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That’s for the best since you’d be missing out on a bunch of stuff!

Yeah about that, I put a 1 out of 15 chance to get a phone call anywhere you go because I thought it’d be annoying and make dodging certain encounters harder. The phone calls you get are supposed to be randomized, but I only made three for the demo because I honestly didn’t expect other people to trigger it that often.

Oh jeez, I just realized, did you get Devon before attempting to to here? I just realized that I might have messed up the event flags because usually on all my play tests I went to the shrine before getting Devon. This might be why it’s messing up for you.

The music is entirely public domain. Most of the stuff in the demo is from  Fuzzy Trip in Remix Land, though the next version of the game will have some more variety with the rest of Rose's work. Please check out the rest of their stuff and throw them a dollar or two!

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Have you met Trish? You should already have it of you fought her. If you haven’t, go into the shrine, walk all the way down the staircase (make sure to touch the last tile) then walk back out. You should be in a new room that will lead to you getting it.

EDIT: If you have met Trish, have you gone into the hallway in the shrine? If you do, remember to step out for the next part. :3c

Ah, thank you so much! Oh, and I appreciate your critcism of the forest. It was tough trying to figure out the ideal encounter rate for that place, especially as the person making it, so I really value the perspective of an outsider on it!

I dunno if this throws in my bonus PDF too but whatev

Just leave the room and come back, their positions aren’t fixed until they’re on the plates.

Slimes is a dungeon crawler RPG with a ton of visual novel-esque segments, where a person infected with magic and a gun-toting crusader try to clear a dungeon of slimes. It's a 3-4 hour long experience, and while it's free, you can also get a bonus PDF if you pay up some money.

I'm glad you liked it so far, I hope you're looking forward to the final release!

Howdy, I did a lil write-up on the game!

Wrote about this! I’m really rooting for this entry!

I'm sorry, I really wanted to like this.

Did a quick write-up on this! I remember you e-mailing me to check this out and I've only got around to doing it now!

Did a write-up on this game! When I was going in I didn't realize that you also made the Rock and the Rose, so congrats on getting second place last year on that!

Oh nice! Will this also be for the title screen?

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Fishing Minigame 2 is a pseudo-visual novel where our JRPG heroine decides to forget about her main goal to go play fishing minigames all day. While the first Fishing Minigame is recapped, it'd be nice to check out yourself, especially since it's a browser game.


  • 1-2 hours of gameplay!
  • 4 main endings, 2 special endings and 22 side endings!
  • Passwords that are used to advance the game and achieve the side endings!

A lot of this game's design is primarily because I made it for this One Map Game Challenge for RPG Maker and I think I did a good job at working within those constraints!

Check out the page!

I gave it a play and did a write-up on it!

Please enjoy a write-up on this!

Howdy, I'm Dari, local amateur dev. On top of trying to do my own dev stuff, I also run Indie Hell Zone, a site focused on covering indie games that I've been running for at least a year now.

As June is Pride Month, I was thinking about spending the month looking at and promoting games by LGBT creators! Ideally I'd want to look at shortish games (like up to two or three hours) and I have no real preference on game genre!

Thanks for playing! And omg, I didn't think realize that anyone would might fight McScriff head-on.

Did a write-up on this game! Probably the most addictive game I've played so far!

Wrote up an overview for this game, was a good time!

Oh man, I wish I read this comment before I played, I ended up falling into the same thing. +A+

Wrote about this!

Thanks for playing this and I'm glad to hear your thoughts! One of my main fears for this jam was getting looked over and not getting any feedback, haha...

Yeah, the greaser actually used to be easier, before I gave him the random chance to do two moves. I debated whether or not I should give him a defense debuff skill and in hindsight, I really should have went through with that, haha.

Glad to hear your thoughts on my review! I've actually been looking forward to playing PALETTA since I've already been following the team. The team behind it made a demo for another sort of adventure game called XV, and I recommend that you check that out!

Played through this and wrote my thoughts on it!

Hello, I don't really post a lot on forums but I thought that I might as well make an announcement for my latest thing. Dreaming of Shadow is a simple Twine game about a collector trying to trade rare LSD: Dream Emulator stuff for a statue of Shadow the Hedgehog. It has 14000+ words, three endings and general nonsense. link!

Did you mean to post your game using the project file? :V

I did a write-up on this! Short version: I really enjoyed it, but audio is an absolute must for the future!

Heya, I've been playing through this and I'm wondering how you're supposed to solve the puzzle after you get all the evidence. I understand that you might need a certain Wig variant, but I'm not sure how to go about it.

Here's my write-up for the game! The highest population I got was around the 200 mark, though I definitely could have kept going. I'm wondering, what other features are you planning for commercial release?

Wrote about this over here!

A short review for this!

Sorry for the video quality, but here's me playing through this. I thought this game's pretty nice.

That pacifist challenge is not as impossible as you say, though. ;)

Pretty fun thing! Your inspirations definitely sound like a weird mix, but I feel that it came together for a nice experience. Managed to get 18360 as my high score!

This was really cool and I liked the art! The text was a bit hard to read and the addition of sound would really make this lively, but it's still a short and sweet game!