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charming and cute! I loved all the little pet peeves listed for each of them-sending people to hell for reclining seats on planes added a few years to my life.

Yay! Happy to hear it's still in development!

This game is hella weird, but was very fun to stream. Doubly so with the quirky music. Thanks for sharing it dude!

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I love love the color pallet + design! Great job in creating atmosphere and spookyness with the art!

13/10 would make the game panic over my beautiful waffle tower again. Super super cute game!

This game is a delight! I adore the design and the sounds. It's simple, clever, cute and delightful. And more importantly the sprouts changing pitch means you are hooked from the get go, you aren't making something static, but a growing 'song'. and it's so much to explore and play with!

I am charmed by this game, I'm not a huge bullet hell fan but the 'cute mode' was a perfect difficulty curve for someone who struggles with double jumps.  Really looking forward to the full release of the game and all the gals! The artwork on the dev. twitter looks so much fun!

I streamed this game and had a blast, thank you for sharing the demo with us for free!

Very cute mechanics- the 'light/torch' going out is a cute way to add a timer in a thematic way. Looking forward to seeing more of it as you develop the final product!

A super charming game :D 

I had fun ever though I got just shy of fully trashing the owner's apartment each time

I'm in awe at the texture/shader techniques you used. The look of the game is AMAZING, the sound and everything realy work together to make this game a singular experience!


This game is great. i have nothing to add to perfection

I love the art style, story and gameplay! It's lovely and unnerving- the hallmarks of a good ghost story!

A lovely Game, thank you for sharing it. It's uncomfortable, confusing and dreamy and You crafted something really beautiful with this game.

I streamed this and had a blast! (if I were thinking I would have recorded it but alas)

It's super cute, with a crazy slick amount of polish for something free, and some of the most fun and charming visual metaphors for just being TIRED. 

WOW, realy REALY clever use of a timeline to tell a story, it's short but no less beautiful and impactful  for it!

really clever gameplay and design! It's really satisfying to beat each level and hear that  'cling' as the dots collide!

Thanks so much for playing it! That means so much, especially in it's super incomplete state! 

it's a very striking visual style! 

You have a great scene of humor, the game was absolute treat to play!

This is adorable! The designs are so charming, I can't wait to see more of it!

This game is reminding me of my terrible typist skills XD I could barely get past the first spell!

But it's a SUPER polished game with fantastic art and a cute concept!

Aww it's so cute! I love the music you picked out for it!

I realy like where this is going! I think you have the framework for a realy clever introspective magical girl story.

The controls at times were super floaty, sometimes I'd click on things and she's just keep on walking into the nearest wall XD

but for what you got done in two week, this is fantastic!

SPACE POOP! this game is super cute, with some amazing solid design!

I angry with a lot of the other comments, the the controls were a bit floaty, but the diffculty curve was gradual enough that I was able to learn the tricks to work with the controls- a rarity when I play any sort of plaforming game,3D or 2D!

Whooooa this is FANATASTIC.I love your art, and enjoyed all the cute conversations with the clients! I really really hope you do a longer version, with more rendered art (they're really good!)

I did get stumped on a few of the puzzels even when asking for hints, I wasn't sure what to look for in the descriptions a few times.

that sprite is fantastic! Looks like you have the controls and feel down! I hope you keep going with this game!

cute sprites! I like the floaty controls for the ghost character, it works in this context realy well!

Fantastic concept, a simple almost 'postsecret' type of game!

oh man, this is adorable! I didn't get very far cause I suck at platformers though.

oooh, this was a really interesting game! l like your use of the black BG at times.

you might want to add scrollbars to your game- or just mention that it should be played fullscrean, as the options sometimes get cut off at the bottom of the window.

I like this a lot, I think you captured that dream-floaty feel with your writing. It feels like a dream on the verge of realving it's a nightmare.

whooooaa Supercute spirtes! Great job on that parallax- it really helps sells the visuals!

I'm rubbish at platformers- so I gave up realy fast, but I still think you made a solid game!

This is adorable! I did have issue with the wall-jumping and room-entering. I got stuck in an endless loop of entering and exiting the school, and flower girlfriend wouldn't talk to me again, so after that...I wasn't to sure where to go.

BUT. this is a game you made in two weeks, you got a SHITLOAD done. the art is adorable, the characters are cute, and the animations work with the game! I really hope you finish this!

I like it! Exited for the 2nd and 3rd acts!

Super cute game! I did have some difficulting finding the hitboxes on some of the demons- without a 'hit' animation it's hard to tell. And my attack just kinda...stopped working on the 3rd floor.

All in all, you had two weeks, and I think you did a great job! please keep working on this!

It's cute! I love the simply blue colors for the environment, it's a different take on the retro look!

My only problem was that I had issues figuring out what was a platform, but for two weeks in a new game engine, I think this is fantastic!

Neat concept! I hope you flesh it out later on!

I know in you description you mentioned the difficulty not scaling like you would prefer, but I thought it got harder as I went along- but I'm also bad at platformers!

This is such a great premise for a cute little game! I bet she could still take on all those monsters herself though : D

Haha...going by how today went, i feel like I bit off a bit more than I can chew. Unity is a DENSE beast.

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Day 3 (or Day 1 of Unity madness)

I got the FPS camera to work, turns out it is NOT really possible to extrapolate from a 3rd person camera. But Unity does have some prefabs to use.

So I used one of those and slightly modified a ray-casting script to make the objects 'disapear' when clicked on.

Learned quite a lot about troubleshooting code, but I'm a bit disappointed in myself for not realy learning the nitty gritty of the raycasting script. It works, but I don't really understand how.

So tomorrow my goal is to pick apart the raycasting script, tidy it up a bit for better use with prefabs, and get a UI to trigger when a box is picked up!

(also's a boring devlog that has no gifs..I'm just real really tired)