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Man even though this game only lasts 10 minutes the slow reveal over that time just has that really sickening kick! Immediately at the "I wish I had been there" moment I was like What Did They Mean By This and the unraveling of it is so horrifying. Lovely work!

Hi! Sorry to hear you've been having a hard time with the tool. Have you imported the "Demo.html" into Twine 2? Is there anything confusing about how it's set up? Or do you find the options in the tool the confusing part?

Secondly, I'm not able to repro an error when "<<set $variable to 1>>" is used. Do you have "Define variables" enabled under "Characters and variables" in the Twine to Ren'Py UI? If so and you're still seeing problems, if you're comfortable giving me the file or an isolated repro case, that'd help me in narrowing down what might be wrong! If you can export the Twine to file, get the incorrect .rpy output files, and a screenshot of your tool settings before you hit run,  you can send them to jbtuason at gmail dot com, and I'll take a look.

If it doesn't feel free to send me a trimmed test case Twine project with what you're trying to do and I can take a look to see if it's within the scope of the tool.

Not sure what you mean by twee to python (I haven’t really looked at what Twine 2 does with twee) so that is likely a no, but yes on a sugarcube 2 Twine game’s exported HTML to Ren’py code for most basic games. Variables are converted to inline Python for Ren’py and passage links are converted to menus and labels. For existing Twine games you will likely want to use “Twine mode”.

Let me know if you run into any issues!

Late but thank you so much!

Late but thank you!

Glad you figured it out!

adore this!

Awesome! Really glad the tool could be helpful! I know quite a few VN devs who also use yarn and def passing along.

wow, this is genuinely humbling praise. thank you so much!! TT___TT

So happy to hear that!! Thanks for joining us!

This is such a sweet little game--I really love how much heart each interaction had and putting together tonics just felt so warm and caring. I know there was some difficulty getting custom code to work but extra props for going for a simpler and just as good solution--It works really well! I love this so much!!

This is such an incredible little game! I adore the aesthetic/presentation overall--the rope, the coffins propped up on death, the shadows cast in the background... I'm in love with all of it! The design was super engaging too, I found managing the whole party a really interesting challenge. Also, I think I might have run into a bug in one of the intermissions? I selected some powerups maybe from left to right but they all got locked out and I couldn't spend my last 10 claps. Overall really awesome game!!

This game is sooooooooooooo cute. All the writing is so charming and the art is so cute! For a game with a kind of "affection points-like" goal I really adore how much patience + waiting there is to this day by day. Maybe this is reading too deep into it but I think the idea of respecting someone's energy is just a really tender form of love. Adore this sweet little game!!

Aughhh this one really got to me. It was slowly cutting deeper and deeper until the "prophecies of self-destruction" line and honestly I think something broke in me 😭😭😭 This is soooooo good... Love this game about a new frond... SO glad to have the option to name the plant, and I really love the typewriter effect for the poems because it really felt like I could hear them being spoken aloud! This is such a good little game and I love how it connects to the theme TT___TT<3

This is so great!! Honestly making a 3D game in 2 weeks is an incredible feat--great job! I managed to get all the parts but couldn't quite figure out where to go at the end? Was I supposed to climb the tower? The platforms moved too quickly for me to manage to get up there a second time (and the short buildings one was tricky to climb). I also noticed the dialogue I got was a bit mismatched to the parts I found (referring to a crane when I had gotten the church one). Either way this game is great and I really adore the premise and art. Awesome project!

Love this so much!! Amazed at how much there is packed into this game--the transitions and animations really add so much polish! Great work!

The design for this game is so good--I love that you have not just a healing mechanic but also control the party in a way that's partly automated... it feels really satisfying getting them to line up with the enemies. This is really great!!

Wow this is reallyyy incredible. I adore the art so much, and the trailing particle effects and healing/growing transitions after you clear an area are legit so cool! The music is also perfect, love how it adds a mysterious atmosphere to everything. Honestly amazed how much progress was made in 2 weeks--great work!

Wow the concept of this game is so good! I love how straightforward yet challenging it is! The art and design on this page is incredible also--adore the menu presentation so much!!

Amazed there were apparently over 600 downloads before anyone noticed but thanks! This project was discontinued so I'm not hopeful I can salvage it, but I'll look around to see any of the builds are better.

Looks like the page is still private. Just wanted to be sure--is this intentional?

Hey there! Looks like this game hasn't been published/set to public yet. Is this intentional?

This submission is an app/tool, not a game and disqualified from the game jam.

Heh, managed to knock it out in an evening. Thanks for the reminder on this. The details of the release are in this devlog. If you have any questions about it you can direct them there!

The source code is up! This devlog has information and if you have any questions you can post them there.

Nope, no ban. I just tried the link on the jam page--if you try this one does it still not work?

Shouldn't be a problem if you're using the link on the jam page. What's your handle? You can also email it to myfirstgamejam @ gmail if you'd like.

Wow love how this is looking so far! The tilesets and little bits of animation are just so charming!

Congrats on reaching MVP!! 🎉🎉🎉 This looks so good! Excited to see what you'll add on top.

It's all good! Thanks for joining us!

I don't have a set date yet, but whenever I can finish adding documentation/commenting. It's a little convoluted + I'm guilty of using a lot of hacks so I want to make sure it's legible for edits for anyone who might want to make changes.

From the rules:

  • You may use any game engine to make your game and build for any platform you like, including mobile. For mobile, only APKs can be distributed on

WOW!!!!! I'm genuinely in awe this is amazing! I love the art + aesthetic you've got going on here. Genuinely seeing each post just made my jaw drop--keep it up!

You're allowed to promote your own devlog/work especially if it's related to the jam! Generally we don't allow solicitation (and probably will have a rule soon about doing this in other people's threads/devlogs...) but please feel free to share your work. Excited for the premise so far--I like that it kind of combines both "zombie" and "outbreak" type design into one!

Oh wow I thought I understood your mechanic from the pitch but honestly seeing it in motion in the video--this is really cool! I love the constraint of it--it seems like it'd have a lot of cool puzzles. This is looking great already--I'm excited to see more!

Whoa I love how the lighting added a lot! If your laptop can handle it I'd love to see how it plays in motion. If video is too hard I sometimes just use gif capturing programs--screen to gif is my typical goto? Either way looking great so far--awesome to see so much tutorialization.

Wow yeah honestly this is so polished already for a jam game! It does sound like a big game but honestly it's really cool to see your thought process for how you're thinking of scoping down in other ways to ship it. Excited to see it in motion!

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Hah, been a while since I've played COD zombies but wow this is really interesting as a premise--kind of like managing the risk/reward of making your enemies stronger? That's pretty cool!