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ahhh i'm really enjoying this so far! but i think i might have hit a loop talking to starr? ive talked to sylvia previously but it seems im still looping over decisions w "hidden side" / "music" and neither alternate options seems to break it. 

omg honestly this is so cute! if you're finding you're struggling a lot with art there's also asset packs that are available here on!

it happens! thanks for joining us even for a little bit. i'm wishing you the best of luck with wherever your jam adventures take you next!

ohhh wow these graphics are so lovely!! i love the concept of the game too--it's a really unique take on the theme. i can't wait to see this one!

nice progress so far! i'm glad you were able to start working on the notebook. these sprites are soooo cute and lovely TT

omg i love the concept of this game--this art is also really nice, esp for two weeks!

oh hey happy birthday man! i hope you had a good one. these tiled trees are gorgeous. if youre ever getting too stuck on code stuff feel free to swing by the discord again!

nice progress! i like that the "solution" is kind of open ended--i know when my friends and i play some board games we like to add some flavor or background setting to it so i think it's cool to see a game that encourages that!

omg yeah ofc!! honestly it seems more of a stretch goal. great stuff all around!!

oh wow this game is gorgeous!! this pseudo 3d is literally blowing my mind

hey there! you can use content that you have the rights to use such as songs that are public domain or have creative commons licenses. there's a lot of music out there that's available with these licenses, as well as general sound effects/tracks on sites like

congrats on finishing!!! and wow 5 days is incredible

congrats on releasing the demo!! all of your progress has been really awesome to see, especially the gates and enemies.

the visuals for this are soooo lovely! i dig the halftones a lot.

ah i really liked your discussion about writing from your own experiences as well as trying to put yourself in someone else's shoes and come to understand experiences that may be different than yours. i think that's pretty important for growing as a writer and developing more diverse casts of characters. cool stuff! keep it up!

omg this is a cute concept! i like that each of the balls has some unique properties. honestly i don't feel like a game like this really needs a narrative tbh! it reminds me a lot of classic flash games, where just being a fun platformer is more than enough haha. best of luck with the jam!

omg this is a really cute tree! i'm excited to see this terrain generation

ohhh this is looking so great with the AI running around! also i love this character so far omg i'm excited to see them animated!

aaaa the trails look awesome!!! i love the little blue overlay you have too it really adds some atmosphere to the game. have you considered maybe nudging the camera a bit more up? at some parts most of the screen is ground, but you could probably get around that by having the camera not go below certain points

hey that looks awesome! i can't wait to see the snowman in motion! also the parallax background sounds really cool. if you have time it could be cool to add something like parallax trees or clouds or something too.

if you're interested in making a top down RPG would rpgmaker be able to work for your needs? it sounds like a perfect game for that engine, especially if you want to ease into and automate some of the trickier dev stuff when starting out.

yo! i wanted to try this one but unfortunately i'm running into large black areas of screen when it loads.....

omggg yesss i love these designs and mockups so much already!!! i like your little plot map too i always find plotting and writing the hardest part of games for sure TT LOV THIS SO MUCH good luck with the jam both of u!!

nice progress! if it's similar to hyper light drifter where you're using your mouse for direction, i think attacking with LMB makes sense!

ohhh this art is looking so great!! it's so cool to see it in context esp w the player character walking around aaaa so exciting!

ohhh i love how this looks esp w the camera interaction! also it's great that you've outlined the possible actions and separated them by complexity. i'm really interested in this game overall! good luck with the rest of the jam!

ahh that's a clever way to solve the nav problem! the opening is looking great!

omg i love those exclamation points. the flowchart you set up for the states is also really easy to read! nice stuff. i like that you're taking the time to assess how far the game has come and where you think you'll be by the end of the jam--this is so important for finishing the game. im wishing you the best of luck!

omg this premise is really good.... it's such a unique spin on "memory" style games and feels like it has a lot of embedded humor already. i can't wait to see this game!

Hi everyone! Having a good jam so far? We thought it might be a neat idea to encourage a playtesting weekend, meant to help everyone pinpoint issues and check out other jammers' work! It's okay if you don't have your game done— you can still show us what you have so far! To account for the lateness of this announcement, the dates for posting your games will be between Saturday through Monday. Doing this is optional, but we encourage you to post! We also HIGHLY encourage you to check out games with no feedback; let your fellow jammers know you're cheering them on!

If you'd like to participate, please post here with the following information:

Game Title/URL: Self-explanatory.  Link your game here. 

Pitch/Information: A short description of the game.

I'd like feedback on: You can put a list, questions, or description of what you would like critique on. Can be "anything!" if you're not looking for anything specific.

I need help on: Optional so remove if unnecessary, but if you have a specific problem or bug that you would like help or advice with solving, put it here!

Have fun, and don't forget to play each other's games!

oh these tiles are so cool! i can't wait to see the thawing in action!

omg this is so cute!! i love premise and little animations--and it's overall such a well scoped game. congrats on finishing!!

whoa that's quite an interesting background. honestly i think jams are a great place to start because they give you some small deadlines to work toward. thanks for sharing this video--this is probably the coolest paper prototype i've ever seen. good luck with the jam!

wow nice this GDD is so nicely organized! i really love your diagrams--they give such a clear picture to me of how the game will play. good luck with the jam!

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omg wow that's a really neat level setup. the multiple wallruns in a row is sooo cool!! i'm not totally sure about the collision or lighting questions but have you tried to post on the unreal forums/questions page for answers?

whooaaaa i love this story premise so much! all the design elements are really interesting against this specific narrative and totally make sense for a procedurally placed board.

omg i highly recommend it! i believe you can play it on ios actually if you have an apple device and are ever interested in giving it a shot.

i'm on windows 8.1 playing on chrome! i saw a spinning wheel.

no worries! thanks for listening.

oh god yeah for sure i think with dev the hardest part is........ learning how to learn? even as a professional job i'm picking up programs or languages i'm not familiar with at all and it's like constantly reading up on things and figuring out what's useful and how to get to the info i need quickest. but yeah im wishing you the best of luck with the life balance!