come up previously in jams so i'm sure it'd be useful for future jammers to read examples of how this is done. can't wait to see the game!

ohhh i love really specific, bittersweet game concepts like this one. it sounds perfectly scoped for this jam too. i'm wishing you the best of luck--i can't wait to see this with visuals!

ohhh this concept is so cool!! i love really interesting meta takes on games in general... also it's really cool to see so much UI and art done already. great progress so far!!

"The story is a sapphic supernatural romance and a commentary on lesbian censorship/"dead lesbian syndrome."" im seriously losing my mind i cannot WAIT for this. im really interested in the premise so far and aaaaa this art is incredible!! i'm so excited to see more of this 😭!!!

hey welcome back!! it's awesome to see you've already got movement up and running!

ohhhhh i love the sneaky boy concept, esp the up close version omggg 👁 i can't wait to see these chars in game!!

i love your overview + outline for the stages of the game--it looks like a great design start. also just wanna say i love the concept of a game set in 2003 hahaha.

as far as the motive + tone--it seems like a challenge! i'm really curious to see how you'll balance it.

ohhh loving the progress so far! the movement, particle effects, and spinning anims all really help it feel polished already. i do want to say admittedly it didnt totally understand the diff axes of symmetry at first, and probably would have to really think about it/see examples of it to fully grasp what i'm looking for in the level haha.

ohhh i agree with the above, this is an interesting battle concept and i'm really interested in the way it can be expanded as well. this is some awesome progress already!

ahhh wow this is definitely a very personal take on the theme. i'm really curious to see where you'll go with it!

ohhh i love the drama and atmosphere in the title screen. the music sounds really cool so far too. i can't wait to see more!

i'm glad you could join us!! i can't wait to see what these evil creatures look like!

ohh this is such a nicely organized outline and goals! i love that you shared some of your trello as well as process so far. i love games with a focus on consoles or a diegetic ui. can't wait to see more of this!

The theme is entirely up to your interpretation!

omg you're perfect for the jam!! youtube devlogs and tutorials are also such a good place to start. best of luck!

The only rule we have is that you can't require outside software (such as roblox) to run a game! But otherwise you can use any engine.

Hello! Welcome!

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Yes! You can update the game after uploading it, even past the jam date! The point of the jam is to learn, so if you want to continue updating your game after the jam ends you're completely free to do so. Just know that most people will be looking to play games after the jam ends.

No specific platform is required! But I'll second Mathew^ the more platforms the more people can play your game, and typically web based games will be played more.