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Thanks for playing! And omg, I didn't think realize that anyone would might fight McScriff head-on.

Did a write-up on this game! Probably the most addictive game I've played so far!

Wrote up an overview for this game, was a good time!

Oh man, I wish I read this comment before I played, I ended up falling into the same thing. +A+

Wrote about this!

Thanks for playing this and I'm glad to hear your thoughts! One of my main fears for this jam was getting looked over and not getting any feedback, haha...

Yeah, the greaser actually used to be easier, before I gave him the random chance to do two moves. I debated whether or not I should give him a defense debuff skill and in hindsight, I really should have went through with that, haha.

Glad to hear your thoughts on my review! I've actually been looking forward to playing PALETTA since I've already been following the team. The team behind it made a demo for another sort of adventure game called XV, and I recommend that you check that out!

Played through this and wrote my thoughts on it!


Hello, I don't really post a lot on forums but I thought that I might as well make an announcement for my latest thing. Dreaming of Shadow is a simple Twine game about a collector trying to trade rare LSD: Dream Emulator stuff for a statue of Shadow the Hedgehog. It has 14000+ words, three endings and general nonsense.

itch.io link!

Did you mean to post your game using the project file? :V

I did a write-up on this! Short version: I really enjoyed it, but audio is an absolute must for the future!

Heya, I've been playing through this and I'm wondering how you're supposed to solve the puzzle after you get all the evidence. I understand that you might need a certain Wig variant, but I'm not sure how to go about it.

Here's my write-up for the game! The highest population I got was around the 200 mark, though I definitely could have kept going. I'm wondering, what other features are you planning for commercial release?

Wrote about this over here!



A short review for this!

Sorry for the video quality, but here's me playing through this. I thought this game's pretty nice.

That pacifist challenge is not as impossible as you say, though. ;)

Pretty fun thing! Your inspirations definitely sound like a weird mix, but I feel that it came together for a nice experience. Managed to get 18360 as my high score!

Posted in Kulten comments

This was really cool and I liked the art! The text was a bit hard to read and the addition of sound would really make this lively, but it's still a short and sweet game!

My game is just a simple Twine simplifying my day and my anxieties about gender. I'm not trying to make something groundbreaking, just maybe something someone else could relate to.

I sure have been bad with updating my devlog, but uh, I've finished the game and submitted it last night because I was scared of sleeping past the deadline. Hooray!

The premise is really cool and that jelly is looking gorgeous so far!

This seems so cool, and I love the art aesthetic! I can't wait to play it

I sure haven't updated this in a while! So, I spent like a full day trying to figure out how to make enemies shoot and NPCs talk when you get near them. The biggest roadblock was when enemy bullets stayed in place, which is obviously a huge problem as during testing I got stuck in a kill loop whenever I changed rooms. Turns out I checked a box I wasn't meant to check and that was like, 2 hours spent down the drain over a simple mistake. But anyway, some more screenshots!

You're gonna have to collect keys to activate this spinning gate at the end! There's actually just 3 in the game - I don't know why, but the counter adds two keys for each one picked up, which is a problem.

Day ???:

I took a day off to do some personal things. And to try to hack my Wii (I'm bad at homebrew). But I got back to working on this today and this now has checkpoints! And so there's those crossroads, which will lead to a non-linear map, which the checkpoints are meant to make your life easier. Like, conceptually I imagine a Zelda-ish map with a few teleporters scattered around, and all the teleporters lead to the final boss, aka, the wolf.

My agenda for the rest of the night is to draw out the map on paper and plan ahead for the next few days!

Created a new topic [Dev Log] Little Red

For the summer session of My First Game Jam, I decided to get out of my comfort zone of using RPG Maker and text game engines and I'm challenging myself to make something in Game Maker!

The game is about Little Red Riding Hood, who's trapped in a magical cursed forest ruled by a wolf. Thankfully she brought her absurdly powerful gun that has unlimited ammo, so maybe she can make it to her grandma's house in one piece. The game itself is a top-down shooter, and I'm honestly not sure how long it will be because I'm trying to figure out mechanics as I go.

This is a video of my progress so far! I've learned how to do moving and shooting (WASD for movement and arrow keys to shoot), transitions, and HP, but I need to figure out advanced enemy AI beyond "sit there and hope for Little Red to run into you".

And here is probably the only concept work that I did before the jam started!

Hey howdy! I've been here a while, but I haven't really gotten into community stuff before. I mainly work on RPG Maker stuff and text game stuff, and I already have some stuff posted. I want to improve my sprite making skills and maybe learn how to code in the future (though I can never get a grasp on it).

Sure, as long as you can link the game for people that are interested!

I should definitely try to make the mailbox that has the message look different, my playtesters admittedly missed it too.

And thanks! I actually got to work as soon as the jam started and I've been staying up late to work on it, and I'm happy that you like the end result! Maybe I could one day work on an expanded version with all the stuff I wanted to add in.

Those are definitely things I'm going to have to fix, thanks. Getting combat difficulty down is hard, but I'll do my best to fix the early game! Although, did you try interacting with the mailboxes in the Desert World?

The world portals exist in all worlds, it's just that the only ones accessed in the game are dying ones as they're the ones the characters are actively seeking. World traveling however is rare due to the untold dangers of going into other worlds, and is mostly why Mr. Keepe is reliant the gang to retrieve artifacts. Outside of the story he ventures into non-hostile worlds or commissions explorers to delve into the more dangerous ones. It's something I wanted to show off in the game but didn't really have time for; I originally wanted to make an extra world that had a gang of explorers that got there before you and you would have to convince the leader to hand you the world souls (and to do some trading for Mr. Keepe's artifact quest).

Mr. Keepe places all the radios in the void and the one in Queen Uriel's land. The other radios were already naturally there for other reasons, though I honestly should make different sprites for these specific radios to show that it's not the generic ones Mr. Keepe is putting.

  • The atmosphere was very relaxed and to me it felt like a pleasant forest stroll!
  • Despite little instructions the goals were clear! Even then though I honestly just wanted to walk around instead of following the directions lmao
  • The dialogue for the objects were interesting because it felt like looking into another world and being an observer.
  • Also I think your art style is super cute and also I like that you use grid paper to make your maps it's very organized
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Game URL


I'd like feedback on:

  • the combat
  • music choices
  • the maps, are they enjoyable?
  • edit: actually just let me know if you have any other problems with it!!

I'm glad that you seem to be liking the game so far!

And yes it seems that everyone that's played so far loves Herb.

No, I'd actually be honored!!

Bad news and good news, guys! The bad news is, I've forgotten to update this thread.

The good news however is that the game is finished!!

You can't truly be royalty unless your throne is walking and armed with guns.

Anyway, I'm just about finishing up with this area and I've been working on the second to last area.

It's going to be some sort of amusement park place. Or at least, what's left of one. Has anyone played Final Fantasy VII and remember that you get a choice between climbing up a long path or fighting your way up the Shinra building? I'm going to give a similar choice for this area.

The concept is really cool and I love how it looks so far!!

Posted in Game Jam Goals!

My goals, besides finishing a game, is:

  • Learn the MV side view battle system. I've always been a Dragon Quest and Etrian Odyssey person, so I'm more used to 1st person battles. One of the pluses of that battle system is that you don't really have to make battle sprites for your characters. However, a lot of people prefer side view battlers, even if it's added as an arbitrary thing, so I want to get used to that system so that people could get into my stuff I guess
  • Learn how to do animations in RPG Maker. Like, most of the default animations for RPG Maker don't really fit in well with the stuff I'm trying to make and/or don't really convey what the attacks do. I want to try doing animations, though so far I've put it on the backburner to focus on completing everything else.
  • I've also kinda set a daily goal for myself to make one map and one enemy a day, and I'd feel that I'm not making progress if I don't meet those goals.
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1/9/16 progress

Most of my day was spent on working on the new area. However, a friend of mine playtested the game and was able to find some glitches I missed, including one that crashed the game, so that's good.

My philosophy when it comes to making tilesets and sprites for this game is to make only the stuff that's absolutely necessary, and then to work on the details and stuff if I finish the main game before the deadline.

Also made a cutscene for this moment

I've been busy with other things yesterday, but I've getting back to work today!

Sylvian is the final party member of the game, and I aim for her to have average stats but a bunch of skills focused on buffing party members. She also constantly glitches around and is a victim of my GIMP filters.

The enemies pictured are a bunch of nationalists that won't give up their world soul without a fight.

Aah, this game is so pretty! Keep it up!