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[devlog] space garden

A topic by J created Jan 03, 2016 Views: 1,155 Replies: 40
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HostSubmitted (Edited 1 time) (+2)

hi everyone!! i'm really excited seeing all the cool work everyone's posted so far. good luck with your games!!

i've been a little back and forth on a game concept so this might evolve a bit over the course of the two weeks but i'm gonna just run with whatever i'm feeling! i've been excited about plant + forests games, but i've been itching to work in space themes lately so the result is somewhere in the area of a botanical space garden. i've been looking at castle in the sky and nausicaa for some visual inspiration.

i'm still a little hesitant to settle on gameplay--i enjoyed the concept of viridi and some plant sims i've seen around, but i like the idea of plants evolving and changing based on the player interaction. beyond the scope of the game jam i'd like to look into procedurally generated worlds. i think a lot of my jamming however is going to be focused on creating assets and a space architecture in a cohesive style.

i really love low poly work and flat shaders O: i've used a ramp shader and the coloring here is a bit inspired by michael shillingburg's work, but the final may be a bit more muted in tone. i'd love to see if there's a way to change or mess with colors as a form of interaction though!! i'm excited to see where i can go with this.


I love this concept, castle in the sky and nausicaa both have incredible environments and atmospheres and I'd love to see how it influences this game. I'm looking forward to seeing more of this!




I love the style and the concept! Can't wait to see more!


plants are such a great focus in a game! hehehe


thank you all so much for your support!!

i've been mostly exporting stuff to unity and figuring out how to translate shaders--i'm keeping the UV's and textures simple--gradients for now.

i'm playing with lattice deformers to get variations on a similar shape with these small mushroom-like plants--i'm not too sure how to do branches of the trees but i'll be honest it seems almost simplest to just UV a bunch of cylinders and collide them together ahah.

some problems + questions

  • variation v. fewer meshes: i have to export so many variations out of maya--i wish i could randomly deform them in unity
  • possibilities for interaction + animation? especially dynamically--leaves being pushed out of the way, etc. (haven't gotten any collisions generated yet)
  • more plants
  • greenhouse kit
i'm still back and forth on any narrative or world--i have a gay space universe i've been playing with in the back of my head, but this feels very standalone at the moment. we'll see :3c

this looks really chill so far 10/10


thank you!!


FINALLY... I have time to comment. I already chatted a bunch on twitter wrt stuff I like on this game. It's just very simplistic and calming so far and I like that?? It brings me joy. I can easily imagine a nice calming jam in the background, or like. Scenic noises, ehehe.

In terms of basic interactivity, here are a few ideas that might help

  • Plants that react to motion, like a venus fly trap!!!
  • Rooted vegetables? Like you walk over a shrub and the vegetable underneath comes exposed.
  • Fruits and stuff in general, maybe? Like you collide with a tree and theres the probability of a few berries falling, or like whirligigs!

      aaaa yes i'm wondering if i wanna do some soft piano bgm..... and light Leaf or Cricket Noises.... i found woodsman was rly relalxing in this way.

      also these are really awesome suggestions! i'm gonna look into dynamics definitely and these are some really cool ideas!!

      if you make leafy/insecty noises i will literally shove myself into my computer and live in your game


      dude I love the colors.. It's v calming if that makes sense :'o nice job so far!!


      aaa that's what im going for. thank you so much!

      Jam HostSubmitted(+1)

      :3c i love your stuff whenever i see it, it's always so Sleek and Cool and space + gardens = my jam ... i'm gonna be eyeballing this hardcore 👀👀👀👀👀 i love the atmosphere you have so far too, the colors make it feel very serene and calming, aaaaaa


      omg HELL YEA thank youu i'm havin a jam with the atmosphere it's so relaxing to work on omg!!


      a quick midday update!

      two more species of plants and i'm going to pay more attention today to some more random large Leafy Plants before starting a bit on the architectural kit.


      low poly = love (even tho I can't seem to figure out how to do it myself)

      this looks super pretty so far! can't wait to see more!


      aaaah it is so tricky and i'm learning myself!! thank you so much!


      every time i get discouraged about figuring this stuff out i look at your updates and feel inspired again. i looove the colors youve been using, i seriously cant wait to see the arch stuff youre gonna make!

      im sure you have your own style for it in mind but thinking of plants and arch makes me think of art nouveau architecture so much. maybe it could give you some ideas?

      link another link


      aaaaaaa tbh i dont know what im doing with colors. it's just some Obnoxious Gradients atm!! hopefully it'll be more uniform with the architecture.

      AAA YES THATS ACTUALLY VERY CLOSE TO WHAT IM GOIN FOR!!! ive actually got a bunch of refs for victorian greenhouses as well as howl's moving castle **eyeball emoji

      HostSubmitted (Edited 1 time) (+3)

      today i started a bit on architecture!! i had a few issues though where a certain prefab would cause the skybox to disappear and show solid color instead so i had to redo my curved arches /: !!

      here's the newer ceiling

      the proportions aren't quite as grand as i'd like--i prob want some thinner lines and ""longer"" ceiling to make it feel more grand (esp w/ the scale of the other windows) and making the windows stretch up to feel taller as well!! the colors will prob be more muted for the architecture.

      i'm also playing a bit with some deformation shaders i found online--unfortunately i didn't write them but i do want to learn from them. i'd like a height-based shader but i'm not too sure how to get what i want.

      anyway!! i remembered i used to rig w/ ik handles to quickly make leaves and in case you were curious + had some similar problems, it's definitely an efficient solution!!

      tomorrow's goals:

      • architectural kit: at least 2 assets (preferably windows + ceiling)
      • path kit? fences?
      • pots?
      • 2 more kinds of plants


      • water ???????shaders
      • ?????? like streams running throughout the place
      • i hate modeling architecture bbbhbh

      anyway stay tuned for more Roomba Void Adventures


      today i got some super useful resources from @vnought for touch bending. some options include:

      i'll try to play around to see the different results and options for optimizing!

      in the meantime i'm starting to get closer to some more accurate proportions and will continue with the architectural kit!

      HostSubmitted (Edited 1 time)

      good morning!! i added another type of plant yesterday--it's a bit poly heavy so i may scrap it in the end, but there's a few assets i can glean from it ait least. i also changed the colors of the windows to give more a space vibe--i think they look nice against the cooler palette. they also feel very wintery hehe :3c

      in addition i added some particles! just to give the scene some animation (also the gif program hecked up a little and you can see some trails but that doesn't show in game). i might play more with denser particles esp with some plants? we'll see.

      today's goals

      • map layout (i had a lot of trouble working on the kit without knowing this)
      • ceiling assets (a dome or at least some large window pieces)
      • floor asset: a fence or bridge?

      worked a bit with the dome ): i'm struggling a lot to figure out how to connect pieces of the kit but i do have a few ideas abt some layouts. i think i gotta work them more on paper!

      i decided to squish some proportions in the meantime--i think it would be nice to have a dome room tho.

      goals for tomorrow

      • layout!! heck
      • some connecting window pieces for the kit! some more window variations

      Aah, this game is so pretty! Keep it up!


      thank you so much!!


      this reminds me of a pic i drew a few years ago after reading about colors on other planets

      keep up the good work!!


      whoa yesss this is exactly what i'm going for omg!! thanks for sharing O: !!


      today was Figuring Out Roof Pieces!

      a bit of a messy first attempt

      a second attempt, still pretty dense

      aaaand something to settle on for now! i'll be working on the connecting panes and maybe playing with some other possible ways to use these panes :0c you can also see some of the fence pieces!

      some things to work on tomorrow (if possible since i'm working)

      • steps? bridges? multiple planes within a room?
      • fountain/waterfall
      • rocks
      • flower-like plants! i haven't been able to crank out a plant the last day or two

      the sweet roomba (gunba?) discovering a fountain would be cute


      yesssss i wanna see if i can somehow get water to work :3c it might be outside the jam tho


      I love the environment and architecture you set up, the little floating particles, stars, and plant colours really give a nice space aesthetic!


      aaa thank you this is exactly what i'm going for!! (':


      a fountain! i gotta figure out how to get some water--i wouldn't mind faking this, but it'll probably take some doing to figure out displacement animation/maps or vertex displacement O: !

      not shown are some roof pieces that are filling in. i didn't get too much done tho ): !!

      some goals for the next few days

      • rocks
      • water!!
      • layout (and i'm realizing this is kind of hard to figure out w/o knowing how pieces will fit)
      • pots? path linings?
      • flower-like plants
      • shrub-like plants

      today was some layout research! i looked at the gardens of versailles and various other garden layouts to get an idea of different kinds of spaces associated with gardens. it's tricky finding the balance between some more classical shapes garden spaces, victorian architecture, modern greenhouse/botanical garden architecture, and the Space Architecture Vibe. i'll prob be spending more time working these out.

      designing these spaces is very tough for me! especially in finding ways to make assets tileable. there's a tricky balance here between modular and unique and it's very hard to mesh both in very organic shapes. overall a challenging design study!


      no assets today again ahah--my new tablet came in so i've been drawing quite a bit to break it in. this includes more architectural concepts!

      this last one is some Tiling Architectural Kit Math that was puzzling me for a bit

      i prob could solve it by turning the pieces a bit but i was a lil ?? about how some of them would connect.


      quick midday update to make up for lack of assets lately!!

      some some assets hashed out--ended up scrapping a lot of math but it's cool i knew what i wanted.

      less fortunately my skybox flickers to background color whenever i look at certain prefabs. i had this problem with a different asset and the only solution was to remove every instance of it. i can't seem to find any mention of this on the forums or documentation at all so ): i guess i'll have to scrap whichever asset or debug the mesh (uggggghhh) but ahhh boy is it annoying.

      up next on architecture:

      • path layouts
      • floor assets
        • ie multiple levels maybe--steps?
        • glass tiles possibly?
        • circular + tiling planes
      • tilable pool or some water asset!

      incredibly, my skybox issue was that i was using a regular texture for a skybox. i'm ready to be ousted from game dev forever (':

      less insipidly, ceiling pieces filled in, some circular floor assets, and now to work on fountains + paths and filling in the plant life!


      • tileable pool
      • small plant
      • large tree

      working on some taller plants to fill the vertical space!! prob will have a tree or two in each corner. working on getting the water shader to draw correctly??! it's a bit odd because it appears on top of some of the opaque objects that would otherwise occlude it.

      i gotta apologize for slacking a bit on responding to your dev logs! it was a rough last few days. i'll get on it soon.


      • tall leaf plants
      • fix water?
      • paths!!
      • fill the space
      less than two days left!!

      i'm looking forward to this so much! :> you're inspiring me to do 3d stuff in the future heh

      yAAAHH!!! j this looks so amazing!! i love the colours so much!!! its such a lovely space garden!