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WOW, realy REALY clever use of a timeline to tell a story, it's short but no less beautiful and impactful  for it!

really clever gameplay and design! It's really satisfying to beat each level and hear that  'cling' as the dots collide!

Thanks so much for playing it! That means so much, especially in it's super incomplete state! 

it's a very striking visual style! 

You have a great scene of humor, the game was absolute treat to play!

This is adorable! The designs are so charming, I can't wait to see more of it!

This game is reminding me of my terrible typist skills XD I could barely get past the first spell!

But it's a SUPER polished game with fantastic art and a cute concept!

Aww it's so cute! I love the music you picked out for it!

I realy like where this is going! I think you have the framework for a realy clever introspective magical girl story.

The controls at times were super floaty, sometimes I'd click on things and she's just keep on walking into the nearest wall XD

but for what you got done in two week, this is fantastic!

SPACE POOP! this game is super cute, with some amazing solid design!

I angry with a lot of the other comments, the the controls were a bit floaty, but the diffculty curve was gradual enough that I was able to learn the tricks to work with the controls- a rarity when I play any sort of plaforming game,3D or 2D!

Whooooa this is FANATASTIC.I love your art, and enjoyed all the cute conversations with the clients! I really really hope you do a longer version, with more rendered art (they're really good!)

I did get stumped on a few of the puzzels even when asking for hints, I wasn't sure what to look for in the descriptions a few times.

that sprite is fantastic! Looks like you have the controls and feel down! I hope you keep going with this game!

cute sprites! I like the floaty controls for the ghost character, it works in this context realy well!

Fantastic concept, a simple almost 'postsecret' type of game!

oh man, this is adorable! I didn't get very far cause I suck at platformers though.

oooh, this was a really interesting game! l like your use of the black BG at times.

you might want to add scrollbars to your game- or just mention that it should be played fullscrean, as the options sometimes get cut off at the bottom of the window.

I like this a lot, I think you captured that dream-floaty feel with your writing. It feels like a dream on the verge of realving it's a nightmare.

whooooaa Supercute spirtes! Great job on that parallax- it really helps sells the visuals!

I'm rubbish at platformers- so I gave up realy fast, but I still think you made a solid game!

This is adorable! I did have issue with the wall-jumping and room-entering. I got stuck in an endless loop of entering and exiting the school, and flower girlfriend wouldn't talk to me again, so after that...I wasn't to sure where to go.

BUT. this is a game you made in two weeks, you got a SHITLOAD done. the art is adorable, the characters are cute, and the animations work with the game! I really hope you finish this!

I like it! Exited for the 2nd and 3rd acts!

Super cute game! I did have some difficulting finding the hitboxes on some of the demons- without a 'hit' animation it's hard to tell. And my attack just kinda...stopped working on the 3rd floor.

All in all, you had two weeks, and I think you did a great job! please keep working on this!

It's cute! I love the simply blue colors for the environment, it's a different take on the retro look!

My only problem was that I had issues figuring out what was a platform, but for two weeks in a new game engine, I think this is fantastic!

Neat concept! I hope you flesh it out later on!

I know in you description you mentioned the difficulty not scaling like you would prefer, but I thought it got harder as I went along- but I'm also bad at platformers!

This is such a great premise for a cute little game! I bet she could still take on all those monsters herself though : D

Haha...going by how today went, i feel like I bit off a bit more than I can chew. Unity is a DENSE beast.

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Day 3 (or Day 1 of Unity madness)

I got the FPS camera to work, turns out it is NOT really possible to extrapolate from a 3rd person camera. But Unity does have some prefabs to use.

So I used one of those and slightly modified a ray-casting script to make the objects 'disapear' when clicked on.

Learned quite a lot about troubleshooting code, but I'm a bit disappointed in myself for not realy learning the nitty gritty of the raycasting script. It works, but I don't really understand how.

So tomorrow my goal is to pick apart the raycasting script, tidy it up a bit for better use with prefabs, and get a UI to trigger when a box is picked up!

(also's a boring devlog that has no gifs..I'm just real really tired)

Even though it's very minimal right now, it still feel very grundgy Mad-Max-y, those soot trails/tire tracks add a lot!

oooo I'm excited! I really liked your AGS games from the first round!

or 'Gather your thoughts'. I'm bad with titles and starting Devlogs on time.

Composure will be a mega-short 3-D 'explore and collect' game built in Unity. I needed up my Cinema 4D game for work, and Unity it a great way to do it!


The player is a hair late for a big important thing at their job. They are in the office courtyard to gather their thoughts- quite literally in this case. There will be 5 items to collect, each trigger a short line or two of 'thoughts' superimposed over the gameplay.

Find all 5, and the game ends (YAY!)

Last game jam I had a ton of sucess writing a story that was somewhat personal. I wracked my brain for a while to figure out how to get a 3-D unity game to feel 'personal' to me. But I think I finally have something that feels very personal, a short little reflection on feeling trapped with your current job.


First person 'collector' game. I plan to expand upon the basic Unity 'roll a ball' tutorial. Given my hella' limited time, I think it gives a strong base, but not so much that everything is done for me.


3-D low poly, with inkwash textures. Okay I gotta be honest here...the textures are preaty far down the list of priorities.

Unity Chalenges I've calculated so far

1. Getting the First person camera to trigger things

2. UI message after pickup

3. Mouse event to remove UI message + timer

4.Music stings! (object pickup + endgame)

5.Endgame screen trigger

6. UI counter

7. Trigger for final item

Plus the 5 items, and courtyard models, I'll update a log with a more detailed list/look at my level dummies later

What I've done so far

I may be posting a devlog well into the jam, but I've been prepping for it for some time. For the past couple of weeks I've been teaching myself Modeling and UV mapping in C4D, importing them to Unity, as well as basic Unity techniques. I haven't gotten to importing animations/rigging for games but I don't think I'd have time for that anyway. So I'm focusing on the engine itself and models/textures as a 2nd priority.

The game is short enough that even with the massive distraction of Pokemon GO, I think I can get a working prototype done with at least all the models done, and do the textures/UVs at a later date.

I love how delicate the talk-sprite looks, you picked really great muted colors for her!

The style is so cute! I'm gonna echo everyone else here with the storybook/little golden book feel! Can't wait to see more!

ooooh my gosh, the rpg maker sprites and your character bust! It's so cute! Your game is comming along great!

1. Hi there! What's your name? Want to introduce yourself?

Hi, I'm Andy, 26 year-old lady motion graphic artist! I'll prolly post way more dev stuff on twitter, my handle on most sites in Andy-Mantis!

2. Did you participate in the last jam we held? If so, what do you plan on doing better this time? If not, what's your reason for joining?

I made a twine game for the last jam, but I've been itching to try something a bit 'deeper' so I'm doing a Unity game this go-round. I found with the last GameJam that the 'technical' and writing parts were the most fun. I was constantly in danger of burning out when it came to actually doing the art XD even though I kept it SUPER simple.

Mostly I just REALLY want more money at work, and getting good at 3-D and Unity are very obvious ways to get that sweet sweet monay : 3

3. What games are your favorites? Did any of them inspire you, or made you want to make your own?

3-D platformers like Jak and Daxter and Spyro the dragon are my favorites as far as more traditional 'game structires' go. I think they give a fun game experience, while still giving glimpses of a larger world and backstory. Sadly, I absolutely suck at anything platformer these days, so the newer releases (and retro styled ones) are too hard for me. But the 'mystery' of running around the first Jak and Daxter game was something the stuck with me, so I've always wanted to make an exploration heavy 3-D game. Which bring me to Firewatch, my current end-all be all of games!

4. Do you have experience with game development? What did you do/with what engine?

My only finished game is my entry to the previous jam, Please Tell Me I Love You. A twine game about a conversation, I hate it now, but that's how it always goes!

I also have an unfinished Ren'Py game about a queer pastry chef trying out online dating that I hope to have finished by November! It's got bearded schnauzer ladies feelin' sexy and shy owl girls!

5. Tell us about something you're passionate about!

I REALLY REALLY LIKE FOOD. If you follow me on twitter, you'll see just how much I ramble about the day's food trucks.

I even have plans for a silly food truck Unity game XD

Also animation, Indie comics, Anime, and the like. The usual suspects.

This is such a strange little game, but very well executed!

Each of the shapes has their own personality and manner of speech. The snippets of details we got about 'Shape people' society added a lot, I initially thought they were just 'placeholders' graphics, but a lot of thought went into the shape people and their lives!

oh my word you make such fun goofy little games! It's QWOP-y nature is realy charming.

Hello! I'm Andy, you can find me @Andy_Mantis my tumblt (that I don't update often) is Andy_Mantis

Some sweet game dev twitters I follow:

@theBanov - indie game dev making an adorable game called 'wandersong'.

@kirokaze - freakin' sweat pixel artist. Super inspirational.

@dizifyr - game dev artist, on the team who made Oasis, making a REALY cute game with a baby seal.

@meowza - art director at spry fox studios.

@heatpenn - adorable low poly art!

@punchesbears - A realy great reminder of how much fun game dev can be. Making a game with bears

@Florian - Game design working on a neat unity game, don't know the name.

ALSO two game jams I think you guys would be interested in: Sugar,sweets and Jam! (LGBT+ Sugar themed Jam! :D) and Fairytail Jam!

And I finished! Two days after the jam ended, but I need my friday to cuddle my boyfriend. And Saturday turned into me scrubbing my counter with baking soda and toothbrush for 5 hours .Not even joking- I'm Trying to remove a burn mark. I've moved on to 220 grit sandpaper ><

In short, I didn't finish on time. I uploaded a sloppy build that was only marginally playable. But MLK day saved the day, and I was able to crank out all the assets today!

A short 'wrap up'

  • I think I met my writing goals, everyone whose played it describes it as being a 'cute sad game'. Which was exactly what I was aiming for! it's super short, but that's how I like my twine games- bite sized.
  • the game ended up longer and a bit more complex than I originally wanted, so i had to do more art assets than I expected, and didn't do any character animation.
  • I did finish all planned gifs!

things I learned

  • I think I made the gifs to big in both dinemsions and filesize
  •'s little iwindow has a weirdass dimension, I didn't think to take that into acocunt
  • I ran into issues with planning and organizing my art assets in twine, inthe future I think I'll write my games in more of a true 'script' format that call for visuals, so I can better plan my filenames/what I can reuse.
  • I love the 'wiggly line' look TO DEATH. but damn it was tiring to trace all that over and over. Next time AFTEREFFECTS +GIFGUN!
  • I still need to learn so much CSS
  • The biggest takeaway from this jam is that I burn out FAST on the artwork. I can stay motivated during the code part easily, the writing takes a bit to get through, but the art is an absolute SLOG to get my motivation back. My guess is I pick easy fast styles I loose interest in fast, I need to find a balance between something I can fish as a one-man dev team, and something that holds my interest (so that I can finsih and not burn out)

I had a ton of fun making this game. Couldn't be happier I joined on a whim after seeing someone's Retweet. I thought finishing a project would be a great way to start of 2016- the year I've decided will be one full of personal projects n' cool stuff.

And well, 2016 is off to a great start. I already have a draft of a second twine game ^_^


It's a mess, I still have more assets to add (they're done but I LEFT THEM ON MY WORK COMP).

So I've...called it quits for this weekend. I'll resume on Monday (and likely finish then too, the art is preety far along) and write a better 'final thoughts' post but for now, enjoy exactly what I was able to complete in two weeks.

I...I'm gonna break the mold here a bit. I got WAY father than i thought I would on this game.

Granted it's a bite sized twine game, but it's in a place were I could theoretically post it now, and that is so much more than I thought I'd be able to do. I really thought I'd get to the 'meat and potatoes' part of writing and just...loose all motivation and give up. But I got lucky and was able to do the bulk of the writing at work, which it turn out is a REALLY good place for me to write.

I still have all my art assets to do, but I'm not as worried about them. I know I can get the roughs done by friday, and the completed gifs I'm not going to beat myself up over, the game grew larger than I wanted. I need way more than my originaly planned 20 gifs. But I still feel that I'm in a good spot for my own (slightly revised) goals.

All in all, I'm super glad I'm jumped into this jam on an impulse. The community aspect of it is a huge reason why I didn't loose motivation and kept poking away at twine code and sad monster dialogue. You guys are all fantastic <3

WHOOOO! Somehow (with the help of my boyfriend) I knocked out all the game writing on Saturday! Mind you, it's a short little game. But it did take some time to run through all the potential paths and variable triggers. We also made the 'shitty do nothing' ending even SHITTIER.

All n' all I feel pretty proud of myself for even getting this far. I'm not going to win any awards for my writing, but I've been making my test readers sad, so there's that!

things to do still:

  1. Fix a few code issues. I just didn't get a chance over the weekend because I decided it would be a good idea to drink a bottle and a half of wine.
  2. roughs for eeeeeeveeerrything
  3. at least one completed animation
I have a bunch of stuff to do this week, so I'm re-dong my goals to just be roughs. Bit of a bummer, but I know I can't even do the original 20 gifs at this point.