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Really neat aesthetic and tone compared to a lot of entries.

Incredibly funny mystery story that comes together in a pretty satisfying way. I love to see a baby threaten to beat someone up.

Really addicting to play and that final battle is an actual banger.

If you want something with bad vibes, consider playing mine.

i bring nothing but good vibrations

Make sure you use those skills; as the healer, Ty should get priority when healing is needed. I recommend that you take down the soldier when it shows up as soon as possible, since they buff everyone’s attack.

Weird question with regards to the copyright rule. I realized that I named a skill after a pre-existing song (Brightest Morning Star). Does that break the copyright rule and do I have to change it all Jojo localization style?

Thank you! And also gosh, I really need to find the time to properly play some Axial!

The first two digits are the floor number and the last two are the specific room, so work from there

I’m glad you’re liking it! For a free hint: you have to stand on top of something and press the interact button. Giving this hint since this seems to be the one most people are having trouble with.

Yep! It’s the same universe, though IHYPS is far enough in the future that events in Slimes don’t directly affect it besides background stuff

Alright, a quick bug fix for that should be up on Steam now! If it works, the illumina keeping you from leaving should now give you an option to quit the slots game.

See, I have no idea when Complete will be done, mainly due to the fact that this is mainly a solo project. I wish I knew too miss.

Unfortunately, I'm too committed to the rude bit of everyone having one save file. That said.... you could just copy the file before the event split and paste it back in with the original "meow.dat" name to cheat. That's how my playtester does it.

Ohhhhhhh, okay, that's a weird thing but glad you caught it. I'm going to update it real quick so that this doesn't ruin anyone else's time.

Interact with the piece of ground you’re standing on in the screenshot

The tip hotline exists for a reason, but if you need the help that badly…. Notice that some of the graves have hearts on them, take that as a step in the right direction.

??? That is. Weird. Honestly, see it you can play a download build of the game because this just seems like an engine compatibility issue.

You can also press "X" to open the menu, but also, that's weird. What version of the game are you playing? The menu's fine on my browser and my PC download, I wanna know what the deal is with this.

If you have ingredients, you have to interact with the stove in the apartment. Anything else can just be used in the menu.

I'm glad you enjoyed the game and I sorta apologize for the birds. Also yikes, thanks for the heads up on the exploit, I can't allow anyone a measure of safety!

Ah, I’ll try re-uploading a browser build after I get some sleep. Browser RPG Maker is still kinda imperfect, but I’ll also try playing through a normal download build later to see if the problem’s also there.

I’m glad you like it! I didn’t get hit by that bug during my playtests, so I’ll have to check again soon to see if there was a problem when converting the game. How are you playing it?

This is the same developer, they just started uploading all their non-commercial projects up here recently.

the birds reign of terror is forever

Underrated gem

Ah, thank you, I was just gonna post an update in a few hours, so I'm glad this got caught in time!

Yeah, those parts are actually broken. I have trouble keeping up with event flags, but hopefully I’ll get them all sorted out in the next update.

There is a Tip Hotline in the game to call for a reason.

Heya, I really appreciate your in-depth look through the game! I've been putting all your bug reports on a list of things to tackle and I'll get around to working on that soon!

On the random shooters thing, that's actually a problem I've come to agree on, especially since the next update will have a mob affiliated cahser character. I'm actually thinking of either phasing those out in favor of a different chaser character, or something else inconvenient. Right now, I'm thinking of putting a toll on the path leading to the Tower that scales based on how much you've inconvenienced the mob.

And god, yeah, I want to figure out a more practical way of changing the battle soundtrack. The way I see it, I'd have to make a custom menu (like the computer menus from Yume 2kki) to come up with something more practical.

(Also, speaking of menus "only Kyrie being able to open gachas" thing is more of a quirk of the engine. An item that's set to only by a "user" just kinda defaults to whoever is furthest down the party list.)

Also, as you're going up the Tower, I recommend going to the Docks first, assuming that you've talked to Jasper at all points.

Ah, don't worry, I caught that glitch while working on the upcoming update!

Do you remember where the Devon dialogue happened? It’s been easy to forget where character flags weren’t properly set.

thank you for this

Oh, yeah, I didn’t communicate the purpose of the church well enough. When a character is downed enough times, you can visit the church for a ritual that gives you the chance to increase stats and improve their skills. As for the clinic, it currently doesn’t have a purpose besides being a place to visit a character after a point. Originally, the church’s role would have belonged to the clinic but I wanted to expand on the apartment area. With that in mind, I want the clinic to have a purpose, and I should make the church’s more clear.

Also, yeah, that is an oversight I’m aware of. I have an alternate way of setting up the death system in mind where it only triggers upon death, but it would mean that it’d be possible to lose stats multiple times in one battle due to being downed immediately on revive. I’m honestly not sure if I should keep the current system (which would punish players that doesn’t keep lemonade on hand) or switch to that (where players could potentially lose multiple stats in one battle).

Glad that you can finally play, hope you enjoy!

Hey, I finally got around to adding a new download. Download the new "package install" version; if it stops you from trying to install, find an option that lets you run it anyway. You'll get to play directly in a folder without dealing with a zipped folder, which I think might be what was holding you back.

Actually, were you in the forest when the phone calls happened? I added two set phone calls there (one upon arriving and one after getting Ramona’s license), so both of them got set off when you came back with a third one playing by coincidence.

Okay, since you can’t seem to get the game working through a zipped folder, I’m going to put up the installer exe as an alternate download when I’m able to so that you can play it directly. I think it will work if I do it that way.

Oh?? On god??

Okay, adding all this to the fix list. I might have messed up on the phone call variables when I was adding new ones.

And yeah, unfortunately the lack of shop comparison is an engine thing. I’ll try to see if there’s a script that I could use because I do find this inconvenient for Devon’s equipment and really any that changes anything but the principle stat. As for the health bar thing, I’m actually not sure how to fix that yet, but that’s definitely something I want to fix.

Thanks again for the feedback!

Hm, maybe it’s because you’re playing the game through an archive program? The program might just not be updating the save file. Like, make a save in a new slot and see if it keeps the new save.

Maybe try to see if you can extract the folder normally and play it straight in there.