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also I’ll email that steam key as soon as my cursed work week is over sorry

Ah, you must have missed a few enemies. Look at what substory is missing and go to that floor. Post-story only plays when you defeat all enemies.

Gotta go up the Tower. Also thank you, please check out Rose’s stuff if you like their music.

Okay uh, I’m trying to remember because I never really made a guide. I remember there was one floor where a slime is spawned near the entrance when you read a sign on that floor (like a monument). That might be the floor?

…and that’s about it for me! Good luck everyone!

Perfect representation of a short but sweet game. I really loved the presentation and I could really vibe with the themes of the story. May our boy get a boyfriend that isn't a dirtbag.

I admire the ambition of making a shooter in RPG Maker MZ, but I think it doesn't work perfectly in the engine. The hitbox for your character is too big for what it is, which isn't a problem in normal gameplay but winds up being more noticeable for the bullet hell-y final boss, and movement does not feel as fluid as you'd expect for this game. Still, really nice effort for what it is!

I forget at what point, but there's a point where the game can softlock and I couldn't really play without resetting the whole game. Like, there's a point where you can fall down to a lower elevation of land and can't get back. I think there was a bridge around the area? Maybe there was a way out but it was kinda hard to tell with the isometric puzzle perspective.

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Simple and enjoyable sim game with a lot of heart! I actually played this thinking "wow this reminds me a lot of that other IGMC game a few years ago" and didn't realize you also developed this one!

Thank you, I appreciate this as someone that enjoyed A Ghostly Rose!

And yeah, that's what I mean by saying this was a Drakengard inspired game. Drakengard/Nier is also a very raw and honest series along the likes of MOTHER, though with a much darker bent.

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Hey y'all, I made a game and I took a look at some games. I am not a streamer because I don't have the streamer grindset, so I mainly write things. So hey, I figured that I should share my writings on personal highlights over here:

I try to play as many games as I can with what little free time I have! I doubt that I can play all of them, but you know, there's always a few gems within every batch!

Please do not ask me to play your game because I don't want to risk you feeling bad if it doesn't show up. : (   

Sincerely think this is the best game out of the whole batch. While some things can definitely be polished,  this feels like a really complete game!

I like the story concept you have going on and I really love the graphics, though I feel that there should be more transparency in the game, if that makes sense Like, I'm not sure what the equipment does for me because stats don't display and I don't know how much fighting I should actually be expected to do. Also I guess there's typos but I'm not one to judge in that department.

Also we found the funniest glitch where after you burn the mossy blocks everything freezes when you switch to the break ability and everything explodes when you switch out of it

Thank you for the concise review!

: )

I really liked this! In some ways it felt like looking into a mirror, because I felt that we had some similar beats in our games! I personally wished that the "life sensor" and "metal grabber" were also hot key things and not stuff you have to manually pick out of the inventory, but otherwise, I really enjoyed this!

Had high expectations going in and you guys really delivered! I just love how distinct all the fights feel, it really feels like fighting people from other worlds.

Very cute with a well-made look, though yeah, the battles do get kinda repetitive - which is why I respect that you deny us a final battle in favor of an emotional resolution.

I really loved this but the Lady Armor drop rate is super rude

Really neat aesthetic and tone compared to a lot of entries.

Incredibly funny mystery story that comes together in a pretty satisfying way. I love to see a baby threaten to beat someone up.

Really addicting to play and that final battle is an actual banger.

If you want something with bad vibes, consider playing mine.

i bring nothing but good vibrations

Make sure you use those skills; as the healer, Ty should get priority when healing is needed. I recommend that you take down the soldier when it shows up as soon as possible, since they buff everyone’s attack.

Weird question with regards to the copyright rule. I realized that I named a skill after a pre-existing song (Brightest Morning Star). Does that break the copyright rule and do I have to change it all Jojo localization style?

Thank you! And also gosh, I really need to find the time to properly play some Axial!

The first two digits are the floor number and the last two are the specific room, so work from there

I’m glad you’re liking it! For a free hint: you have to stand on top of something and press the interact button. Giving this hint since this seems to be the one most people are having trouble with.

Yep! It’s the same universe, though IHYPS is far enough in the future that events in Slimes don’t directly affect it besides background stuff

Alright, a quick bug fix for that should be up on Steam now! If it works, the illumina keeping you from leaving should now give you an option to quit the slots game.

See, I have no idea when Complete will be done, mainly due to the fact that this is mainly a solo project. I wish I knew too miss.

Unfortunately, I'm too committed to the rude bit of everyone having one save file. That said.... you could just copy the file before the event split and paste it back in with the original "meow.dat" name to cheat. That's how my playtester does it.

Ohhhhhhh, okay, that's a weird thing but glad you caught it. I'm going to update it real quick so that this doesn't ruin anyone else's time.

Interact with the piece of ground you’re standing on in the screenshot

The tip hotline exists for a reason, but if you need the help that badly…. Notice that some of the graves have hearts on them, take that as a step in the right direction.

??? That is. Weird. Honestly, see it you can play a download build of the game because this just seems like an engine compatibility issue.