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We're hard at work ! Our writer writes as much as he can after he gets off work. Our Demo is about 1/3 written.
Our BG artist is doing a great job with their job, and our programmer has been adding everything in as things get done.
Sprites are taking me a while to get done, but hey, I have the first of 18 promo arts !

this post is reserved for character profiles

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-a murder mystery game with 18 COMPLETELY UNIQUE routes-

this will be a commercial game

Hi all ! We're Otomeido Studio, and we're trying our hand at our second game. Our first game, Cadaver Clicker, is on hold right now. Until then, we've started a new project called Event Rising !

Event Rising is a Visual Novel with 18 unique routes. 18 routes, because we have 18 playable characters, each with their own path that is 100% different from any of the others. Each path will have it's own unique CGs, events, and deaths. We have 70+ CGs planned out for this game already, plus any we choose to add in later. We're approximating about 25k words PER PATH, so this game will definitely be a long one.

The gameplay/story is set up like the game of "Werewolf." The game elects one character as the Corrupt, who can either win the game by killing off everyone, or lose the game by being revealed as the Corrupt and being eliminated. The chosen person has to kill one character every night or else they lose he game. The other characters are also given titles and have special skills to help figure it out, as well. Each route will have a different elected killer, and everyone's assigned roles will be different.
Our game starts out in a school, but branches to having an entire city open to explore. The beach, your dorms, a shopping district, cafes, parks, and more. You'll be able to explore all of these as any of our 18 eligible characters to hunt for clues, find dead bodies, and even have some light hearted conversations with friends. Unfortunately, though, you're trapped in this city. There is no way out, and every time you try to walk along the only road out of town, you somehow end up walking right back. Something's not right here.

All you have on you is a cell phone that was given to you by the "game master," the person keeping you in this messed up city. You can use it to communicate with characters not in the immediate area, and learn some trivia on them as well. Plus some other, more secret, functions.


Here are our current main screen (left) and options screen (right). (The sliders DO work, I just don't have the game on my computer to get a screencap of that.) As you can see, the main colours of this game are a navy blue, and this bright fuchsia. All of the character sprites are lined in this blue, as well. The art direction is more pop with saturated colours. The dark colours are darker, while the bright ones are brighter.

These are the characters who's sprites I've finished already. There will be 3 poses for each, character and a wide array of emotions as well. Some even will have costume changes.

We have someone working on backgrounds as well, but we don't have any finished yet.

We're very excited to be working on a story we love very much. We have a Patreon set up HERE , if you wanna support our project ! We'd really appreciate it.

The Otomeido Team

  • Taiyoukai (Princeton) is the one coming up with ideas and pretending like they're being useful. They use the title "director" but "executive nap taker" works just as well. Oh - and they do all of the programming.
  • Dollcult (Reine) is the lead artist doing all of the CGs, GUI, and character sprites. She often whips Princeton into shape so they work. Works almost exclusively while listening to Let's Plays.

thank you !!!

Day 9: 1/10/16

Notes from our Programmer !


Added Background Transition

Fixed Character Point Values

Fixed Clicking Multiple Customers

No Longer Lets You Click Customers While In Menu

We have a working game now !!! Nooooow we just have to make it fun ;;

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Day 7 1/8/2016

LOTS OF NON ART PROGRESS. Lots of programming stuff !!
Working on menus and stuff like that


Added a new character, Tomi ! She hands out the flyers in front of the Cafe !

Day 5.5: 1/6/2016

The walksprites for the clickable characters will only be two frames, to save time, since they'll be walking by pretty fast hopefully it won't look too bad.

Day 5: 1/6/2016

Did you ask for more sprites because I've got more sprites !

First up is one of the bussers you can hire. Her name is Charlotte and she's just here to make some pocket change. That eyepatch is probably just for show.
Second is Angel, who really just wants to say that he's professionally cooked with human meat. He's a pissbaby.

Finally here are the finished sprites for the two owners of the cafe ! They're an engaged couple.
The guy on the left's name is Maddox and he gambles for a living, which is probably why they're leaving the cafe in your (in?)capable hands, instead of running it themselves. The lovely lady on the right is Ellionna, and she's a make up artist and helps Maddox contour his face to get back into casino's he's been banned from.
They used some of their winnings to open this cafe.

Next art job is drawing the clickable characters in front of the cafe !

This is such a nice comment, thank you so much ! We're gonna work extra hard today to make some real progress !

I love clicker games too ! I've been playing a lot on my phone recently. There should def be more clickers out there. They're so good for when you wana play a game but also do other online things, too, I think.


Your character sprite is seriously perfect. It almost looks like a 3d pixel, when they sway back and forth. I'm so impressed.

The quiet fantasy thing has always been a favourite of mine, so I can not wait to see this game more fleshed out !!!

Day 4: 1/5/2016

No progress today, bad day for everyone involved.

oh thank you so much!! i used the app game kit key ;v;

thank you for this option! i have some game keys, if you want i can post those! they're not programming things, but games that i don't need keys for ;; let me know if you want me to remove them from the thread

  • War of Roses: Kingmaker - A0EJN-RP5D6-L3EEM
  • Total War: ROME II - Caesar in Gaul (DLC) - 6JGMQ-7XCDJ-WZEYJ
  • Walking Dead 400 Days DLC -VZ92H-XB9MX-6VM5Y

thank you !!!! i really hope our programmer can igure out how to make it happen, i just threw that together in photoshop really quick.

cute/creepy is my favourite thing honestly. i love seeing something adorable actually be really dark and messed up, haha.

thank you so much ! I'd love a pair of those tights ymself, hoenstly.

Thank you so much ! I'm working hard to make sure this game is as cute as possible

low poly = love (even tho I can't seem to figure out how to do it myself)

this looks super pretty so far! can't wait to see more!

Hiya! This is the other part of Otomeido (the writer/conceptualist)!

Actually we're doing a clicker with upgrades (like 10 Billion Wives, if you've ever played that one , it's on the Google Play Store) - but it's also going to have some cooking mini games as a way to get the needed stars to become a fabulous 5 star cafe! And a couple of other little "secret" things like that, that would be needed to actually complete the game. Trying to give it a mix between mindless clicking like Cookie Clicker to spend your time while on the internet, but also giving it a more interactive approach for when you literally have nothing left to do while you're online. (haha, if that makes any sense).

I'm glad you're interested! We look forward for you getting to play it and give some feedback! ♥ -Princeton

Very cool concept ! I love decision based games

Day 3.75: 1/4/2016

I'm feelin pumped ヾ(☆'∀'☆) but I have to go to bed now ):

BUT I finished a few sprites for the game !

Left is Vera, the clerical worker for the company. She deals with the paperwork that goes into the donations and stuff like that ! She's pretty strict but sometimes whe you think she's on the phone, she's actually just talking to her cat, Burrito (Purrito).
Right is Fantine, she's just a waitress trying to pay off her college dues. CC was the only place she could get a job after having "Exotic Dancer" on her resume.

I work tomorrow, but once I get home it's back to work on the game

me too.... gotta get that self indulgence gaming.

ahhh thank you so much. i think we can do it !
we have lots planned, let's just hope that we can make it all happen !!!

ahh.. thank you i worked really hard on the menu screen ! ; v ;

oh this looks so cool! i'm excited to see it when it's done!

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day 3: 1/4/2016

dawn of the third day !

I was up until 2am painting this background. I'm currently taking a break to work on character art...

We've got a busser, a waitress, a clerical worker, a chef, and then the three mentioned in the OP.
There's plans on having multiple characters with the same jobs that you can level up.

day 3.5: 1/4/2016

not final obviously, but just an example pic of the day to night transition we're trying to implement.

Certain clickable NPCs will be available during night, and some only during the day.

this looks SO fun and whimsical aahhh
what a fun idea. i love the silly entries so much

this is looking SO good, i'm so excited for you !!! the sprite work is beautifullllll.

ahh thank you !!!

day 2 : 1/3/2016 cont

drew up a menu page

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Day 1: 1/2/16

Lots of yelling and whining. Finally decide on a game idea.

Day 2: 1/3/2016

Concept art, deciding food items, lots of art. Deciding game mechanics

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"a cutesy clicker about cannibalism."


Day 3: BGs and Character Sketches
Day 3.5: Finished Vera and Fantine

Day 5: Finished Charlotte, Angel, Maddox, and Ellionna
Day 5.5: Finished Female Child Walk

Hello ! My name is Reine and I'm making a game for this jam with my S.O., Princeton (writer and BG concept artist), and friend James(programmer) !
This isn't the first game we've tried making together, but it is the first that we are actually going to finish !!! I hope.
Princeton and myself both have ~40hr/week jobs, but we hope we can do this !

Our game is the prequel to another game we want to make, if this goes over well. It's about a little cafe in a
nondescript area of the world that serves human, instead of animal meat. (Don't worry, it's all donated legally !)
The game will start with you owning the restaurant, and trying to become a famous cafe.

We're planning on making a clicker-type game. You'll be clicking on bystanders that walk in front of your storefront. (OR Maybe just clicking anywhere and then the random people that show up on screen will increase as you click more ? It's Undecided.) You'll gain points from that and can use them to buy different upgrades (such as different foods, and special events that will gain more customers). There will be people who come and try to make customers not want to come to your Cafe.
You will also be using the points you make to buy and level up employees.

i'm making most of the art myself, with some help from Princeton (concept art for backgrounds).

More finished sprites here
Here are some really rough sketches, but that's about how the is going to look. We wanted something
simple, and cute to foil the fact that our game is about eating people. lol.
Left character is one of the hecklers in the game, because not everyone is ok with eating human liver.
Right are the two owners of the Cafe, who give the responsibility of managing it to you.

We're doing so much research on safe cannibalism that we might be getting tracked by the feds, haha.

Our programmer is thinking about using GameMaker, but we're not sure if we can even make a clicker in that program.
If anyone knows a good program for this kind of game, please let me know... !

Good luck to the other jammers out there !