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You'll be glad to know I've something in the works that will post very soon!

(I'm also considerably more active on socials- Itch gets my larger works so it updates....very rarely).

Thank you for thinking of me though- it is giving me the fuel I need to cross the finish line for this next project! It's sillier than my previous works- but I hope you like it!

A fantastic game! I adore the composition and transition animations. They served the scene and atmosphere so so well! Eveything is so visualy interesting- it's wonderful!

a cute lil game! fun audio design!

Thank you for the concern! The lack of Development on this title is because I just...lost steam on it. I may one day come back to it.

I have a few comics and other projects in the works though!

This game is adorable and charming!

And full of cute furry porn lmao. A++

One of the rare gems, the has both heart and polish- this game is a delight all the way through and you'd be MISSING the hell out if you pass this one by! The base game is free!!!

The visuals are gorgeous, bright and charming, the main designs land in the sweet spot of both cartoony and HOT, and the npcs occupy a full range in-between.

The music tracks are all a delight- retro JRPG vibes, and the battle music SLAPS- looping delightfully into the characters conversation about how they will be remember, and the game own nostalgic undertones.

The writing feels like well...a big gay road trip- it's fun and silly and I LOVE IT. 

The combat is by far the most polarizing part of the game. It's weird remix of JRPG 'ATB' cooldowns and caught me off guard a bit. i was very much expecting a more turn-based system. Act 2/3 (when the elements get introduced) was extremely confusing. And more than a few of the boss battle had me brute forcing my way through them. But we did- because if there's one boss in all of videos I am NOT going to let get the best of me- it's the one at the end of Act 3.

Overall? The game is a delight. And you should grab it!

The story is warm and cozy and about a feeling so familiar to me. A lovely game!

It sure is! thank you!

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update: I just wanted to mention that the issue has been solved, and  THE GAME IS SO LOVELY. I'm lovely this sweet little game so far!

I LOVE this game- the concept and art style are adorable.

I'm getting a pretty anoying bug in the very begining- after granma gives me her cute speech and sets me loose in the grocery store- the camera just...spins out of control and wont accept any inputs (mouse or controller) to control the camera. 

I'm happy to supply any more info to help troubleshoot the issue! it's a lovely game, and I'm lookign forward to experiencing the full game!

oh my WORD. this game is so cute! I can't wait to see it completed! the demo alone is an absolute treat!

Hi! love the game, the writing is so charming and delightful! I'm running into an issue where the needed inputs aren't clear.

I'm not sure if it's user error- or a bug so I figured I'd leave a comment and see! I'd really love to see the game to completion! it's a delight.

My issue is when the goblin gal asks you to remove her clothes- neither mouse nor keyboard inputs do anything to remove the pants. Would love some input on what is the intended input so I can try again.


Lovely LOVELY and very impressive game! It's super robust, with a lot of care and thought put into the mechanics. the depth of feild effect is also a lovely graphical addition.

I feel a little silly asking this- but I am horribly stuck trying to plant the first 3 seeds.  I'm stuck on the very first whalehex area.

I will fully admit this is likely a user error, but I'm not sure where I need to be dragging the seeds too in order to modify or plant them.

Dragging, and both L and R clicking in the inventory doesn't do anything, and same with click on the 'holes' with matching #tags.

I would love a gentle explanation- I really want to progress in this lovely game! The visuals are incredibly unique!

A game with a TON of visual appeal and charm, however pausing the game crashed my system.

looking forward to playing a more stable release!

there's a lot of charm in this small game :D

I wasn't the best at the rythm game, but the art and game is super charming! 

One of the most visually stunning- and clever games I've played in a while! A really satisfying way to play through a 'graphic novel' style story. The colors, and bold graphics give the game a very unique illustrative look and feel!

I did run into a game-breaking bug at the very end- but I want to make it clear to any prospective players that is absolutly still a game worth playing! The apartment section is  charming, and the car segment features some truly INSPIRED transitions.  

A game that comes from the heart- and is all the more lovely for it! 

strange and weird, but also thoughtful and lovely

Yo this game is AESTHETIC AF. Fantastic controls and look! 

This game is bizarre and wonderful. I love it

A lovely game that reminds me of my own job and the odd and wonderful connections made even at dead end cubicle farms! Thank you for sharing this game!

This game is a treasure, and I can't belive it took me so long to play it! The delightful  use of Ren'Py saves is super clever!

Clickers and VNs are my favorite game genere/mechanics and he cliker/VN combination works super well to tell the story! It's charming and sweet! Each of the characters has there own distinctive characteristics, and it's a delight to play! I was very surprised by how well the clicker 'timeing' was balanced with the story triggers- you aren't clicking away for too long before you can trigger another conversation. I very much loved this little game!

What a lovely game! The art is fantastic, with exclent staging for  VN! Alex and Mari's designs are charming, and the dialoge is excelent! 

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weird spooky, and atmospheric!  The fighting system with the card was a little confusing- but very cool and fun once i got going with it. I love this little game!

I love this gameplay device to show the interconnected evils of capitalsim!

wow,fantastic game! I loved the puzzels, and the dialogue( 'phone adresses' I love it) was great, and set the tone fantasticly!

I love this game. It's incredibly impressive how you incorated multiple levels of communist ideals into the gameplay- as you progress your understanding of the benefits of communism become more apparent as does your understanding!  

I did run into a bug on my playthrough - it was impossible to activate the paper boat after the revolution started- and there was no clear 'objective' to complete.

I love this, the 70s aesthetic is mega fun, and the idea behind the game is informative! Great job!

THIS GAME IS A DELIGHT. I need more sales in my life. i need a nekkid mob to assalt cops and steal bikes.

a realy great interpretation of theme, everything about the game reninforces how teniuous everything is about life and work and surving.

I found myself caught off guard by the themes touched on in this game- it's beautiful. and the music + art is a fantastic match for the themes. 

beautiful- didn't quite grasp the narrative puzzle on the first play through. But I did it on a stream and often deeper semantic meaning are lost with divided attention. It's a gorgeous game, with great dialogue. I'm looking forward to my second playthrough :D

charming and cute! I loved all the little pet peeves listed for each of them-sending people to hell for reclining seats on planes added a few years to my life.

Yay! Happy to hear it's still in development!

This game is hella weird, but was very fun to stream. Doubly so with the quirky music. Thanks for sharing it dude!

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I love love the color pallet + design! Great job in creating atmosphere and spookyness with the art!

13/10 would make the game panic over my beautiful waffle tower again. Super super cute game!