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day?? 5 or 6?? i have lost track

i started making the landscape layout and figuring out all the areas in unreal and its....difficult LOL

i did figure out how to make a low-poly styled landscape which is good, but now i have a whole other mess of things to figure out 8'')

so! a to do:

  • make a skysphere/edit sky in the least painful way possible
  • fix lighting
  • figure out zones on map
  • model some foliage and rocks and stuff
  • look up tutorials for rigging and modeling in maya

ohh my god i love this entire style so much!! it makes me so so nostalgic for old gameboy games. all the sprites are adorable ;v;

SLAMS HANDS ON TABLE. MONSTER DATING SIM!! (i am very excite for the designs)

AAA I LOVE THAT ART SO MUCH especially the first one, the textured feel it has is sooo nice. and the colors omg. her design really perfectly screams 'cloud mage' aesthetic. im so so excited to see you put this all together toward the end *v*

that is the face of someone who Regrets

OKAY SO i kind of derailed myself for day 3 after i looked up a bunch of unreal engine things and overwhelmed myself LOL. but here we goooo - a map! and some world building!

for the sake of this game jam im going to focus on making assets for area #3 and the mage class character that kind of goes along with it.

it's going to be a snowy forested area rich with herbs, plants, berries+fruit. the snow leopards are top class in this area and are all kind of stern and serious and disapprove of recklessness (they strongly dislike the Party Lizards next door). They have a lot of affection for the mage class character (named Madrigal) but show it by being your Cat Dad. aka they will lecture you and ground you forever. their markings are based off of certain russian folk art: link!

The pudu deer and arctic foxes are the merchants of the group. the deer are forever smol and grumpy and the foxes are kinda snooty but if you help them out theyre polite enough. the salamanders moved into the area from the lizard-populated zone next door a while ago and made it their home. they're friendly and well-liked by everyone else. they just want you to give them shiny stones and hang out with them. the other two designs are for lesser spirits, like wisps and ghosts.

the witch/mage class character - Madrigal. She is the closest of all the other classes to the Godling since shes the fragment of her that was created with the most magic, as well as the best memories.

so yes. lots of designing and planning and stuff. this area is probably my fav because of the colors so it should be fun to model it. i'll probably sketch a few more things out and then devote my attention to figuring out how to get this stuff in low poly haha. i'm gonna try to aim for a more okami kind of possibly.

oh dude thank you so much, this is really awesome of you to do!! 8)) i used the key for RPG maker VX ace, thanks again!!

if you make leafy/insecty noises i will literally shove myself into my computer and live in your game

every time i get discouraged about figuring this stuff out i look at your updates and feel inspired again. i looove the colors youve been using, i seriously cant wait to see the arch stuff youre gonna make!

im sure you have your own style for it in mind but thinking of plants and arch makes me think of art nouveau architecture so much. maybe it could give you some ideas?

link another link

she has ascended

day 3 // to do

  • finalize designs for all 3 classes
  • final design for the Godling
  • make a map, figure out the areas (starting field, 'marketplace/common' area, creature-specific areas)
  • design creatures to go into those areas (main 3 - lizard creatures, snow leopard creatures, canine creatures (maybe??))
  • what am i forgetting
  • look up tutorials on low poly modeling/unreal engine

i am 100% here for the cute caretaker and the spooky forest aesthetic 8))

i think im most excited for the modeling so i cant wait to get to it.

would you by any chance have any recommendations for low poly tutorials for maya? or any tips for it? *u*

thank you!! 8) character designing is kind of a pain but also my fav

omg i was cracking up at pussy willow.

but i really really love this game idea and the art youve made for it so far is so cute!! cute witch designs + interesting witch concepts + silly encyclopedia entries in games is what i live for

Enviro2 by blackScarves

working on some environment concepts tooo. ill probably spend tonight/tomorrow sketching out as much as i can and finalizing some designs, and then after ill start figuring out modeling and all.

your pixels are so cute *u* i love the colors and atmosphere of the title screen

working on some character concepts tonight! ive pretty much decided that all three 'classes' are basically fragments of the Godling and reflect aspects of her. the first one is the Commander. not totally set on colors yet, so i guess ill see if i keep the blue.

thank you!! 8) yeah i realize it might be too much for me to figure out, so i was planning on learning the basics during the jam and figuring out the concept and then exploring this idea again in the future when i have more experience! im excited to put up concept aty

(1 edit)

i decided for the purpose of the game jam im gonna focus on only one character and make assets for one of the zones i had on the map. 8) (note to self: edit this first post later)

the godling and the ruin (working title) is kind of a prototypical, beginning version of a game i have in mind that i hope to one day make. i dont have any experience in game making, so i look forward to what i can come up with in the next 2 weeks!


the godling starts with picking one of three classes (warrior, rouge and witch based) and then opens into an environment free to exploration, wandering and interacting, something like The Endless Forest (but way, way smaller) or Animal Crossing. The area is inhabited by spirits and creatures that react to you differently depending on the class that you play, and reveal bits and pieces of the lore and your larger identity as you speak or bring them things.

each class has their own 'key area' that has class-specific items for collection that need to be collected. Once all 3 classes are 'completed', a fourth class - the godling - is unlocked. this would be the technical main character, who was banished and disassembled and is looking to find her way back home.

i'll probably be jumping back into this concept as i work and editing and fixing details as i figure stuff out, since i'm not 100% set in stone on the general story.

gameplay // assets

i'm thinking of making this either third-person or more top-down where you control a character and move through an environment and find items and creatures to interact with. i imagine this as being 3D, low-poly modeled.

you pick a character class and get thrown into the environment where to complete that class you need to wander through and find a specific item or help/talk to specific characters. All 3 classes get different reactions from the creatures, which range from friendly to hostile and give information about the overall lore/history.

my goals for this basically include learning how to use unreal engine and using my knowledge of maya to learn how to make low-poly models. i doubt ill be able to make a version of this game with all 4 playable classes by the end of the game jam - but i do hope to

  • have more of the story down
  • have the 4 classes modeled/designed
  • have at least one class playable by the end

ill be updating this post later with more info (since im probably forgetting a lot of info i decided upon lol) as i come up with it and some conceptual images!!

    i have a deep love for anything sci fi, especially when space journeys are concerned so im excited to see your project develop!

    im incredibly new to make a game so im not so focused on making an entirely finished, polished thing, but i am hoping to have basics (like the environment and such) set up! my goals are basically:

    • become more familiar with unreal engine
    • use what i learned of maya in arch school and apply it to game making
    • learn how to lot poly model probably
    • make an environment/have a character explore and interact with environment