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Hiya! This is the other part of Otomeido (the writer/conceptualist)!

Actually we're doing a clicker with upgrades (like 10 Billion Wives, if you've ever played that one , it's on the Google Play Store) - but it's also going to have some cooking mini games as a way to get the needed stars to become a fabulous 5 star cafe! And a couple of other little "secret" things like that, that would be needed to actually complete the game. Trying to give it a mix between mindless clicking like Cookie Clicker to spend your time while on the internet, but also giving it a more interactive approach for when you literally have nothing left to do while you're online. (haha, if that makes any sense).

I'm glad you're interested! We look forward for you getting to play it and give some feedback! ♥ -Princeton

Ooohh, yes, I know 10 Billion Wives (I saw my friend played it).

Now I'm really curious with your game. :))) I'll be waiting for the playable version. Keep up the spirit, guys! :D