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One of the rare gems, the has both heart and polish- this game is a delight all the way through and you'd be MISSING the hell out if you pass this one by! The base game is free!!!

The visuals are gorgeous, bright and charming, the main designs land in the sweet spot of both cartoony and HOT, and the npcs occupy a full range in-between.

The music tracks are all a delight- retro JRPG vibes, and the battle music SLAPS- looping delightfully into the characters conversation about how they will be remember, and the game own nostalgic undertones.

The writing feels like well...a big gay road trip- it's fun and silly and I LOVE IT. 

The combat is by far the most polarizing part of the game. It's weird remix of JRPG 'ATB' cooldowns and caught me off guard a bit. i was very much expecting a more turn-based system. Act 2/3 (when the elements get introduced) was extremely confusing. And more than a few of the boss battle had me brute forcing my way through them. But we did- because if there's one boss in all of videos I am NOT going to let get the best of me- it's the one at the end of Act 3.

Overall? The game is a delight. And you should grab it!