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Day 5: 1/6/2016

Did you ask for more sprites because I've got more sprites !

First up is one of the bussers you can hire. Her name is Charlotte and she's just here to make some pocket change. That eyepatch is probably just for show.
Second is Angel, who really just wants to say that he's professionally cooked with human meat. He's a pissbaby.

Finally here are the finished sprites for the two owners of the cafe ! They're an engaged couple.
The guy on the left's name is Maddox and he gambles for a living, which is probably why they're leaving the cafe in your (in?)capable hands, instead of running it themselves. The lovely lady on the right is Ellionna, and she's a make up artist and helps Maddox contour his face to get back into casino's he's been banned from.
They used some of their winnings to open this cafe.

Next art job is drawing the clickable characters in front of the cafe !